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Thus far, food court has been treated as the poor country cousin of the restaurants in a mall. The most popular counter is SS On The Go: The all-vegetarian fast food from Delhi and Mumbai seems to be the reason to visit My Square in the first place.
The ambience is deadly and you certainly don’t feel that you’re in a mall, but the food is a shade better than the decor. Having said that, the food will probably serve B Bar better than the ambience, because night clubs have a short shelf life and good restaurants are always in demand. The Chilean seabass with sauteed vegetable, red curry froth and kiwi mango salsa (? 1955) is a witty dish that embodies the soul of South East Asia without purporting to be a traditional dish from one or the other country.
Sell your used cars and car parts as car related other materials you can sell on this site. White fish with kizami wasabi and tosazu (? 655) represents the new style of sashimi as well as great value for money: typically, this quality of sashimi would be found only in a couple of five star restaurants, at stratospheric prices.

It is one of the main courses in this surprising outpost of modern Japan that lies in the shadow of a Buddha statue. This, after you finished standing in line to buy a smart card which could, in theory, be carried over for the next visit, but in practice could never be found till it was past its sell-by date.All that is a thing of the past. The decor on the other hand is much grander than anything else we have in the NCR and while it sports an international look with a giant statue of the Buddha, the glamorous interiors and the music with a heavy Indian touch seemed like a mis-match.
Select Citywalk, which many consider the best mall in the NCR, has spent considerable time and resources redoing the food court and changing the way we will view them henceforth.
In the space of 45 minutes, you can expect your table wiped and used trays cleared three times.
The food is surprisingly good and overwhelmingly South East Asian, particularly Japanese, so B Bar comes across as a club for Japanese expatriates in Saket. The lobster dumpling was a cleverly constructed dish with lobster cooked to perfection encased in a dimsum wrapper and napped with a delicious crab sauce to enhance the seafood appeal.

For one, the smart card is redeemable at the end of your visit, so if you have Rs 10 left over, you can collect the cash before you leave. Wanchai by Kylin is housed in an adorable red van and serves nifty meals in a bowl while Habibi does interesting combo meals like the Kofta Kebab combo (Rs.
How customers are expected to take cognizance of the subtleties of the cuisine against the backdrop of the very loud music and the drop-dead glamour quotient I don’t know. It is my feeling that the party crowd just munches on without giving much thought to what they are eating, but given the quality of the food, it is rather a shame.

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