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A "New American Way of Life" scamming scheme that laments a generous welfare state in America is largely off-base. FACT CHECK:   Are the claims made in an e-mail titled "New American Way of Life" accurate?
How to get $75,000 in benefits every year from the US Government for you and your girlfriend? Welcome to the new multicultural diverse, fundamentally changed America, thanks to the ever popular and exciting, everyone is entitled to everything world. The notion that couples opt to strategically avoid marriage in order to maximize welfare benefits is a common one, but empirical data supporting the belief is scant (likely because the reasons people marry or choose not to remain complex and multi-faceted). The mothers are part of a far-reaching social trend unfolding across the United States: The number of children being born out of wedlock has risen sharply in recent years, driven primarily by women in their 20s and 30s opting to have children without getting married. Although the report did not examine the reasons for the increase, Ventura and other experts cite a confluence of factors, including a lessening of the social stigma associated with unmarried motherhood, an increase in couples delaying or forgoing marriage, and growing numbers of financially independent women and older and single women deciding to have children on their own after delaying childbearing.
If the suppositions were even close to correct, decreased (and not increased) reliance on government assistance would likely be more of a factor in the larger number of babies born to unmarried parents. Points 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the forward pertain to the imagined generosity of the housing program colloquially called "Section 8," the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) assistance program that provides very low-income families with subsidized vouchers they can use towards paying a portion of their monthly rent.
While Section 8 is frequently derided in the fashion referenced above, it's very difficult to play the system in the manner described due to the low supply versus tremendous demand for housing and vouchers among those in need of it.
But getting onto that waiting list is no assurance that a person will move into Section 8 housing anytime soon. The wait list was shut down on May 1, 2013, “because of sequestering of funds and budget cuts from the federal government,” in particular the federal department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD.
Atlantic described the Section 8 program as chronically "underfunded." By all accounts, Section 8 can help those who live below the poverty line to maintain stable housing, but a demand that far outstrips the supply is a well-known limitation of the purportedly generous program, and even those badly in need often fail to secure Section 8 housing. So it's extremely unlikely the baby daddy landlord in this hypothetical scenario could simply make a residence available for the Section 8 program and then immediately rent it to the tenant of his choosing.
The Affordable Care Act provides states with additional federal funding to expand their Medicaid programs to cover adults under 65 with income up to 133% of the federal poverty level.
This means that in states that have expanded Medicaid, free or low-cost health coverage is available to people with incomes below a certain level regardless of disability, family status, financial resources, and other factors that are usually taken into account in Medicaid eligibility decisions. Whether or not the grifting couple in the e-mail forward were truly gaming the system, Obamacare would have little to do with their access to free or low-cost healthcare.
If there is any guaranteed way for a "single mother" to obtain a college education for free, we've yet to locate it.
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly known as "food stamps") is an often criticized assistance program aimed at combating hunger by financially struggling families. The Department of Agriculture (under which the program operates) estimates a total annual program "loss" of about four percent.
The Lifeline program (commonly known as "Obamaphones," even though the program was actually initiated long before the Barack Obama took office) requires phone service providers to offer monthly discounts on landline or wireless telephone service to eligible low-income consumers.
Various programs administered at the state level provide low-income families with financial assistance to offset the costs of essential utilities, but often only in emergency situations. One might theoretically do this, but the person who deliberately falsified his residence address in order to live in self-owned housing that he was being paid to rent to another party under the Section 8 program would be committing a crime, not simply taking legitimate and legal advantage of government assistance programs. Whether or not taxpayers are setting out to craftily claim tax deductions to which they are not entitled, the IRS's head of household tax filing status indeed entitles the person filing to a higher deduction ($9,250 in 2015 versus $6,300 for taxpayers filing as Single or Married Filing Separately). And of course, if each parent is claiming one of the two children as a dependent, than the mother can't be legally collecting benefits (such as SNAP) for both children.

Girlfriend gets disability for being "crazy" or having a "bad back" at $1,800 a month and never has to work again.
For starters, one cannot simply declare herself to be mentally ill or have back problems, then sit back and collect disability payments for the rest of her (working) life.
If you cannot do the work you did in the past, we see if you are able to adjust to other work. We consider your medical conditions and your age, education, past work experience and any transferable skills you may have. According to data from the agency, more than half of disability claims are denied, and the wait for hearings has increased (partly due to an aging pool of applicants). As the excerpt above concludes, the figures bandied about in the e-mail encompass virtually all programs available to low-income Americans and extrapolates the fictional family described routinely accesses all of them. Furthermore, while this item asserts that the complex welfare hustling plan described here is "perfectly legal," several aspects of it involve defrauding the system in an expressly prohibited (and largely criminal) fashion. Our site covers many of the items currently being plopped into inboxes everywhere, so if you were writing to ask us about something you just received, our search engine can probably help you find the very article you want.
Choose a few key words from the item you're looking for and click here to go to the search engine. We do reserve the right to use non-confidential material sent to us via this form on our site, but only after it has been stripped of any information that might identify the sender or any other individuals not party to this communication.
On April 4th of this year, somebody forwarded me email that said in part "12 days from today, all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls. The Do Not Call Registry is managed by the Federal Trade Commission, but there's no FTC logo on the site.
Though I first saw this display problem in April, it has probably been broken since January 1, 2007. Based on a meta tag in the underlying code, the designer was probably working in Microsoft Visual Studio 7.0. Though this makes the text legible, it is a bit inelegant because the BannerBox section width falls outside of the page view. To avoid display problems that make basic information unviewable, web designers should review basic design guidelines and do some simple testing. On the United States government website you can find many helpful guidelines about designing usable websites.
This book contains a wealth of web design guidelines, each presented with colorful examples and citations to studies to support them. Install Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer For people who want to test multiple versions of Internet Explorer 7, a program from TredoSoft provides a way to do this on a Windows-based computer. The text is not sized with pixels, which means that people who use Internet Explorer 6 can resize the text if it's hard to read.
If you're designing a website, at a very minimum, look at it in at least one browser other than Internet Explorer.
An unmarried couple with stay at home mom nets $21,600 disability + $10,800 free housing + $6,000 free obamacare + $6,000 free food + $4,800 free utilities + $6,000 Pell Grant money to spend + $12,000 a year in college tuition free from Pell Grant + $8,800 tax benefit for being a single mother = $75,000 a year in benefits. A shift towards out-of-wedlock births isn't new (research done by Guttmacher in 2000 indicated the rate had been steadily increasing since the 1940s). Moreover, the idea that strategically remaining unmarried results in a larger net sum in welfare is a patchy one as evidenced by this case wherein a man was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in child support for a child that was not biologically his; whether a child's parents marry has little bearing on their legal responsibility to financially provide for that child. Medicaid has been around since 1965, beginning as the country's most comprehensive form of health coverage for poor Americans.

Eligibility for SNAP varies based on household size, but the maximum monthly allotment ranges from $194 for a family of one to $1,169 for a family of eight. It's important to bear in mind that that dollar amount is what taxpayers may deduct from their taxable income, and not necessarily an amount that they will receive back in the form of a tax refund. The anecdotal claimant's purported plundering of disability benefits also conflicts with her concurrent sponging of educational grants, as the usefulness of the latter is negated by the former: A full-time student wouldn't qualify for lifelong disability payments, and college would be unnecessary for the matriarch of a household who intended to remain home for life collecting benefits for her fabricated disability. Some of the benefits described (such as free college for single mothers or free utility programs) don't seem to exist, and several of forms of assistance (such as Section 8 or disability) are not administered in the simplistic manner suggested by this item.
Were any family to hide assets or lie about household income on application forms, they would be subject to severe penalties and prosecution should their perfidy be unraveled. Since April Fool's Day had just passed, my second thought was that it was simply a good joke or parody. I repeat: If you're using any browser other than Internet Explorer, you can't read a very simple and important message on the homepage.
This exact date is known because of this comment in the cascading style sheet (CSS) fie that defines the page display. Alternately, check Wikipedia's entry on the two elements, or read a recent blog post explaining the difference. The book doesn't give guidance on how to apply these guidelines, but with browser testing it's thankfully pretty easy. Once you've got IE 7, install their program to enable runtime versions of IE going back as far as version 3, which was released in 1996. It is just surprising that a critical design error existed for eight months when there was a simple way to fix it. From what I understand less than 5% of the population abuses welfare, Pell grants barely cover college tuition and books.
Finally, experiments with welfare caps in the mid-1990s appeared to have no impact on subsequent birthrates among recipients of government assistance.
While provisions of Obamacare expanded access in some states, the family described in the e-mail were unlikely to be affected by those changes (presuming that the "girlfriend" isn't earning any money).
Each additional family member after that can qualify a household for up to $146 more each month in benefits, or just under $5 per person per day. The scheme also rests upon the (fallacious) notion that access to assistance programs is easy to both maintain and retain. To show the page in several different browsers, following are screenshots created with the free online site. Without dwelling on the techical aspects of the solution, let's consider some guidance on spotting and avoiding this problem.
As it turns out, the Department of Health and Human Services provides simple and unambiguous guidelines that address this specific topic.
The most basic approach is to install one or two alternate browsers on your primary computer.
The access keys are assigned to letters, which may interfere with browser menu commands, but at least the designers thought of this accessibility feature.
At this site, you can submit a single URL to get screenshots in up to sixteen different web browsers.

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