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Hillary Clinton's campaign made payments to data destruction companies, but no evidence links those services to her controversial use of a private e-mail server. No, a college student did not wind up in a coma after attempting to drink two gallons of semen for a social media challenge.
No, an Obamacare questionnaire didn't ask respondents if they'd ever been in an accident resulting in their deaths.
A fake news article claimed that Ted Cruz blamed God for his failed presidential campaign and had a "meltdown" on social media.
Under Department of Homeland Security guidelines implemented in April 2016, some visitors to the U.S.
Dozens of web sites reproduced a fabricated story about a ten-car pileup and a woman seeing Jesus in her Kit Kat bar. Donald Trump did not suggest he'd threaten Mexico with nuclear weapons if they didn't build a border wall.

An unspecified source claimed Caitlyn Jenner would "pose nude" for 'Sports Illustrated,' but the rumor hasn't been verified. A number of unsubstantiated reports claimed that a Russian hacker obtained passwords and credentials for a huge number of accounts. A cropped screenshot from a news item led social media users to believe 'Frozen' character Elsa would have a "female love interest" in a sequel. A fake news item falsely claimed a teen boy died during a risque 60-minute social media challenge.
Newt Gingrich published an essay entitled "Understanding Donald Trump" in the Washington Times in January 2016.
Yes, baby drop off boxes have been installed in Indiana, but the feature is neither new nor unique. Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter was not stripped of his award for failing to complete a minor driving course while on active duty.

While the bison is set to become the United States' national mammal, this will have no effect on the bald eagle's status. A tweet claiming that all Republican Speakers of the House involved with Bill Clinton's impeachment experienced sex scandals was mostly accurate. A fake news site fabricated a horrifying and humorless claim about a Newark mother assaulting and killing her toddler with a sex toy. Wax on apples is not a little-known secret uncovered by a YouTube user, and the substance used is food safe. No, Seriously" led many to believe that Apple was purposefully deleting files from personal computers.

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