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CREDIT APPLICATION – OWNERSHIP INFORMATIONAll statement made herein are true to the best of our knowledge. Best Text Messaging Phones – Best Phones For Text MessagingCell phones are great for talking, sure. TV, Broadband And Home phone Made SimpleTV, broadband and home phone made simple phone made simple The best digital TV, broadband or home phone package for you. Free Overnight Shipping On All Phones – Any phone purchase made through the website will qualify for free overnight shipping. Samsung Galaxy S6 for $0 Down + No Payments – This offer means that you will essentially get the Samsung Galaxy S6 for free with a Sprint Lease plan. Free Overnight Shipping – Get free overnight shipping on all devices, excluding accessories. In this Friday's deal roundup our featured deal is a great deal on the Camelbak insulated water bottle. Sprint has just announced the availability of a new flip phone that comes with easy access features for seniors and people with disabilities.
The Samsung M400 is available for free with a two-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate.

Since you probably would not be too young to want to tote the Samsung M400 (imagine being a college going kid with everyone else sporting a smartphone, while you deal with something that has features from a different age), it makes perfect sense for Sprint to make the Samsung M400 as affordable as possible.
The Samsung M400 has easy access features designed to meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities. And if you’re still not sure which phone is right for you, take my quick cell phone chooser quiz to find out which phone is your perfect phone.
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The year 2006 was a busy and challenging year for the personnel of the Canadian Component (CC) Elmendorf. The Sprint Incognito Black features a unique external display that glows and reveals the dial pad when in use.
They have deals available for both new and existing customers that include things such as specific phone discounts along with account credits and trade-in promotions. Any other orders such as tablets and accessories without data plans will receive free overnight shipping for order totals of $49+. It’s a $50 off promo code for select phones when you put in the code VZWDEAL at checkout. They have a few new phones available with this pricing promotion including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. They have $0 down deals available on phones like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus along with a $100 off coupon for new customers.
You get the phone for $0 down at the time of purchase and then you’re given a promotional credit which covers the monthly payment for the phone during the life of the plan.

You can find everything from free headphones with your purchase to free overnight shipping and big discounts on popular Android phones such as the LG G3. The new phone is none other than Samsung's M400, which comes in the clamshell form factor and offers a 2.24-inch main screen, dedicated 911 and ICE (in case of emergency) buttons, and large keys on its alphanumeric keypad for near effortless typing on the go.
This is one of the best text messaging and entertainment phones from Sprint and just in time for the holiday gift season.
Whether you are a new or existing Sprint customer, you get up to 5 free Sanyo Incognito phones (or mix with other phone offers) from Sprint today.
These deals include everything from discounts on popular phones like the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S6 to big savings on accessories and even offers for free accessories with the purchase of select phones. We’ve highlighted a few of their best deals below that will almost all be expiring on May 10th. Overnight shipping is still included even when the promotional code is activated until May 10th. If you know of a deal of have a question about one of the deals then leave it in the comments below. It is available for free to new or existing Sprint customers with a mandatory two-year service contract.

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