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Alina Simone, 37, is so traumatized by her fights with Sprint, her cell phone carrier, that she sometimes ignores mail from the company. The drama began nearly a year-and-a-half ago when Simone, a longtime fan of automatic bill-pay, decided she should suck it up and check her statements instead of relying on the sweet ignorance of auto bill-pay. While Simone's experience is unusual, it's a good reminder that auto bill-pay shouldn't be too automatic: Because companies make mistakes, because computers make mistakes, because company computers make mistakes, it's important to review your monthly statements. She was transferred between departments, languished on hold, then sometimes found herself kicked back to the main customer service menu while she was waiting to speak with a senior employee. When her contract came up for renewal she chose to switch to a month-to-month plan instead of locking into a longer term contract, but she felt good about the decision.
Simone, who was born in the Ukraine, said experiences like this make her miss Russia, where people pay for cell phone service with refillable debit-type cards.

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That's when she discovered the company was charging her per text message, even though her plan included 1,000 free texts per month. When Simone began sifting through her old bills, she realized she'd been charged on a per-text basis for the past seven months, racking up more than $700 in erroneous fees.
She called the company to complain and though the Sprint agent agreed that there'd been a mistake, the customer service representative explained that company policy only allowed a refund for the previous three months' charges. When the manager quoted the same three-month policy, she asked to speak to the manager's manager -- and up the staff ladder she went from there,. Sprint never dropped her calls, a rarity for cell phone providers in New York City where service is infamously spotty.

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However Compare Infobase Limited,its directors and employees do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same. Russia is not really thought of as being great for customer service or convenience," she acknowledged.
The company had listened, and the problem appeared to be fixed -- until last month when she noticed that once again she was racking up per-text charges despite the fact that her plan includes prepaid text messages.

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