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Guide to cell phone carriers from Consumer ReportsAT&T, the second-largest premium-priced carrier, was the only carrier with scores that . Sprint - Nextel customer service phone numbers and supportSprint - Nextel customer support phone number, steps for reaching a person, .
Sprint Nextel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Sprint service was first marketed to six metropolitan areas: New York, Boston , . The Consumerist: Executive Customer Service ArchivesAfter four fruitless attempts at calling regular customer service, Gary tracked down the . If you are a business customer, you can use the same mailing address for customer service communication. As Golden said … Educate yourself and when you do phone in , be polite and state your problem clearly.
I have been a sprint customer for 6 months now and I would tell anyone and everyone to stay away from them. I have been a sprint customer for 2 years and I am in the Dallas,Texas area and the service is horrible. Two and a half weeks ago, I purchased a replacement phone for myself and a new phone for my daughter. We have been faithful customers to Sprint for more than 10 years; because of the problems we have had, the poor quality of these phones, and the lack of knowledge with the sales associates assisting us, I am saddened to say that, unless the Customer Care Center can rectify this situation, I will be looking into my company’s cell phone discounts that are offered through Verizon as of the expiration of our next contract (if I can manage to keep my service working that long).
The worst customer service I have !!they charged me extraonmy bill I call customerservice all they can do is tell is very sorri!! I had a problem with huge overages due to a business issue Johnathan in customer service was incredibley helpful to me and was able to suggest a solution to help me out. While in the hospital in a coma my brother tried to cancel my service and explain my problem. After eading the ” worst Sprint commenets ” I know now I am fighting a lost cause!!! I have been a sprint client for over 15 years, the moment my contract is over i am running for my life away from your unprofessional company.
I would also like to say she assisted me with patience and smiles, made my experience comfortable because I could not make up my mind on choosing a phone.
Again, I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate the effort of your employee especially your retail consultant *Kaylene Tokuhisa* when I tried other locations and they told me they could not assist me. Lock into unlimited talk, text and data, all while on the Sprint Network – guaranteed only from Sprint. The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee is available while line of service is activated on Unlimited My Way Plan and My Alli-in Plan. And with up to $300 in Buyback credit on eligible devices you could get a brand new smartphone for FREE. Only Sprint gives unlimited data, text and calling on your iPhone 5 – not just for now, but for life. Sprint loves to tell you about the award-winning Sprint Customer Service, but their customers do it for them. Sprint has collected enough phones and other devices that if laid end-to-end they would stretch from New York to Los Angeles with nearly 1,000 miles left over. Their Buyback program has saved enough electricity to power every home in Miami for a year. We are a non official blog where you can get the answer to your questions about Sprint Customer Service. It really seems Sprint wants my business, but AT&T has a take-it or leave-it attitude. In addition to cell phone services, the company also offers other mobile services, but has yet to stretch beyond the mobile sector like other mobile phone companies.
Typically, customer service phone numbers for sales are answered more quickly than the phone number used for customer service inquiries for current account holders. Customers can easily sort through available phones, find out if they are currently located in a service area and even place an order for new Sprint service. We sent an email and the website stated we would receive a response within one business day.

And I am very unhappy with sprint, I am on unemployemed need to make changes on everything to make ends meet. I am also unemployed and if I find I’m not able to make my bill on time I simply call sprint and they grant me an extension.
We attempted to take out and replace the battery to no avail; the phone was fully charged and has not been damaged. I so agree I just dropped them today 120612 over a197.00 overcharge charge after 11 of being a loyal customer. For my pager text has been suspend for while because of not payment billing so I need find the e mail address for sprint so that I can send to them to be solve it so that I can use my pager text to contact with my friend and my family if possible you can help me and give me correct exactly E mail address in St. Look I have had so many lost jobs and missed communications that im ready to punt.Take a look at just a couple bills, anyones.
The service received is so bad I want to cancel my account and go to the competition.I have been with sprint since 2005 and unless they fix my problem quickly and do it right I am done. I hope that the person i talked with ( Fred ) he was suppose to be the superviser gets some more training to deal with customers.
I wanted to say thank you, to *KAYLENE TOKUHISA* for the assistance and outstanding customer service she provided to me in purchasing the product.
For a limited time, buy one Samsung Galaxy S® III or Samsung Galaxy S® 4 and get a second of the same device for free. If you contact customer service through the sales line, they will either transfer you to customer service or give you the general customer service phone number to call.
After a few presses of the buttons, we were greeted by the Sprint customer service representative. In calling sprint customer service to do so all they can say is sorry but good luck finding a job. Any time I call for whatever issue, the problem is always resolved in my favor with little to no struggle. On day 15 after purchase I took the phone back to exchange the phone for a different, more expensive phone.
However, he neglected to tell us that, because we opted to not have data plans on our phones, we were not able to activate a plan for which we were going to be billed. Now we have 1 phone that does not work properly on an intermittent basis, and 1 phone that does not work at all. So now I’m home and try to set shit straight they told me its my fault for not having someone pay my bills so now it went to collection. I was told that because of my Company’s contract, my activation fees and shipping would be waived. Know this work because when I stop in store I was told every month I willl get 22% off total bill.
To add insult to injury you want me to buy out my contract even though it expires in February. Any time I called customer service for any issues or problem it turn out to be a disaster and lost of time. Now they say I have to pay an early cancelation fee for a line I never allowed them to restart. I have 5 phones on my plan I was forced to upgrade one of my phones because it was on the Nextel network. You can expect fewer dropped calls, a stronger indoor signal and faster data speeds across the Spring’s nationwide footprint.
We inquired about initiating service and the clearly spoken customer care specialist answered all of our questions.
With the way theses times are people out of work and trying to just get by you say sorry, but good luck finding a job. When you call customer service all they tell you is sorry and that they are updating the towers, my dad has had sprint for years and thats what they have been telling him for 6 years now. However, upon arrival to the store, I was told that the warranty was only for 14 days and had expired a day and a half earlier, and that I would need to send the phone in for repair; I was also told that, if I wanted to purchase a new phone, I would have to pay full price. When we brought the phone into the store the next week to activate the plan, another sales associate told us that the phone was not eligible for such a protection plan.

Well after almost 5 hours on the phone and running back and forth to the store to get this corrected, they still are not corrected and they have turned my phones off for the second time since signing up with them in October 2012.
While I was asking questions on this forced upgrade I inquired about upgrading the rest of the phones on my plan, I was told at that time the that a total of 4 of my 5 phones were eligible for an upgrade, so I asked about upgrading the 5th phone. Beyond its unlimited data plan, Sprint is hoping to turn heads with its customer service. Get a new story sprint, all you do is rip people off and get people by saying that your are the truly unlimited service. I am shocked that, after only 2 weeks of use and no damage to the phone, Sprint was unwilling to act in a compensatory manner, especially because I was willing to upgrade to more expensive equipment. This is horrible that that is the way you keep your business Again it should be against the anti trust law All this tower issue was never disclosed when I received my I phone in Jan nor for my son or daughter who did so in November How convenient that this important part of the contract is not disclosed, which is not only is wrong but illegal. I can’t even get all the bonuses of this phone because of sprint sorry services not to mention the calls dropped all day long. The problem is that the name of the previous owner of that number appears when my fiance makes a call to a land line or cell line that doesn’t have her programmed into their contacts. I can not get on the internet, or buy any blackberry apps, nor can I even use the navigation.This is wrong and your customer service is pitiful. I was told at that time since I was looking to upgrade all of my phones I would be able to upgrade the fifth one since it would be up soon. Chances are you will find out more on the topic than the service Rep even knows and this puts you at an advantage. Additionally, I heard the sales associate mention to another associate that the store had recently allowed a customer to make such an exchange; the other associate said that couldn’t have happened and could not be done.
If your phones are truly undamaged and started this erratic behavior then that is a manufacturers defect which should be covered under the one year warranty. We have made three calls to customer service and chatted on line twice—-still no fix and now my fiances name shows up when I make a call on my line and the old owner of her number still shows up on hers. I would think in keeping customers they would help so that when things are better and back to work customers go back to what they had. Sadly, because these comments were not recorded and this was not in writing, these comments are not verifiable by anyone but me. I only had this phone two days and can’t even count the number of times my calls have dropped.
The frustration is unbearable, nobody needs unneccessary stress.Sprint keeps on trying the same fix and says wait 72 hours to see if it works!!! But know your company thinks that the customer dose not matter.to tell customers so sorry about your luck and is there anything else I do is very stupid to say.
The phone has been put back in the box and waiting for a return code to send this mess back.
I spoke with your customer service reprehensive named Ming he wouldn’t honor the previous agreement and was just ready to hang up on me.
That is sad and you will loose customers I know that I will change my cell phone from sprint to another one.I have to say am very very unhappy with sprint and I will make sure my family changes from sprint to another cell phone company. Maybe one day sprint will do much better with customer service, I guess that would be something that will never happen. You are running a sale on smart phone of buy one get one free so I was looking to buy 4 phones that night and upgrade my plan. Since customer service is no longer a priority with your company I am going to start to look for a new carrier with better customer service. Text to 3rd parties to participate in promotions or other may result in add’l charges.
1 study based on responses from 7,777 consumers measuring 4 full-service wireless providers and measures opinions of consumers who purchased a wireless product or service within the last 6 months.
Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed July-December 2012.

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