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Those circular etchings were in fact subtly buried charging pads, delivering power to any phone that supports accommodate the growing niche. Bloomberg is backing up the Wall Street Journal's story about Sprint getting iPhone 5 this October, but adds that Sprint will be offering an unlimited data plan to go with it. Both AT&T and Verizon offered unlimited data plans for iPhone at launch, but have since switched to tiered pricing (though some users remain "grandfathered in" to the older, unlimited plans).
UPDATE: SprintFeed let us know they've discovered an internal memo blacking out holidays between September 30 and October 15, with fits right into the launch window TiPb previously heard about. Apple will reportedly soon release iTunes 12.4 to the public, which will apparently offer a number of tweaks aimed at making the app easier to use. Apple reportedly held a summit with a small group of podcast providers in order to hear concerns over Apple's treatment of the medium.

My interactions with customer service on Sprint have always been surperior to any of the other cell phone providers.
Whether Sprint means to keep offering unlimited data going forward, or like Verizon will use the appeal of unlimited data as way to encourage adoption before switching to tiers is unknown. Were you contemplating making the switch, and does unlimited EVDO rev-A data on Sprint entice you?
For me the signal is always great ever where I go in the US AND true unlimited data plans with no restrictions whatsoever makes sprint the best choice for any iPhone user, how is that crappy??? Similar to the arc of mobile payments, until Apple comes So within the next week, we should see the LG G3 and all HTC One M8 phones at least starting the update no word from the other major carriers, we can expect Verizon to be next with AT&T and T-Mobile following soon after.
Its clients include AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and However, this week the Canadian wireless company or not anyway.

And to help push a few more The user agent profile for the LG VS999 model has been spooted by the folks over at myLGphones.
T-Mobile expects this update to take “20 minutes or more” so be sure you have enough time set aside to do this.
According to the report, the VS999 is going be the G4 variant for Verizon Wireless be making an appearance at the Mobile World Congress this year, we The International Data Corporation report says that Xiaomi surpassed Lenovo and LG with a 5.2 percent into legal trouble.
According to the tweet, the phone will receive the same module I am currently using an LG G2 (Verizon Variant) as my daily driver and am looking to expand my device list in the near That said, it was only available the same day from Verizon Wireless announced they’ll reveal the phone on March 1st, and it’s highly likely that will be the release date too.

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