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Prior to buying my phone, i got a lot of really bad feedback - from my husband, sister and friends.
I conditioned myself to thinking that I will not complain about the limited features of a V3 only because I really wanted to have one so badly (because of its stylish appearance and size). Most of V3's functions are a lot similar to my Nokia phone, so I didn't have to make a lot of adjustments getting used to the V3. Also, it's a pity that my battery's life is so short - it lasts only about 2-3 days with minimal usage.
Also, it would've been nice for my phone to have an infrared capability, although with the bluetooth technology, I guess I could live without the infrared. The phone is expected to land on August 15, I can’t wait to hear what size the screen is. The T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780 cell phone looks like this is just a Bold 9700 refresh to get OS 6 out there, OS 6 is a step up. The T-Mobile HTC HD2 cell phone is too big but then you describe the perfect sweetspot as the exact size of the HD2.
They kept telling me that V3's limited features are not worth my money and that I would be better off sticking to my trusty Nokia phone.

I did buy a V3 despite my husband's objections and was surprised to find that the V3 is more than just a basic phone!! With the V3, you need to go through each person in your phonebook on a per alphabet basis to find a specific number.
BGR got ahold of some early photos of the device with a T-Mobile logo, and it’s expected to launch around September. Congrats on getting a phone that works best on 3G when T-mobile has the dial up of 3G networks.
With the Nokia, if you want to skip some names that start with the same alphabet letter, you simply key in the next letter in the person's name so you get less names to scan through. Judging by the specs & look of the T-Mobile BlackBerry Kickstart, it’s going to be a very hot seller. The most high end physical QWERTY keyboard phone Sprint has right now is the Epic 4G, but that phone is over 2 years old. The HTC HD2 is pretty nice feature-wise, great browser, and Sense UI which makes the miracle of making WinMo, a joy to use. Its only slightly thicker than a G2, which is relatively thin considering it has a keyboard.

You just need to read the manual and tinker with the phone to unlock your phone's potentials. I would like to see a better processor, otherwise I could see getting one of these or a Torch. Seems like pretty reasonable pricing, Dell Venue Pro available now with $99.99 for the 8GB. I would much rather be running a crappy WinMo 6.5 than WP7S because it is able to run Sense UI. I like this design because I like to be able to one-hand type with more accuracy than with an on-screen keyboard. The HD2 will sell because of hardware but I would still rather the OS because WP7S doesn’t have as good UI.

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