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If you got a deal which offered additional free airtime, you can go ahead and add that now. This is the result of a poll with 2.000 participants, conducted by the BullGuard security firm. The study determined that 60% of people do not believe they have to remember phone numbers, 34% of those however admit they were unable to contact a favorite person, as they had lost their number. Now, as for why they can’t remember phone numbers, 25% mentioned this had nothing to do with using email, while 37% that instead of calling, each of us can now send text messages.

Remember, some of these handsets actually use T-Mobile's network, but their process doesn't force you to make cryptic choices.
You must be at least 18 years old to use this service and have the permission of the bill payer to make the call.
According to this research, the average British person can only remember two phone numbers. Our service consists of a call connection, which means you are dialling one of our numbers and not the number of the company you are looking for.

It may occur that you are disconnected or that you find yourself in a queue, then please call back the number you have been given on your call.

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