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EmailIf you see a message like this one pop up, even if you are searching for tech support, don't click on it.
If you get this call, the best advice is to hang up immediately, says Bikram Bandy, attorney and Do Not Call program coordinator for the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC.
Computer repair scams are most commonly aimed at older people, according to the FTC, which testified before Congress last week on this problem.
Older people are frequent victims for 2 reasons, Bandy says: They are home during the day, and they have home phones.
The scammer telephones, saying he is calling on behalf of a well-known company like Microsoft, Facebook, McAfee, or Symantec, and that they have detected a problem on the consumer's computer. An email or pop-up message appears on the computer claiming that it has a problem and directs the computer user to call a phone number to get help.
An official-looking advertisement appears when a user searches for a computer company's tech-support telephone number. Once the scammer gets the computer owner on the phone, he will try to sell that person something to "fix" the problem -- often to the tune of hundreds of dollars, Bandy says. Don't buy security software in response to unexpected calls or messages, especially if the seller says he has scanned your computer and found malware. If you suspect you might have been scammed, stop doing things that require passwords or personal information, such as online shopping or banking. Consider getting help from a trusted expert -- a friend or family member -- to get rid of software or other content the scammer might have left on your computer. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion and some reassurance that your computer is OK, Bandy says. I would get calls from someone claiming to be from Microsoft almost every week on one of my landlines.
Simple rule: Never answer a call unless you know who is calling, that's what voice mail is for. I just received a call today , from a India guy stating to turn on my computer it had a virus on it , He said he was from Mircosoft , since I was aware of this scam , I turned the tables , HaHa , I said sir I have a stroke and I don't have a computer . ShareTwitter has released a new version of its Android app as well updates to its iOS and mobile web versions.
It has achieved this, it says, with wider and taller timelines that fill the screen, a flat navigation bar and tap and hold functionality for quick actions.
You’ll also get username and hashtag suggestions when you start searching or typing a tweet, something that Twitter reckons makes it easier to connect with friends and join conversations. The iOS and mobile web updates meanwhile mean you can now see more types of content in expanded tweets: photo galleries, apps and product listings. Verizon says customers are responsible for maintaining and replacing backup batteries used with its FiOS service.
Verizon FiOS phone customers will one day hear that ominous sound in their home and begin searching for the source. The Verizon Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Battery Backup Unit (BBU) provides up to eight hours of backup power for your FiOS voice services in the event of a commercial power failure. Verizon considers its battery your problem, even though you lease the equipment from Verizon as part of your monthly service. Some Verizon FiOS customers cannot understand why they should pay to maintain equipment Verizon still technically owns.
Verizon representatives say they fully disclose customers are responsible for maintaining the battery. Not only does the battery beep incessantly, but the company also begins sending e-mail messages warning customers they need to replace it to avoid the possibility of damaging their equipment.
Batteries of this type have a shelf life of 3-5 years, and an in-service useful life of 1.5-3 years, after which they should be replaced and recycled.
Now all that said, if Verizon penalizes you for returning your equipment without a good battery in it, i would have a problem with that.
To disable the beeping alarm (which is powered by the mains, not the battery) you need to unscrew the cover of the FIOS BBU, get into the guts of it and either destroy or put some gum over the piezo transducer, which is a circuit board mounted speaker.
While I agree that this is a money grab, there is one crucial point to this issue I feel you missed.Although most your information was correct, Here are some key pieces of information Verizon customers deserve to know.
The only reason its there is to keep the phone service on during a power outage, simulating a true land line (For up to 8 hours). By pressing this button for 15 seconds, the system will reboot and (hopefully) silence the alarm.
Verizon agents are supposed to walk you through this process any time it goes out, unfortunately this does not always happen, And some people would rather spend 45 dollars than get up and push a button. It is worth noting that when you press this button and the system reboots, there could be a gap in service, although sometimes you may not even notice.
If you need a giant battery because your afraid of not being able to call someone on a land line at any point, and don’t own a cell phone, do your self a favor by a generator instead. Still think Verizon should be handing you a giant battery every year, consider the amount of waste these batteries create. For most, the off hand chance you do make a call during a power outage and actually decide not to use a cell the hefty fees and service issues are not worth it. Geoge: 1 TB is definitely better than 300 GB to allow subscribers to stream more hours of videos on Netflix. Joe V: These ISP executives still don't get it that nearly all customers DO NOT want usage-based billing on last mile wireline. Timothy James: Well, it's a really dumb endgame, since the country will just end up like pre-1980s Africa. Timothy James: By that logic, the FCC shouldn't exist, because state and local laws conflict with federal laws by their very nature. Astroturf: One of the underhanded tactics increasingly being used by telecom companies is “Astroturf lobbying” – creating front groups that try to mimic true grassroots, but that are all about corporate money, not citizen power.
The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission, the Canadian equivalent of the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, may be forced to consider American broadband policy before defining Net Neutrality and its role in Canadian broadband, according to an article published today in The Globe & Mail.
As the details of Microsoft's next operating system gradually eked out to a waiting public, a free upgrade was conjectured as one of the carrots to lure existing users. During a press event ahead of the 30 September launch, the president of Microsoft France named the successor "Windows 9" by accident. The much anticipated Start Menu returns as a mini hybrid, combining a traditional Windows 7 application list on the left along with a set of Windows 8 Live Tiles on the right. The 'write-once, deploy every where' approach of Windows Technical Preview will be for developers only.
A single view for all open apps and files now comes care of a new Task view button on the task bar, allowing quick switching and one-touch access to any desktop.
Another appealing aspect posed by Andreas Diantoro, president of Microsoft Indonesia, is that existing users of Windows 8 would get a free upgrade the new OS. Coming to Enterprise Office 365 users and then business plan subscribers from early 2015, Office Delve learns the relationships between a user's data pools and their activity. By tapping into Microsoft-powered data sources, this new Office assistant delves into business-subscribed email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Yammer, Microsoft's social network. Inevitably Office Delve will be compared to Google Now, but underneath its engine is Office Graph, which employs "sophisticated machine learning techniques to map the relationships between people, content, and activity that occurs across Office 365" says Julia White, general manager of Office 365 Technical Product Management.
And of course Delve is mobile-friendly too, as you'd expect of any system that fetches information for you rather than having to go searching for it.
In the race to offer ever more free cloud storage, Microsoft has taken a leap that puts it back in contention with Google and Dropbox. The company has also rectified an omission that saw it losing out to Dropbox, namely a link whereby a right-click on a OneDrive-synced in the Explorer app on the desktop (both Windows and Mac) opens a sharing menu.
These features - among the top requested for OneDrive - are rolling out over the next few weeks says Microsoft. Streamlining phones, email and Office 365, Dell's solution aims to solve BYOD security, manageability and cost in one go. Rather than employing today's piecemeal measures to reign in the bring-your-own-device wave, Dell offers a single application where employees access corporate email, calendar, contacts, the intranet and documents both on or offline. The firm's cloud storage service facility, Box, allows staff to access its organisation's files and folders securely across a range of devices.
This all-rounder from Microsoft Press aims to introduce beginners and team leaders to Office 365.
The first tenth contains a fair bit of promotional puff - to be expected if they want hook readers as potential new subscribers - and a primer of cloud computing and collaboration.
However those who understand or are responsible for basic admin - the ones likely to have the most purchasing clout - should skip straight to the admin section in chapter 3 to get acquainted with some edifying screen shots. For example, SharePoint serves up 6 handy roles (view, read, contribute + enhanced, design, full control) as well as permitting customised variations, invaluable for realising a hierarchy of site collaboration. The excellent Office Web Apps allow users to create, edit and share their work as usual but the guide is up front about the limitations too - no format painter or tracked changes being just two. The title "Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime" says it all really.
Nearly half of organisations changed the way they use cloud services following revelations surrounding PRISM, according to a poll of 250 senior IT business decision makers conducted by the cloud industry forum (CIF), while a further 9% switched cloud service providers completely. Chiefs and partners at CIF put the experience mismatch down to the fear, uncertainty and doubt promulgated by media stories, and cite their CIF code of practice as a route to helping cloud service providers (CSPs) build trust within their clients. Today's desk jockeys have a dilemma on their hands: work is probably killing them, literally. Thus, time spent stabbing the screen of our smartphones could be years of our lives saved, though only if we do it standing up, and avoiding texting faceplants. A flaw in the basic operating system of both Linux and Apple Mac's OSX was the recent big news discovery, if only because it lay hidden for perhaps 20 years. In the past, Macs and to some extent Linux have often been portrayed as 'immune to viruses' but the fallacy was well and truly shot down at the end of September with the revelation that the so-called Shellshock bug affects an essential piece of software called Bash - the shell or command line interface that allows a user to talk to a Unix based system, and is one of the most installed utilities on any Linux system. Security experts are deeply concerned, like FireEye Inc's Director of Threat Research Darien Kindlund who reckons Shellshock is "horrible. The team at Red Hat, who discovered the flaw have written an FAQ which cites the Red Hat release of patched versions of Bash. 2015 is set to be the year of the smart watch but is this particular gadget also set to mould employees as in-house spies?
The 'wearable tech' world of James Bond has arrived and it's watching you, even as you boggle at its capabilities.
With so little in the way of control and viewing surfaces, information harvesting in the style of Google Now, Cortana, and Siri will be a given.
Enterprises still coming to terms with the data-slurping side effects of BYOD may not realise that an even more insidious trend is about to bubble up, this time from technology on the arm instead of in the pocket. These devices are as packed with sensors as the smartphones with which they are intended to be paired. The Samsung Galaxy Gear sports a 1.9MP camera while the Arrow smartwatch contains a 360° rotating camera for selfies or incognito filming. Thus the capabilities of bugging equipment toyed with only by professionals and thriller writers a decade ago is trickling down to consumer-level.

If all this weren't enough to severely dent a Glass wearer's ego, a worse fate is to be labelled a 'Glasshole', and Google itself publishes an etiquette guide of Glass Explorers Do's and Don'ts to help users avoid humiliation at least. Glasshole.sh is a script that can be used to kick Google Glass off your local wireless network.
In the wake of face-worn tech, more stylish successors are inevitably becoming fashionably acceptable, but potentially more useful. Wrist-worn computers are arguably a great innovation for users who want to sidestep the Google geek look and keep that giant smartphone slab tucked away, but the advantage of discretion that makes them socially respectable could also be their failing: they're inherently covert. The banning restrictions on Glass could apply to the pervasive capabilities of smartwatches but enforcements will be even more fraught.
Perhaps there's not as much to be feared here as might first appear; there are severe impediments to operating a smartwatch in slick fashion. Over several decades we've got used to what we must now presumably call 'feature watches' - those esteemed lumps of precision stainless steel driven by quartz movements - lasting a couple of years on a single non-rechargeable battery. With that kind of stamina, you can bet that the average smartwatch will conk out just as the record button is pressed.
When small organisation wants to expand into a neighbouring office, staff usually need to have access to Wi-Fi. A decade ago, repeaters were seen as one solution but the technology effectively halves the bandwidth for connected computers as they process and rebroadcast the signal. A common strategy is to buy additional access points (AP) and place adjacent APs on separated channels to prevent interference, but all broadcasting with the same SSID, so that staff don't have to worry about several SSID names and which one might be the 'right' one.
With a minimum channel separation of 5 or possibly 4, some IT architects adopt a channel allocation strategy to blanket their workplace in seamless Wi-Fi. In a shared building, neighbouring APs might be operating on adjacent channels on floors above, below or to the side so this strategy is not always as straightforward to operate as it might seem. Channel widths (and therefore separations) also vary depending how much each AP signal drops off as it gets attenuated and how much power is allowed by country. Better APs can assign channels automatically by polling each channel at random intervals and choosing the most separated one from other existing channels, while some manufacturers offer wireless management devices to control a whole group of APs - you get what you pay for. For more sophisticated seamless roaming Wi-Fi solutions, check out HomePlug products like Devolo for home use, or Cisco's Meraki for the workplace. When that red light appears on your router, it could be that your broadband line will be down for a while. This technique allows you to take your mobile phone as the point of contact for Internet data and share that connection out to other devices such as a desktop, a laptop, or even another mobile phone.
So-called mobile tethering can be set up via a USB cable, or Bluetooth, or via Wi-Fi, also known as Personal Hotspot. Cable will always be simplest and fastest (if your phone allows it) so look for USB to start with.
Next best is any wireless type of connection, though these are less reliable and harder to set up. Print out the relevant page from links below, or practice how to set up tethering for your phone at least once in advance, but do it before you need to reach for it in anger!
If your plan does not support Personal Hotspots, you will see a link labelled "Set Up Personal Hotspot" which will tell you how to contact your carrier and update your plan. Although phone owners might complain about their phone or its operating system failing to carry out tethering, it's more likely the manufacturer of the phone hardware has taken out an agreement with the mobile carrier to limit tethering, or specifically exclude it.
When communications technology moves at a fast pace, it's the older generations or the technically naive that suffer.
There has been a rise in the number of reported phone scams where the fraudster asks the 'mark' to put the phone down and then ring back, a common method to verify the caller is genuine.
What the victim doesn't realise is the fraudster is still on their end of the line, and simulates the expected ring tone.
Using this kind of deception, scammers have swindled thousands of pounds from individual victims, maybe their entire savings.
Decades ago, when the only sort of telephones available were analogue ones, making call was very expensive. Now however, the cost of vocal communication is small, meaning that in this case at least, the con artist wastes only a few pence spent keeping a line open to hook their prey. Nevertheless phone scams haven't attained the dizzying levels of scatter-gun mass emailing because despite the plummeting call costs, it's not just a matter of hitting Send, sitting back and waiting for clicks from the gullible to roll in. It's a burgeoning sector of the population that makes voice call scams a natural target: older, better off, and in today's climate of austerity, more fearful. At the same time as educating new audiences to the risks of 'baring all' on social media and incoming assaults via phishing, we're having to keep one eye at our backs for senior users who fall prey to time-worn scams in a new guise. Whatever the ruse, victims are thus swindled out of vast sums through age-old social engineering tricks, though new technology makes the deceit look cleverer than it really is. Like it or not, workplaces are increasingly buzzing with peripatetic employees and visitors who are stepping into the office scrum for just an hour or so, and the result is that their mobile devices have become a nearly universal work tool. Often they'll walk up to a meeting and - despite the ballyhoo that hypes everyone's ability to work directly on screen - they'll want to print an agenda, or a graph, or have a diary week shown on paper, or use the lowest-tech means of putting a copy in someone else's paws.
Sure, we have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and Dropbox, and any number of digital transfer mechanisms, but road warriors are frequently those that live by tried and trusted means.
However, simple zero-setup printing doesn't exist at the level these people require and their tried and trusted paper stalwart then becomes vexatious and stressful, because giving up their mobile devices isn't an option either. Equally IT admins shudder at the idea of herds of users dropping in and out at will, hooking up strange new devices that might well be let loose rogue pirate copies of Angry Bird upon their protected network. On the basis that users are more likely to adopt security measures if they're quick and painless, a new standard looks like it could be the way forward. Enter the Mopria Alliance, a non-profit membership organization of leading global technology companies with the shared goal of providing intuitively simple wireless printing from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Looking at practical examples of this relatively new Mopria standard, HP launched its colour LaserJet Pro MFP M476 series offering important advancements that help mobile users with direct hassle-free printing.
Wireless direct printing - allows Wi-Fi capable phone, tablets, etc to make a direct wireless connection to the printer without needing an in-house router. It's rare to see a solution that satisfies IT greenhorns and IT admins simultaneously, but a Mopria-compatible printer as part of your next upgrade should allow both parties to get on with how they do things best - separately, but minus the foul play and without resorting to the sin bin. One obvious answer is training, but frequently nobody has time for training and of course some others are just bloody-minded. It's worth understanding the distinction between the functions that various programs can mete out to their associated files. The last two are registry edits so one has to take the usual backup precautions first, but assuming that users aren't going to reverse-edit, they offer some permanency.
If a SupportedTypes subkey is provided, only files with those extensions are eligible for pinning to the application's Jump List or for being tracked in an application's Recent or Frequent destinations list.
So many malware attacks these days succeed simply because somewhere a PC is the weakest link in the chain, and the reason for that is that its owner is running full admin rights.
It's a kind of "Did you really start this action?" double-check, because if the user didn't, they should think twice about continuing.
For most purposes, it's an annoying but infrequent interruption because we don't install new programs or mess about with our DNS and IP settings every day, and it's only a matter of typing the administrator login credentials once for that session. This UAC elevation has been around since Windows Vista but too many users still fire up their Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers unprotected in administrator mode, and are probably the sort of people who click away prompts without a second thought. The elevated account doesn't have to be called "administrator" (and is probably best avoided anyway), but "installer" might be a friendlier name for users to understand what the new 'special' account is for.
This simple technique means the user or organisation isn't relying entirely on updated anti-virus as a means of defence, but still allows them an avenue for installing new programs.
InfoBulletin is written and published by Co-Operative Systems and contains Information Technology tips that we come across during everyday research and support activities and which may be useful in improving your IT operations, either internally or on the Internet. Opinions expressed within InfoBulletin do not necessarily represent the views of Co-Operative Systems. Viewing IBThis bulletin is presented as a Web page (in HTML) that can be read in any standard browser and most email clients. InfoBulletin topics can be implemented by Co-Operative Systems on a chargeable basis or via Facilities Management (FM) for those with rolling work programmes. Under no circumstances does Co-Operative Systems supply lists of customers to other organisations. To look up a post, simply type in some keywords that appear in it; Facebook uses”Caroline wedding” and “Ice bucket challenge” as examples. Graph Search has certainly long been useful for power-users, but the introduction of these two new abilities should make it much more relevant for the average Facebooker. Based on the FTC's consumer complaint data from the first 8 months of this year, 76% of the 18,000 tech support complaints were from people older than 50, and 56% were from people older than 60. He describes a typical scenario: "You are home during the day, and you aren't an expert on computers. Among other things, it is exploring ways to prevent Indian telemarketing scammers from gaining access to the infrastructure necessary to place calls to U.S. We ask that you stay on topic, respect other people's opinions, and avoid profanity, offensive statements, and illegal content. Please refer to Bankrate's privacy policy for more information regarding Bankrate's privacy practices.
When I told the caller that I would call my husband to let him know and would copy his information to call him (Indian accent) I was suddenly directed to a notepad and his information was erased.
And invest in a blocking phone like the Panasonic KX-TG7871, works well to stop repeated calls from the same number, like phony surveys that are really cold sales calls.
So this guy says well let me buy you one , LOL here's my credit card # so I said hold let me get pen and paper , I say go ahead , and guess what , he hung up !!!!! Bankrate may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on certain links posted on this website. You can now, for instance, navigate between tabs by swiping across your screen, something that’s been a feature of the Windows Phone 8 app for a while now. The changes aren’t dramatic enough to cause the average user any panic, while more tech-savvy users may be a little concerned with the font and design alterations. After one year of standard warranty coverage, customers are responsible for maintaining the battery and for any damages that might occur if one fails to replace or remove it. Frugal Verizon FiOS customers can find equivalent batteries online for less than half the price Verizon charges, often with no upfront sales tax or shipping.
That will result in no backup landline service in the event of a power failure, but your cell phone may already offer a suitable alternative.
As you mentioned in the article, when the battery dies it beeps loudly, demanding for more cash, however, if you looked this monster in the face, you would see 2 blue buttons, one with the words Alarm Silence written on it. If your alarm continues to beep, you can call tech support, and demand a replacement, you may get one. On a few occasions, I have seen the network cut off, but not come back on, this can happen if your system is already on the fritz. Most customers interested in the internet and data portions of Verizon service will add the phone line in order to get a cheaper bundle, and often are not aware of this batteries sole function. Either way this is a feature, and should be treated as such, as add on for customers with health problems or security systems in emergency situation.

Whenever I replace a battery, I always mention to the customer to look up they’re local battery disposal or recycling. The battery and Battery back up unit should not be mandatory and Verizon should provide its customers with a system that eliminates it. Though the company line had been that the codename "Windows Threshold" was still the official one, Microsoft surprised everyone as Terry Myerson, head of operating systems, announced Windows 10. Using an adaptive new system dubbed Continuum, it will run across the "broadest range of devices ever from the Internet of Things to enterprise datacenters worldwide", encompassing Xbox, PCs, phones, tablets and tiny gadgets along the way. The list of 'delve-able' source applications will soon grow to include email attachments, OneNote and Lync. As for the application itself, Office 365 admins don't have to do any searching or waiting; those on the First Release program can get Delve simply by signing into their Office 365 online account.
The "Share a OneDrive link" menu item creates a link that can be mailed, IM-ed or shared via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Mobile Workspace satisfies the requirements of managers, data controllers and IT admins, providing remote lock, wipe and passcode policy operations within the application, but without taking total control of the device, thus maintaining privacy concerns of the phone owners.
We also find out that the single file size limit of 50MB can be increased with some "behind-the-scenes wrangling".
The neat ambiguity displayed by "collaborate, virtually anywhere" or "collaborate virtually, anywhere" illustrates the power of implementing the kind of cloud computing any team can just pick up and run with. It's worse than Heartbleed, in that it affects servers that help manage huge volumes of Internet traffic. To respond to a user's wishes, wrist-borne data input will be automated as far as possible so that a picture of the user's environment is always on hand, and timely information can be served up with as little conscious interaction as practicable. Stuff like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, accelerometers, compasses, and gyrometers for GPS positioning, and heart rate sensors for fitness are taken as read, but these wrist buddies don't stop at just tracking their owners. Microphones on smartphones are fairly capable of picking up sound from any direction (since most now bundle second mics to suppress background noise in conversations), while the Smartwatch 2 Camera app turns a remotely placed smartphone into a kind of video baby monitor. The sheer barefacedness of Glass already saw its use being banned - even before the concept had made it to production - in places such as bars, restaurants, banks (id protection), gyms, and cinemas (as an anti-piracy measure), while a mounting clutch of US states including West Virginia, Illinois and New Jersey have proposed legislation banning drivers from "using a wearable computer with head mounted display", despite potential enforcement hurdles.
However, like cartoon Comic Book Guy, self-inflicted Glass nerds could already be flip-flopping between denial and depressed acceptance of a life as the new social outcast. Written by Berlin artist Julian Oliver, it can be installed on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone. Workplaces could be concerned not only about the devices' lifeblogging capacities but the potential to leak organisational data should control of these wrist-worn devices end up in the wrong hands through viruses, remote attacks or disgruntled workers.
However many buttons, jog dials and tap sensors are packed into the device, two hands are still required for response and control.
The existing Wi-Fi router signal often doesn't reach where they want it so should they buy a repeater? Thick walls, water pipes and metal mesh all conspire to block off the Wi-Fi signal, and even metal filing cabinets being shifted around can play havoc, especially near the 30 metre limit of Wi-Fi transmission. While router bandwidth always tends to be much greater than that of an broadband Internet connection, it could make internal PC networking slow, and anyway there are better solutions these days, either using existing Wi-Fi technology or the incoming generation of routers and antennae. However not everyone recommends these because the algorithms doing the calculating can be quite basic. Time to learn how to harness your phone as a temporary broadband replacement to keep your main computer up and running.
This is achieved using the phone's mobile data, whether that's a pay-as-you-go allowance or a contract.
It's easy to hammer through a month's mobile data quota (say 1GB) when behaving as if the connected laptop or PC is still hooked up to tens of GB at landline capacity. For tethering one device, a USB cable is perfect as there's no need to worry about a password.
Bluetooth has an unobstructed range of up to 10 metres, while Wi-Fi will transmit across 30 metres at best, again barring metal or thick masonry in its path. They involve extra expense (as opposed to borrowing someone else's) but purchasing a simple pay-as-you-go block of data is self-contained way to escape a broadband crisis, as long as 3G or 4G coverage is available in the building. That the scam works at all is largely because old analogue telephone lines may keep the line open for as much as 5 minutes after the receiving handset is put down, allowing the fraudster to perpetrate this kind of electronic ambush. Similarly the introduction of mobile networks brought relatively costly tariffs to consumers and lucrative revenue to mobile phone providers, all of which made for an equally punitive hostile environment for swindlers to enter. The voice call costs may have dropped but executing each one is still a one-at-a-time labour intensive process.
These factors turn normally lethargic savers into panic stricken movers of wealth, paradoxically powered by the very fear about the sort of trouble they are getting into. Witness online dating frauds that promise happiness to vulnerable dating rookies in exchange for helping to release potential partners from some fabricated plight abroad.
For those who provide IT support, it's a wake-up call to hone their skills of communication: explaining the risk while adjusting the 'techno-babble' to suit the competence and understanding of the audience on the receiving end, whatever their age.
Because they exist mostly at the sharp, customer-focused end of business, the demands of these 'fly-halves' often carry clout. Founded by member companies Canon, HP, Samsung and Xerox, most other major printer manufacturers are now members too.
Because they always hit OK instead of Cancel when closing everything (grrr!), our shared images files often get altered and I have to go back and restore the original from a backup. What's more, many of us have a habit of following the same error-strewn path of clicks as before simply because it looks so familiar from last time - with many a grrr along the way. The two-factor authentication from the bank is only foiled if the user's computer DNS settings can be changed, and that only happens if you are logged in as administrator.
The prompt even reveals which application or process is making the request to elevate privileges to admin level. With this regime, malware attacks that arrive by email or from a web site stand less chance of gaining a foothold since the user has to type in the administrator password (assuming they've given been allowed that privilege), so it's a more conscious act that simply clicking a button that says "OK". It is written in a compact format for fast viewing, short download time and ease of use for mobile computers. If you would like to comment on any of the articles or request particular subjects to be covered, mail us here. The company says this was the most requested feature for Graph Search, so now you can easily pull up an old video you just remembered or that article you’d been meaning to read for a long time.
It’s essentially the same as a Google query, except in this case you’re searching through a database of posts made by you and and your friends. The company isn’t offering a specific time for when they will be available on the Android or web versions of the social network, but says it intends to look for user feedback on the iPhone and desktop iterations before bringing the upgraded Graph Search to other platforms.
He's interested in all things tech, science, and photography related, and likes to yo-yo in his free time. After a message is deleted, it can no longer be retrieved, since it’s not stored on any server. No word yet about the availability of versions for Symbian, Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to (but are not obligated to) edit or delete your comments. I'm over 50 but I'm an engineer and I have about a dozen computers of various types in my home office. However, I believe what they meant to say is that 76% of the 18,000 tech support complaints were from people older than 50, and 56% of those 76% were from people older than 60.
He travels a lot -- you catch him, if you can, at a Silicon Cape event every now and again. It is coming from a square white box mounted in your garage or basement with a Verizon logo on it.
Verizon’s website warns not promptly removing the spent battery could result in leaking corrosive battery acid which might damage the BBU itself. Many more are unhappy to learn Verizon charges at least $45 for a replacement battery that seems to last only about two years. Of course, you will eventually need to replace the battery in your UPS, and manufacturers like APC also recommend staying away from 3rd party batteries. The battery does not effect internet and phone, except with this unnecessary piece of equipment fails. In these cases i would still recommend a small generator as it is more reliable and effective. Still i cant help but imagine most of these end up in landfills…its disgusting that Verizon promotes this.
Although the battery is an option on install, the unit itself causes just as many if not more problems than the battery, and shouldn’t be part of a standard service package.
Furthermore on new installations FiOS now gives customers the option of having a battery installed or not. Employees even get a separate business phone number on their existing smartphones or tablets with the Business Phone.
With half the time of any modern day worker spent sitting down, one study has shown the associations of a sedentary life with diabetes and cardiovascular disease, while another at the British Journal of Sports Medicine emphasises the importance of exercise and standing up in preventing damage during cell division.
Conservatively, the impact is anywhere from 20 to 50% of global servers supporting web pages." The bug rated a 10 out of 10 on the severity scale of the US National Vulnerability Database. Wrist-flicking and voice recognition algorithms don't pass any subtlety etiquette in meetings, while a smartphone, by comparison, can still be silenced inconspicuously with one-handed operation. By contrast to their predecessors, the smartest of the 'smart' adversaries - as witnessed by these comparisons - barely chug through a whole day, effectively around 700 times less efficient at telling the time and date. Just grab a mini-USB or micro-USB cable (whichever suits your phone) and connect the other end into the standard USB socket on a laptop or desktop PC. Furthermore it can be a financially delineated alternative to using up the data allowance of a privately owned smartphone. Or supposed telecom support people cold-calling to sort out a non-existent virus in the hope of gaining access to their quarry's PC.
It's significant to note that a viewing role is the usually the default for this short list, whereas we've come to expect office files (documents, spreadsheets, presentations) to open ready for viewing and in editing mode. For everyone else, a User Account Control (UAC) prompt appears and the rest of the screen is dimmed in the background to indicate that significant changes are about to be made. Please avoid posting private or confidential information, and also keep in mind that anything you post may be disclosed, published, transmitted or reused. The otherwise shortened chromosome-caps, called telomeres, display links to heart disease, cancers, diabetes, obesity and strokes. In today’s fast paced world, everyone is guilty of running at the thumb at some point in time.
I took down his phone number and when I called it back ( was just curious ) as to the way these scammers would answer the phone.. And kudos to FiOS for not continuing to put batteries in their systems when some people don’t want or need them.

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