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Click HERE to Send the Webmaster an email with comments or info on these cases OR ANY case you want to get noticed Our prayers are with Michelle Parker, Jennifer Kesse, Tracy Ocasioand all others who are missing for their safe return Could their case be linked to others in the area ? Divers have searched the small canal that runs behind 6806 Chaucer Lane in the Sky Lake subdivision this afternoon.
The property where the current search is taking place is not the same location where a SWAT team executed a search warrant last month. Police immediately investigated Smith as a suspect, and at first said he was NOT a person of interest NOW authorities believe Smith IS THE # 1 suspect and is NO LONGER ruled out in the case, according to ABC News.The tactic of not claiming A POI was NOT a Suspect was used, in our opinion, to mislead Smith and get him to drop his guard. At first, Parker's Friends said they did NOT believe Smith was responsible for her vanishing.

Over 100 people gathered Sunday evening Nov 27th 2011, for a candlelight vigil to support Parker after spending the day searching for her, according to NEWS-13.More vigils and searchers are planned Visit the Face Book pages for Michelle to be kept up to date on Fund Raisers, Searches and Vigils******IS THERE A connection to the Jennifer Kesse AND Tracy Ocasio cases, see more on that below ? I hope the police have checked the gas in the tank and when Michelle and Jennifer Last bought gas, Most people buy gas at the same station and it is NOT hard to figure out how many miles were driven IF they know when and how much gas was Purchased, and how much was still in the tank when it was found, especially with a vehicle that gets as low gas mileage as the Hummer. Click Here For Details on Jacque Sue Waller Missing from Cape Girardeau, Missouri June 1st 2011 The family of Jacque Sue Waller, a missing mother of young triplets from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, said today she was a victim of domestic abuse.
The HLN Nancy Grace Show has also presented the Michelle Parker case and is Urgently requesting help with Finding Michelle Parker *********Grace reported a body was found and was being "Fished out of the water as I speak" one night on her show That Body turned out NOT to be Ms Parker. All the confrontations and mishandling of the case could have been avoided IF the system were adapted for use by Law Enforcement.

Please help his family find Him ********* Here is The Heather Nicole Broadus Murder Case - Long Beach CA.
The family believes her estranged husband, whom police have identified as a person of interest, is involved in her disappearance.~~~~~~~This is the end of those six casesAgian Is there a Connection ?
Let her come home so she can raise her babies," Yvonne Stewart, Michelle Parkers 's Mother pleaded early on.

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