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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The ZX-1004 is a simple-to-use telephone line simulator designed for immediate use for most applications "right out of the box". With a multitude of features and options, the unit's operation can easily be tailored to perform a wide variety of tasks. Software developers will appreciate the versatility of the ZX-1004 for testing and debugging telephony applications. Verification of ApplicationsTest your new app with all variations of the phone company's Caller ID data delivery.
Duplicating Reported BugsWhen your customers reports software bugs with your telephony module, have your technical support try duplicating problems before reporting them to engineering. Testing telephone peripheralsTest the basic functionality of various telephone devices and connectivity before adding them to the intended system. Installing Phone Systems In many cases, telephone systems are installed prior to central office lines being available. Training Telephone Personnel Train receptionist or customers service reps how to handle certain type calls. Phone Calls Initiated by Various MethodsSecond phone rings after complete phone number is dialed on first phone, after one digit is dialed, after first phone is picked up, or by RS232 serial port command. Six Programmable Caller ID CombinationsProgram Caller ID names and numbers, times and dates, distinctive ring pattern, and any international Caller ID format.

Program via Serial Port or Standard PhoneAll Caller ID combinations, dialing methods, and other device setting can be programmed either by RS232 serial interface or touch-tone phone. Default Caller ID CombinationsFor immediate, "out-of-the-box" use, a variety of Caller ID combinations are contained within the device's memory.
Non-volatile MemoryAll Caller ID combinations programmed, dial methods chosen, and other user options are retained when the unit is not under power.
International Caller IDUnit delivers all known international Caller ID formats including US, BT, ETSI, and DTMF types.
Complete ProductThe ZX-1004 includes power supply, phone cords, six-foot RS232 serial cable, serial port Loopback jumper, quick-start diagram, touch-tone phone programming reference, and complete manual. A simple single line telephone is connected to the ZX-1004 "phone" jack and a Caller ID interface unit is connected to the "device" jack.
Retail customers see our complete End Users Price List.Dealers and distributors see our Dealer Price List. Plug a normal telephone in one jack, dial a number, and the telephone (or device) plugged into the second jack will ring. For example, the Caller ID number sent in the UK can be either 10 or 11 digits; it can contain dashes and spaces.
Demonstrate your Caller ID pop-up interface, or any other telephony integration feature of your application.
Use the ZX-1004 to simulate local loop lines in order to test all connections, extensions, programming, and peripherals.

Use for teaching telemarketing or collection scripts and proper responses to customer objections.
The serial connection or a phone can be used to invoke simulated phone calls to the telephony device. The Caller ID interface unit would be connected to the computer running your telephony software application.
All programming and functionality can be accessed via touch-tone phone or RS232 serial interface. Verify you are reporting call duration, number of rings before answered, and distinctive ring properly. The device can be set to ring the second phone after a complete number has been dialed, after only one number is dialed, or immediately when the first phone is picked up.
The interface unit sends this data to your application and the optional output phone rings.

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