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GTS Telephone Selection can be used for outgoing local, trunk, and international calls, calls to cellular networks, and dial-up Internet access. Using GTS Telephone Selection, you can make international phone calls to more than 230 countries worldwide, including calls to cellular networks, local and trunk calls all over the Czech Republic, and to the cellular networks of all operators (Eurotel, T-Mobile and Oskar). Access to fast and favourably price dial-up Internet access (only available to customers using GTS Czech public telephone services). GTS Czech monitoring centre provides nonstop monitoring of the public telephone network and immediate technical intervention in case of need. Nonstop online access to information concerning your services and the status of your telephone account. This service is available across the entire Czech Republic, can be set up quickly and does not require changes to your existing telephone infrastructure. The GTS Selection service is suitable for small to medium-sized companies and businesses and helps them to reduce their telephoning costs.
Mount View Club & Resort is surrounded by the towering Sahayadri's mountains, mind blowing waterfalls in the monsoons, dense forests & small wadis (Plantations). GReenfield (475, 476).Originally a Panel Office (257, 258, 259, 475, 476) and #1 Crossbar (453, 771, 774). Notes:This office most likely stated out as a Manual office and was converted to dial (Panel Office) around 1930.
SGSI works with some of the world’s leading data providers to ensure our clients can rely on having the right data when they needed it. We offer mapping software and custom application development to extract the mission-critical data for Location Analytics that drive business forward. Wireless carriers using PCS technology are licensed to serve markets defined by BTA (Basic Trading Area) and MTA (Metropolitan Trading Area) boundaries.

Competitive analysis to determine markets and population controlled by a national carrier, not just formally owned by the carrier.
Prepared in conjunction with Acxiom Corporation, Business Points is a comprehensive mapped database of more than 13 million businesses in the USA.  Each data record includes company name, address, industry category (NAICS code),  employee size category and parent company sales levels.
All business records are mapped, and locations are pinpointed with street-level accuracy in approximately 90 percent of the cases. Business Points ships with query software for sub-selecting business records by company name, SIC (business type), and geographic area. Flexible licensing terms are available including the ability to authorize business points for a single state or a single one of 16 industry SIC categories.
Create marketing lists comprised of businesses within five, 10 or 50 miles of your outlets. Plan alignment of fiber network or location of wireless broadband hubs based on proximity to particular types of businesses.
Also, included is telephony information related to analog, digital and IP (VOIP) phone service offered by cable systems. ExchangeInfo Plus™ is the most comprehensive product available and includes CLLI™ Codes, LATA assignments, Rate Center names, Exchange names, and Carrier Type information, as well as the expected NPA and NXXs. ExchangeInfo Plus™ is built using tariff data, Telcordia’s™ LERG™, StreetPro® street maps, and other reference data. Network implementation planning tasks such as wire center selection using the demographic profile of an area to determine the new equipment or services to be offered.
Incoming calls are to your existing number and by means of your existing provider's network (your existing telephone number does not change). We offer quarterly, semi-annually, or annually subscription-based updates for most products so maps stay current.

Each wire center serves a unique set of telephone number prefixes, aka NXXs, within its fixed geographic serving area. GTS Telephone Selection offers you a simple option to use truly professional telecommunication services.
In addition to the service area boundaries, it includes descriptive statistics such as the of homes passed, availability of high-speed internet service, and subscriber rates. These point locations are more precisely positioned than would be possible using V&H coordinates alone. We enable you to call at more advantageous prices to all of your suppliers, business partners and customers. Each call is routed to the GTS Czech public telephone network by means of a fixed setting on the existing provider's telephone exchange. Included is information about incumbent cable, cable overbuilders, wireless cable and wireless cable overbuilders as separate data tables.
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