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We act as a one-stop shop, providing free advice and help with event planning and local knowledge. Whatever your business event needs, use our free tools and services to get the most out of Abu Dhabi. Curriculum followed is the International Montessori System of Education, and Reggio Emilio. Facilities and activities include Archeology Site, Gym, Mini-Chef area, Mini-City, Plantation Gardening area, Splash Park. 15 Sep 2013 - Early Years Nursery Director job vacancy advertised for a Kids First Group nursery (again or a different one), pay package of AED 15,000-18,000 per month offered. 24 Jun 2013 - Red Wood Nursery is looking for a new director, manager, or Montessori Directress according to job advertisements seen. CEO of Kids First Group, the Redwood Nursery owner, reported as Kamil Najjar (Kamil Najar?) in The National 22 Mar 2013. Teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi - how to apply, best schools, scams to watch out for.Teaching in Abu Dhabi - general information about working as a teacher in the UAE. Location is East 1, 3rd St, between 34th and 38th streets, next to Al Lulu Public School for Girls.
Not to be confused with the International Community Kindergarten School (ICK) which is an Indian preschool, or the American Community School in Abu Dhabi which is a US curriculum school with mostly western expats.
ICS follows a British National Curriculum program from KG until the end of Grade 8, after which students choose to follow the British IGCSE program to Grade 10 (Cambridge University examinations), or the American High School Diploma to Grade 12 (externally accredited by AdvancEd). Location is off Electra St, behind Lifeline Hospital, Al Markaziyah, Madinat Zayed (renamed as Al Danah) area, downtown Abu Dhabi. ICS new Al Baladia branch campus opening September 2014 in Madinat Zayed, downtown Abu Dhabi. Try sending CV and application letter direct to school using email address but unknown how reliable this is. If considering a teaching job at ICS, keep in mind that cultural considerations are likely to outweigh the fact that you are teaching in a UK or US curriculum school.

ICS is looking for a new principal, position vacant advertised in the TES 23 April 2014, closing date 25 May 2014, start date August 2014. Not clear either if this means the existing head is leaving or ICS will have two principals for two branches. Head's name updated to Derek Griffin (Acting Principal), previously he was Deputy Principal? Different fees for KG2 students depending on age as of 15 September 2011 (4 or 5 years old). GWA-Abu Dhabi location is on Najda Street (6th st) between 9th Street (Passport Road) and 11th Street, between Shabeya Police Station and the post office. GEMS World School Abu Dhabi renamed as GEMS World Academy Abu Dhabi (GWA-AD), and expected to open for September 2011 on the current GEMS American Academy of Abu Dhabi site. GEMS World School Abu Dhabi expected to open in Abu Dhabi September 2008, according to a press release from GEMS 16 May 2007.
GEMS World School AUH is different from the American Academy Abu Dhabi that opened September 2007. Until further details are available, see the GEMS World School Barsha (in Dubai) page for information and contact them for enquiries. Minimum 5 years experience in an Early Years curriculum nursery, university degree, nursery management experience, EYFS experience, native English speaker preferred.
Not clear if position is for the Khalifa City branch or the new Saadiyat Island branch opening later in 2013.
Opening date September 2012 (not confirmed) used in database so nursery appears in list of new nurseries in Abu Dhabi. New schools in Abu Dhabi might have places.Allow extra for books, extra-curricular activities, uniforms, trips, etc if not included in school fees. Admission registration fee AED 500, books AED 300-4,385 depending on class and section (US High School AED 3,500-4,500, IGCSE A-Level 2,000-3,500), bus transport AED 3,000, uniforms AED 400. Previous location address and contact information was: Muroor Road, tel +971-2-4489900, fax +971-2-4489909.

Expected to be September 2011, but BNC Network information says estimated completion of the project currently under construction is December 2011 (as of 10 January 2011), and project value about $82 million. Requirements are: female, has a recognised university degree (subject area or level not specified), EYFS curriculum and nursery management operations experience minimum 5 years and minimum 70 children. Requirements are native Arabic speaker, fluent also in English, Bachelors degree, Montessori qualified, minimum 2 years teaching experience. Activities include Arts and Crafts, Gym, Mini-City, Mini-Kitchen Cooking, Splash Park, Music and Movement, etc. Books cost additional AED 300-4,300, uniforms AED 400, bus transport charges AED 2,300-3,500. Western trained teachers who have not taught in an Arab school before are likely to find it quite different from teaching in a western school. Curriculum followed is Cambridge Primary Curriculum at junior levels, IGCSE, AS and A-levels at senior high school levels, with an emphasis on Islamic values, Arabic language, and Arab heritage and culture. 2014-2015 registration admission fee AED 500 (non-refundable), tuition fees AED 19,800 for FS1 and FS2, AED 23,100 for Years 1-6. School is opening up to Year 6 levels in September 2014, expanding to higher levels in future years. School facilities include 25 meter swimming pool, indoor sports hall, canteen, shaded outdoor play area and sports area. Contact tel +971-2-6767751 is also for the Ammar Computer Hardware Establishment in Abu Dhabi according to the UAE Yellow Pages.

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