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I realize that this is a terrible admission, but I understood where the Jerk, Navin, was coming from in the 1979 movie starring Steve Martin when the new telephone books were delivered.
Ita€™s difficult to imagine that anyone would be excited about the delivery of the new telephone books to our homes, but in the 50a€™s, the new telephone book was a significant event. When I was a kid, it was the golden age of covers for telephone books: full-color pictorial covers.
Today, there is less need of a printed telephone directory: you can go to the internet, put in the name of a person or business and get the number. If we didna€™t have a telephone book or didna€™t have one for the area in which we needed a number, wea€™d dial the operator and talk to a person who worked for the telephone company and ask them for the number. I suppose somewhere in the country, there are still party lines: party lines, for you younger folks, mostly existed in rural areas.

I guess the first telephone number was a€?1.a€? Then it expanded to a greater and greater number until it reached seven digits. We do have a double set of wireless phones in our home, but next to my easy chair I have a 1940a€™s General Electric phone. Unlike Navin, I dona€™t still get excited by the delivery of the new phone book.A  I guess Ia€™ve become as jaded as Mr.
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