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It  may also provide instructions about how to use the telephone service in the local area, may give important numbers for emergency services, utilities, hospitals, doctors, and organizations who can provide support in times of crisis. The rise of the Internet and smart phones in the 21st Century greatly reduced the need for a paper phone book.
In the US, under current rules and practices, mobile phone and Voice over IP listings are not included in telephone directories.
A telephone directory and its content may be known by the color of the paper it is printed on.
White pages generally provides  residential and business telephone number by alphabetic order. Other colors may have other meanings; for example, information on government agencies is often printed on blue pages or green pages. A reverse telephone directory is sorted by number, which can be looked up to give the name and address of the subscriber. Many people are able to remember at least 5 numbers of a telephone number in their short term memory.
When a person doesn’t have a pen and is given a phone number they must immediately call, can they remember that phone number (usually 7 digits), for more than a few seconds? The reason the example in the first paragraph was used is because studies on short-term memory are often conducted by asking people to remember number digits. The distinction between short-term and long-term memory is an important one and can help people learn and memorize. One of the best ways to improve short-term memory is to develop a few tactics and to practice them. We provide a comprehensive database of telephone numbers that connect callers through to the customer services department at the company they wish to speak with.
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A smart contact list will allow the individuals to record the numbers of different people with their names. To all appearance, a professional or detailed contact list may cover number of things, just like; it will include the name of person, contact info, home address, business number, office location, land-line number, postal address, fax, description of job, birthday info, current picture, relationship status, mail address, website, email, social info, etc. Reference List Template Usually a reference list is placed at the end of the assigned and long report. Packing List Template Using a packing list can help you prevent forgetting important things to carry with you.
08450 DOCTORNot all words are available, but please contact us and we will research availability. Subscriber names are generally listed in alphabetical order, together with their postal or street address and telephone number. But for a fee, subscribers may request the exclusion of their number from the directory, primarily for privacy and security concerns.
In the latter case, the directory can be provided as an online service through proprietary terminals or over the Internet, or on physical media such as CD-ROM.
Some communities, such as Seattle and San Francisco, sought to ban their unsolicited distribution as wasteful, unwanted and harmful to the environment. Use the New Ultimates white pages directory to find information on lost friends or relatives. For terms and conditions, visit our terms and conditions page or alternatively the privacy policy and refund policy page. This list will include list of names of contacts along with their phone numbers, mailing addresses and email addresses. No doubt, a contact list can be used in different places for diverse purposes, but it mostly use in business for official purposes or in home for personal needs. Thus, a contact list template may help the people to record the info of their loved ones according to the status of relationship, other than that contact list will also assist the people to update the information of contacts on list & make contact with people at a time of need.

In many countries directories are both published in book for and also available over the Internet. Some people are able to accomplish incredible mnemonic feats which seem impossible to some. If you exercise the memory sections of your brain on a regular basis, they will improve over time, to a level where you will be considered to have a photographic memory. From a simple family butchers in West Yorkshire to employing over 180,000 people, owning over 600 locations and with a turnover of ?1 billion, it’s proven itself to be an enduring and strong brand. Bill payers must be 18 years and over and have the bill payers permission before making the call. A professional contact list can also include a description of each contact name like relation with that name etc.
Generally, there’re two main types of contact list, 1st basic contact lists, 2nd detailed contact list. The projective ability of our mind can only go so far, and we cannot maintain detail in full.
Founded by the Asquith family in Knottingley, West Yorkshire, the Associated Dairies and Farm Stores Ltd was founded in 1949.
Since then, its scale and scope have grown far beyond that its founders could have ever imagined, though it retains its headquarters in Leeds, despite now being owned by the Walmart group. It is at your option that you can  prepare a contact list in alphabetical order or according to different relations for instance friends, family members, colleagues, other professional contacts etc. A contact list must be updated to add new contacts or change contact numbers or addresses of existing contacts.

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