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The Apple Premium Reseller listed contract deals for Vodacom and MTN that it will be offering, with prices in-line with those announced by the two mobile operators recently. Telkom is currently conducting due diligence on Cell C as part of a possible acquisition of the operator, thereby cutting the number players in the market to three.
Should such an acquisition go through, the new mobile entity would be in a position to challenge heavyweights, MTN and Vodacom. Telkom reported just shy of 2.3 million subscribers in interim results on Monday, while Cell C in September boasted 22 million subscribers, translating to a combined total of more than 24 million users.
South Africa is also host to a number of MVNOs, with the likes of Virgin Mobile, Mr Price Mobile, me&you Mobile and FNB Connect competing for a slice of the pie.
Virgin Mobile, which has had the longest haul in the country as an MVNO, is targeting 1 million customers in the country, but has hovered around the 500,000 mark for a long time. In terms of reported subscribers, Vodacom has seen its overall market share decline, despite growing its user base.

ICASA’s first report on the state of the ICT sector in South Africa reveals how much money operators are investing in telecoms in the country. Here are the worst movies which have made their way to screens in 2016 so far, according to Metacritic. The debate about online privacy versus the battle against crime was given new life this week with an attempt in Brazil to ban WhatsApp.
The latest MyBroadband survey results reveal which broadband service in South Africa has the most loyal customers. Cell C will have special deals available for the first 1,000 customers to take up an iPhone 5 contract with them, according to information received by MyBroadband.
The network has also confirmed on its website that it will offer the iPhone 5 on the launch date previously announced by Apple: 14 December 2012. Two deals were listed on a pamphlet that a Cell C spokesperson said they could not confirm or refute at this time.

As with Cell C’s existing iPhone contracts, these deals include an additional 300MB of data per month on top of what is already bundled with the Straight Up contracts.
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