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Cell C and Telkom have emerged as the winners in new research into which of South Africa’s operators offer the best contract plans for four pre-defined and distinct customer types.
Tariffic, which specialises in helping companies and individuals manage their mobile spend by analysing the vast array of options available from the operators, has launched its first Perfect Package Tracker index to show which networks offer the best deals. Tariffic focused on four unique users with their own unique usage patterns in developing the tracker.
Tariffic’s optimisations tests what a person’s bill would look like on all the different packages and bundle combinations out there and in this way is able to calculate exactly what a cellphone bill would come to each month, taking into account the costs of subscriptions and bundles, as well as the cost of usage over and above subscription (out-of-bundle spend).
Its optimisations do not expect a person to change how they use their phone, as it is based on their own actual historical usage patterns. It optimises without a cellphone in mind so that it matches a person’s usage to the most cost-effective contracts, taking all complex call rates and tariffs into account.
In this tracker, it shows the total monthly cost of each recommended package and assumes that on each package, users would be taking a phone that does not require any additional pay in. It must be noted that when a person takes a more expensive phone, not automatically supported by a package, this increases the monthly subscriptions, it says. We provide news, reviews and comment, without fear or favour, that is of direct relevance to our fast-expanding audience. We do not constantly regurgitate press releases to draw in search engine traffic — we believe websites that do so are doing their readers and advertisers a disservice. TechCentral, which is edited and written by award-winning South African journalists, cares about delivering top-quality content to draw in the business and consumer readers that are of most interest to technology advertisers. We’d like the opportunity to demonstrate the value of directing a portion of your advertising budget to TechCentral, whether your company is in the technology field or not.
For more information about advertising opportunities, and how your organisation can benefit by publicising itself on TechCentral, please call us on 011-792-0449 during office hours. These are the available South African contract deals for the new BlackBerry Z10 – compared between MTN, Vodacom, 8ta (Telkom mobile) and Cell C.
If you cannot find the deal you are looking for, or maybe you want to check the same deal but on different packages, i got you covered!
Cell C is giving away an Audi A1 and 5 travel vouchers when taking their BlackBerry Contract, click here for more details.

Cell C will have special deals available for the first 1,000 customers to take up an iPhone 5 contract with them, according to information received by MyBroadband. The network has also confirmed on its website that it will offer the iPhone 5 on the launch date previously announced by Apple: 14 December 2012.
Two deals were listed on a pamphlet that a Cell C spokesperson said they could not confirm or refute at this time. As with Cell C’s existing iPhone contracts, these deals include an additional 300MB of data per month on top of what is already bundled with the Straight Up contracts. The debate about online privacy versus the battle against crime was given new life this week with an attempt in Brazil to ban WhatsApp.
The latest MyBroadband survey results reveal which broadband service in South Africa has the most loyal customers.
The Communication Workers Union has agreed to suspend its two-day strike action against the South African Post Office.
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The Apple Premium Reseller listed contract deals for Vodacom and MTN that it will be offering, with prices in-line with those announced by the two mobile operators recently. Telkom, Africa’s largest land-line operator, said first-half earnings climbed as much as 30% after it cut the number of employees and sold properties, helping to offset the depreciation on some assets. Basic normalised earnings per share in the six months through September 30 rose 10% to 30% from a year earlier, the Pretoria-based company said in a statement on Tuesday.
This increase is mainly because of “lower employee expenses due to lower headcount emanating from the voluntary severance and retirement packages in the prior financial year and higher profit on sale of properties,” Telkom said. Telkom is battling to reduce costs to offset a decline in landline usage and increased operating expenses. It then calculated which packages would be best for them and how much those packages would cost. This tracker will thereby function as a gauge of the South African cellular landscape, identifying how the cellular market is improving or deteriorating for consumers over time,” Tariffic said.
He calls his wife a few times every day and uses his phone for a handful of business and personal calls during the week.

She’s always on the phone with her clients and friends and uses quite a lot of data, especially when she’s travelling around the country to meet her clients. Tshepo doesn’t make many calls, but he does use a fortune of data, hooked as he is to social media and the latest apps. In order to make the recommendations as comparable as possible, Tariffic has excluded all handset subsidies from its calculations to ensure that we’re analysing packages on a like-for-like basis.
Our job is to demonstrate why TechCentral delivers the best return for your advertising spend. Proportionately, we provide the largest local audience of all technology-focused online publishers. Nor do we sell “editorial features”, offer advertising “press offices” or rely on online bulletin-board forums of questionable value to advertisers to bolster our traffic. Numerous opportunities exist for companies interested in reaching our audience of key decision-makers in South Africa’s dynamic information and communications technology sector. Deals are valid from May through June 2013 – make sure to verify the validity date for each service provider below. Download the store deals booklet, all SPs are available (Virgin mobile, Vodacom, MTN, 8ta and Cell C). Costs related to headcount reduction were R1.5 billion ($109 million), compared with R325 million a year earlier. He’s an inconsistent data user, some months using almost nothing and other months using up to 600MB. Was wanting to tell my wife about it but I couldn’t chat or call her because of the shitty connections of one the top contenders.
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