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Spectrum Sharing Service (SSS) is a service where Telstra provides a Public Service Telephone Service (PSTS) voice band service to an end user, while also providing access to the same line to another carrier or service provider (the access seeker). Unconditioned Local Loop (ULL) is a twisted metallic pair from the Network Boundary point (NBP) at your customers premises to a point of interconnection located at a Telstra exchange or remote integrated module known as a customer access module (CAM). A RIM, otherwise known as a Remote Integrated Multiplexer, is a device that Telstra uses to provision telephone services in areas where there is no existing copper, or the existing copper in the ground cannot support the demand for services in the area.RIMs are a fairly modern and flexible Pair Gain system designed mainly for urban areas in cities due to their ability to multiplex a large number of lines. In rural and remote areas, older telephone exchanges can often be replaced by a RIM unit that utilizes the existing fibre infrastructure to communicate to an exchange of a larger community. This means that instead of Telstra having to lay hundreds of pairs of copper wires for several kilometres to a housing estate or industrial area, a single pair of optic fibres could carry all the phone calls.
However what this does mean, is that your line is not directly connected to the telephone exchange where the providers have their ADSL2+ equipment installed (and therefore you are unable to get ADSL2+). White Pages have recently extended their databases to include premium phone records that now list cell phone and unpublished numbers.
This may be a great deal if an individual thinks they will be utilizing the service on regular basis. This is where multiple ports are physically provisioned to the end user and the total bandwidth is equal to the sum of all provisioned ports. Both methods require them to install equipment into your local telephone exchange, the difference between the two is what they do with your phone line.

This access seeker simultaneously provides other services (typically ADSL broadband) over the high frequency portion of the line. This CAM is the point where Telstra delivers dial and ring tone for PSTN services to end users. Your local Telephone Exchange needs to have an ADSL2+ provider active, and you will need a line that is capable of ADSL2+ (SSS or ULL). Generally this means that you are a long way from your exchange, however it could also be caused by lower quality copper, the number of joints in your phone line, or bridge taps.
Large office buildings, shopping centres, apartment complexes and the like are all "prime candidates" to be serviced by RIMs.
There is a rough guide below, I would also suggest that youuse the Detailed Summary to get a better indication. Since the phone lines are designed provide a voice service Telstra don't need to change your line to a different exchange. It would also be very expensive to connect your house to a different copper path to a new exchange.

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