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Kevadiya Kevadiya is a census town in Narmada district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Located on Gujarata€™s southeast coastline, Porbandar is considered to be quite a cheery and amicable town.
Situated on the bank of the river Sabarmati, the city partly reflects ancient appeal and magic and also the busy life of a city.
This ancient city has been spectacularly reinstated to a very fine place, with intriguing museums, amazing dining places and spectacular night time markets.
Apart from walking and roaming around the roads, which are lined with greenery, having a good time in the lively and soothing seas breeze, making a trip to the place where the loin-clothed fakir used to dwell or offering prayers to the shrine located nearby, one does not have many a choices to do in this place.
One can find birds in abundance on the beautiful mangrove trees near the Jynbeeli Bridge.The former name of this port town was Sudamapuri. An interesting occasion is the time of Makar Sankranti, which is hosted by the city during the month of January. The linkage of this place to Africa is quite obvious and clear because of the large number of African-Indians. The feeling and presence of the movement can still be experienced by people in the Satyagraha Ashram. They form a distinct caste named Dalits.Going back to the history, we find that Mahatma Gandhi was born here on 2nd October in the year 1869. After arriving at Valsad railway station, one can definitely take a rickshaw to reach Tithal Beach. He opted for this location so that he can carry out activities such as cultivation and many more. The khadi type of cloth was made in this ashram, when he learnt about spinning and weaving techniques. In this city of Porbander, Gandhia€™s father, uncle and his grandfather had held the post of prime ministers to the princely statea€™s Jethwa Rajput Rulers. This activity soon declined, when the relocation happened to Sevagram Ashram close to Wardha, Maharastra.The life of Mahatma Gandhi and the interesting facts about the movement can be obtained from the items such as pictures and manuscripts, books on Gandhian philosophy and a huge collection of letters composed by Gandhi himself are displayed in the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya, which is a small scale museum.
The space where Gandhi used to live, the Vinoba-Mira Kutir where Viroba and Mira lived on their distinct trip to this place, a prayer bhumi, a living space for the guests and a building used as a training place for cottage industries are all included the grounds of this place. It also had business connection with East Africa during the Mughal period, the Marathas rule and the British Empire. This highly sophisticated temple has been the destination for pilgrimages for many a number of families following Jain faith for many a number of years. At present the citya€™s atmosphere has become quite dirty and polluted due to the presence of cement and chemical industries.Kirti Mandir is the name of the place where Gandhi gave birth.
A wealthy businessman named Sheth Hutheesing has given the constructed the temple in the name of Shri Dharmanatha, the 15th Jain Tirthankar. The Indian tradition and customs are reflected in the statues, sculptures, paintings and symbols, which are present here. The work done in the temple is an attribute to Premchand Salat.The temple contains big and stretching land, a big courtyard, a big ridged dome topping the madapa. Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III constructed this monument in order to immortalize his ancestora€™s great memories.
The beautification of the Kirti Mandir is done by the Sun, the Moon and the Earth along with Indiaa€™s map before the separation.
In the year 1936, during Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad IIIa€™s diamond jubilee celebrations, the construction of Kirti Mandir took place.
Among all the beaches in Gujarat, this beach is one of the beaches which havena€™t been damaged. It is considered to be among the very last mosques that were constructed under the leadership of the Mughal rulers.

This planetarium is one of the initial two planetariums, which was constructed by Shri Jawaharlal Nehru in India. By 1487 AD, Mahmud Begda, who is the grandson of Shah, took a decision of making the city protected by fortifying it. Initially, there were 12 numbers of gates on the walls, 189 bastions and 6,000 battlements. In the oncoming ages, some of the walls had been taken out because of the expansion of the city to the rivera€™s other side. This temple is considered to be the very initial temples that has been constructed by the Swaminarayan sect.
In the year 1822, this temple was built on the land, which was donated by the British Government.
The full control and responsibility of building the temple was given to Ananandanand Swami by Swaminarayan. Swaminarayan himself has put there numerous statues along with some of his own items and sculptures.
In has been constructed in the year 1423, when Ahmed Shah I, founder of Ahmedabad, was ruling over this place.
The hustle and bustle of the daily city life surrounds the Jama Kasjid; however in the enclosure of the Masjid, one can experience the serene environment and worship in peace, with birds fluttering around.
Just similar to the other domes belonging to the Jain temples; some of the domes here also have been cut in the form of lotus flowers.
The village is situated in between a quiet residential locality and Ahmadabada€™s coal yards. However, when one climbs up to the top of the steps, one can at one catch a glimpse of a series of deep stairs and pillars going down into the deep. The features of this step well are quite similar to the other step wells situated in other parts of Gujarat. The name of the place has been derived from the name of Baba Maneknath, a 15th century saint. In the afternoon, the place contains jewellery market, which is the second largest in the whole of India.
Most of the people have opted for the more comfortable and modern houses but however many of them still dwell in the pols, where they have lived for the maximum part of their lives.
One can experience the calm and quiet village life, breath in the cleansed atmosphere, soothe onea€™s eyes by looking at the green trees and catch glimpses of men is traditional attires of turbans and dhotis.
One of the unique features of this place is the puppet show, which is organized at night under the star studded sky.
The full form of VECHAAR is Vishalla Environmental Centre for Heritage of Art, Architecture and Research.
This museum has been the result of an in depth study about the utensils for the time period ranging from a thousand years back till the recent era.
With time, the museuma€™s collection of fabrics has become even richer in terms of color schemes, patterns, weaving techniques and embroidery works. People, who want to learn and research about the amazing array of Indian ethos, can come here.
In the huge industrial house of Calico, in the year 1949, Shri Gautam Sarabhai and Gira Sarabhai, his sister accommodated this museum formally.
The building was built with the aim that it would be developed into a hub for cultural events in Ahmedabad.
The city museum was started in order to enhance the subject of culture and community and also to protect the architecture. In the museum, ancient remaining, statues, manuscripts and images about the history of the city are displayed in the museum.

The museums main aim was to collect unique and rare arts, documents and other historical objects related to India. People having artistic sense, can really get fascinated by the amazing and fine mini paintings, which can also be seen under the microscope.
Vibrant items of embroidery, carvings of wood, items made of metals, bead works and utensils, leather items, clothes, paintings, animal collections and other items of house use are there on the display. In the year between 1618 and 1622, this museum was built in the name of Khurram, a Mughal crown prince. Rabindranath Tagore, a renowned Bengali poet, came to stay here when he was just seventeen.
A cenotaph was created in the year 1980 on 7th march, in order to respect Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Different items related to his life such as images, biographies, political cartoons, newspaper clippings and many things like his personal items are displayed in this museum. This step well offered a location for stop and rest place for the many number of travelers, the pilgrim parties and the caravans. Queen Rudabai, who was the wife of the chief of Vaghela named Veersinh, constructed this step well.
It has been proved that the temperature of the inner part is 6 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. In all over the world, this place ranks second for the biggest hatchery of eggs of dinosaur.
The existence of the temple can be traced back to 2000 years back based on the proof obtained from statues and other items dug from underground and also from the documents written in Brahmi script.
With the aid of as much as 6000 tons of sandstone of pink color, this temple has been constructed. On top of 7 carved pillars, stone beams made of single piece stones, 57 window grills, M shaped domes and ornamented zarokhas summing up to 8 numbers, the temple has been resting all along. The inner holy chamber houses a statue of Lord Swaminarayan, which had been wrapped with gold plates weighing 1.2 ton. The idol of Swami Gunatitanand is situated on the right side and the idol of Swami Gopalanand Swami is situated on the left side. Throughout the four months of the winter season, one can see as many as 210 plus different species of birds. The types of birds include Rosy Pelicans, White Storks, Brahminy Ducks, Herons and Flamingoes. Majority of the population of the birds here is constituted by the migratory birds in the cold months and spring season. If one would come here, expecting grand forts and temples, then that person would be disappointed. The story of the Indus Valley Civilization, its rapid rise and prosperity and then its decline to death, can be experienced after coming here. The reed beds on the not so deep water body, creates a perfect environment for the different kinds of birds to dwell here.
The farmlands, which encircle the lake, take care of the need of food for some number of birds while the water body takes care of food for the remaining portion of birds. Close to the Kalpur Railway Station and Paldi, at a place called Gitamandir, busy bus stands are located. Direct flights from here to places like USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai and other international hubs are there on a frequent basis.

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