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Mudumalai Located in dense forests of Nilgiris, this place is renowned for its wild life sanctuary.
Anamalai Hills is a range of mountains in southern India, close to Pollachi in Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu.It is also well-known as a€?The Elephant Mountain,Anamalai borders the Kerala state. The exact location of this place is at the meeting point of three states, namely Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is home to the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary which consists of a forest area spreads almost 600 square miles. It is one of the highly favourite holiday destinations in Southern India Located in dense forests of Nilgiris; this place is renowned for its wild life sanctuary. The diverse wildlife includes Tigers, Deer, Panther, Hyena, Sloth Bear, Flying Squirrel, Leopard, Sambar, Wild Boar, Civets, Gaur, Lizards, Langurs, Jackal, Chital, Antelopes and Macaques.PLACES TO SEEMudumalai National ParkMudumalai National Park was established in 1940 over an area of around 321 sq km located on the north-western side of the Nilgiri Hills The sanctuary is address to plentiful animals like crocodiles, pythons, common krait ,bamboo pit snakes, Asian elephant, tiger, leopard, gaur, hyena, jackal, sloth bear, sambar, chital, mouse deer, wild boar and stripe-necked mongoose. The landscape of the Anamalai Hills has coffee and tea plantations scattered teak forests of great profitable value.
Some of the main species of animals at this sanctuary include civet cats, tigers, panthers, wild boars, spotted deer and elephants.

Tourists can also come and see the elephants fed during feeding time.Jungle SafariThe Jungle Safari is that allows people to come and experience out of the ordinary animals living in their natural environment. There are several of birds like black headed oriole, tree pie and rocket-tailed drongo at this sanctuary.
Trekking and jungle safari are most common activities available at this wildlife sanctuary.Thoonakkadavu After Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary ,Thoonakkadavu is a trendy lake which has been formed by the Parambikulam Dam which is situated next to. Parambikulam Sanctuary Bordering to the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, the 285 sq km extend of forest known as the Parambikulam Sanctuary is one of Keralaa€™s leading wildlife reserves. Parambikulam situated in the Anamalai Hills, south of the Palghat Gap in the Western Ghats.
There are around 21 domestic elephants at this camp that are not trained for being used by tourists.. It is very rare for travellers to get permission to visit this elephant camp from the forest department.Kolikamuthi Elephant CampIndia is known for their worship of elephants and makes use of these in celebrations and festivities of temples. The Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp is a place that elephants are kept trained and housed in different ways..

The people who are occupied in the task are the members of the Malisar tribe and these families are especially skilled in working with these elephants.
A good place to sight bears, whose droppings and pug marks and you can see even near an ancient Forest Department bungalow. Mt Stuart Block is situated at around 3 km from top slip in Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. There you can see the grave of Hugo Wood, a British officer who ensured that new saplings of teak were planted and nurtured after every bout of timber extraction. On his tombstone is inscribed (in Latin), If you want to see me, look around.Top Slip Top Slipa€? is one of the ever green location in southern India. The name top slip comes from the practice carried out in 19th century, of sliding logs of teak timber down the hills that took place in this area.

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