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With the advancement of mobile technology, almost all smart phone nowadays comes equipped with GPS. In order for you to be able to track your phone using the Android Device Manager, your android based phone must be activated first. Once you logged in, the Android Device Manager will show your devices exact location in a Google Map.
You will then have the option to ring it so that you can know where it is if it is nearby, lock it if you are afraid someone have stolen it and also erase all the data inside your phone so that the person who stole your phone will not get the sensitive and confidential information inside your phone. Here are the simple steps required if you lost your phone and want to use this feature to track your phone. Once you log in to your Google account, it will show whether you have a connected devices or not.Choose the time and date in the left bar. Another way you can track your phone or devices using Google is by accessing your Google account. In the ‘Device Activity & Notifications’, you will see a list of devices connected to your Google account in ‘Recently used devices’. The smart phones ability to automatically connect to the internet wherever it is based also provides many ways and methods in tracking your devices.
It was once known as Google Location History but have been revamped to now known as ‘Your Timeline’. The timeline will then show your devices previous location and the time it was connected to the internet. This will enable you to track, lock and also erase your phone from anywhere in case you lost your phone.
However, instead of giving you the devices footprint over time, the google account will only show you when was the last time your devices was connected to the internet.
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Read our previous articles to know more on GPS in your phone and also how you can turn off your smart phone’s GPS. As long as your devices are log in into your Google account, it will record the last time you log in whenever there is an internet connection. Google has also developed several services that utilizes the GPS installed in our smart phones so that you are able to track your location as well as your friend’s location in real time. The interesting thing with this service is that it does not rely on GPS but to the internet connection in which your devices is connected.
In this article, we will discuss how track your lost Android phone or tablet computer.Use Android Device Manager to Track Your PhoneAdvertisementsThis is the easiest way to track down the location of your Android phone. Google can also track your devices location based on Wi-Fi and nearest cell towers connected.
Therefore, this device that it can help to track can be your laptop, tablet and also your smart phone. Similar as using ‘Your Timeline’, it uses Wi-Fi and cell tower information in tracking your devices. Here in this article, we will list down the top 3 ways to track your lost phone using Google. These information would prove useful at least to know an estimate location of your lost devices. When you buy an Android-based phone, you need to log into your phone using a Google Account. You would always remain logged into your Google Account as long you’re using your phone.
It is recommended that you go to your phone’s Security  settings and turn this option on. This may come handy as this option will remotely secure your phone and data.If the above conditions are met, you can go to Android Device Manager to find the current location of your phone.

Take the following steps:Sign into your Google Account (you automatically get signed into it when you use Gmail). This little feature is very useful if you’ve forgotten where you had left your phone in your house. If your phone is not nearby and you believe that it has indeed been stolen, you would immediately want to lock it down. You can also remotely lock your phone and erase its data.As we said earlier, you need to turn on the option to remotely lock and erase data. This setting needs to be changed in your phone.So basically you should do this as soon as possible.
This would mean that the thief will not be able to gain access to your phone even if he earlier knew your password.
However, if you don’t want to take any chance, through ADM you can erase data as well.
In case you lose your phone, you can go to the Find My Mobile website of Samsung and log into your account. Also, if you have a Samsung mobile, you should activate a Samsung account.We hope these tips were helpful.
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