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New customers: Click on the register for free button the home page- select New Customer- select your country- fill in all mandatory details and confirm your registration. Money2anywhere needs to know who you are and will activate your account for transaction only once the resident country's KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) requirement checks are met.
Once you add the beneficiary (recipient) and perform a transaction on our portal you would be provided your country specific payment option along with detailed information. Please visit money2anywhere's Charges page to see specific fees for your beneficiary's country. Money2anywhere is an online remittance portal which provides end to end solutions to meet all your foreign exchange and remittance needs. Our system verifies your card against your identity and if it does not match your identity, your order will not be processed to protect you from fraud.
Note: We do not accept third party payments while making a card payment on the site, please note the same to avoid non- processing of your transaction. Bank Credits - You can send money directly to beneficiary's bank account to almost anywhere.
The maximum number of transaction for XPRESS Money to a single beneficiary in a year is 12. With anywhere payout you no longer need to specify the agent location as the receiver can collect cash from any authorized XPRESS Money agent in the specified country by presenting the XPIN number.
In addition to conventional cash pick up, money2anywhere allows you to direct your beneficiary to collect cash from the nearest UAEEXCHANGE branch.
Login into your money2anywhere account, nominate a beneficiary and recharge their overseas mobile phone number. You may use the transaction tracker tool on the post login page to check the status of the transaction. In money transfer industry, remittance rate keeps fluctuating almost every second and hence the best accurate exchange rate is provided at precise time of transaction.
One time verification process is the requirement to provide your ID details to activate your account and to meet country specific mandatory compliance procedures. M2A always provides comparatively discounted commission charges that any physical branch with the best exchange rates possible. If you reach the receipt screen, and receive a transaction reference number, you can be sure your payment was completed.
We would have received your payment, but for some reason you were unable to see the confirmation page. You can often determine that it was case (a) If we send you a confirmation email, or allows you to check your transaction history on their website. Make sure you provide correct contact details in case we have to contact you for transaction related purpose.
With money2anywheremobile web-site you can transfer money to any bank or agent payout location using your mobile phone. BPAY is a payment system in Australia which enables payments to be made through institutions online banking facility to registered merchants. Contact your bank or financial institution to make arrangements form your cheque savings, debit card or transaction account by login onto the participating financial institution online banking site. POLi is an online payment option which enables M2A to receive payments from your cards securely. At any point if the web page stalls please contact customer service and check if the transaction has gone through. Do not process a second transaction unless advised by the customer service executive to prevent double payments.
In case Customer service executive has asked to repeat the transaction it is always advisable that you refresh the browser by deleting all cookies and temp files before attempting another transaction.

Post payment Note down the transaction reference number on reaching the transaction receipt voucher. The Benefit Company is a local switch in the Kingdom of Bahrain handling the POS transaction. Activate your account by providing two copies of attested photo id, a copy of void cheque and a copy of your latest bank statements for resident address verification to activate your account. Accredited Public Accountant (APA), Charter Accountant (CA),Certified General Accountant(CGA), Certified Management Accountant(CMA), Public Accountant(PA), Registered Public Accountant(RPA). As per FINTRAC regulations for any transaction above 1000 CAD must be supported by bank statements and additional checks of the sender.
Interac Online is a recognized leader in debit card services and is a national payment network which allows Canadians to access their money. The Interac Online service is secure and easy to use because it works with your existing online banking service.
Select the Interac Online option when you are ready to pay and you will be provided with a list of financial institutions.
Confirm the payment - you will be automatically directed back to the merchant website and shown your confirmation page. Date: An acceptable form of entering date is YYYY-MM-DD (year-month-day) for example 2009-11-22. Pay to the order of: This is the person or company who is eligible to cash the cheque (the bearer of the cheque).
Memo: You may add a few words which reminds you or the bearer why you have drawn this cheque. The easiest way to cash a cheque is to take it to your home branch (the branch of the bank that you opened your account with) and deposit it in your bank account.
Another method to deposit a cheque is via using an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) also known as an ABM (Automated Banking Machine) – See picture.
You may also take the cheque to the bank that has issued the cheque (or rather the bank of the person who has drawn the cheque). On presenting a valid (original) photo ID and the 16 digits XPIN number the beneficiary can collect cash from the payout location. M2A is a combination of competitive exchange rates, quick processing, enhanced security and a friendly customer service team. M2A uses the latest 128- bit SSL encryption and prevents any unauthorized person from accessing your account details. In case it is not viewed it is due to the browsing behavior of displaying non secure items on the webpage like logos. On producing the XPIN and ID details the beneficiary may collect cash from our network of 84000 agents worldwide in around 120 countries.
Since UAEEXCHANGE has almost 700 branches in more than 30 countries your beneficiary wouldn't find it hard to locate one. To know your one time verification process go to the option country wise in the FAQ and select your respective country.
You may however request the same with our customer service provided the amount has not been credited at the beneficiary end. In the process you may become eligible to receive any available country specific promotional discounts, offers or prizes. In case you have lost yours contact our friendly customer service representative and they will do their best to assist you. If you confirmed your payment in online banking, but did not get redirected to a confirmation page on the merchant website, then there might have been a technical problem. In case (b), the funds will be (in most cases) re-credited to your bank account within minutes.

With you can transfer money to any bank or agent payout location using your GPRS enabled mobile phone which may be accessed anytime anywhere. Simply call your financial or banking institution to enquire about the same subject to availability.
On confirmation of your payment M2A will redirect to POLi website where you can make payments. Simply call your financial or banking institution to enquire about the same; subject to availability.
This post helps you understand how to draw cheques (write a cheque) and how to cash cheques (turn cheques into money). It usually consists of the street (house) number, the street name, and the suite or apartment number if applicable. It is common to write the dollar amount in letters and then, the cents on top of the slash to the right of this line in numbers. As mentioned in the image they represent the cheque number, the branch (transit) number, the financial institution (bank) number, and your account number (the image has broken the account number into the designation number and the account number). You may either get cash (paper money and coins) in return of the cheque or successfully deposit it in your bank account and be able to spend the money. The Verisign seal on the bottom of every web- page entitles M2A to be a secured and safe website. All you have to do is provide the basic bank details of your beneficiary and the money will be directly credited to his or her account. After confirming your transaction please note the Biller code and transaction reference number. When you open a bank account that comes with a cheque book then you are opening a chequing account. If you own a GST account then you may be able to claim the GST you are paying (applies to business owners).
In order to cash a valid cheque the date printed on it must be the same as the date of the deposit date or sometime in the past.
Country wise cancellation charges and rate adjustment would also apply for any cancellations unless proved error at our end.
In this case you may add the GST amount included in this cheque to ease the job of your accountant in the future. The rest of the process varies from ATM to ATM but is clear from existing screen options and guidelines. The one that you use for your daily transactions, grocery purchase, receiving your salary, and so on. The teller usually asks you to swipe your debit card in a card reader and then key in your PIN (Personal Identification Number).
They may even put you on hold for a few minutes to further investigate the genuineness of the cheque and your documents (of course they would never insult you, I hope). The BBBB may be the same as the first four numbers in the TTTTT transit number, but not necessarily. If you need the transit number (also called branch number) of your bank use the branch locator .

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