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With the help of Truecaller you can check the whose calling you (unknown numbers), block unwanted calls, find numbers of your long lost friends and lots more. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
A jamming device transmits on the same radio frequencies as the cell phone, disrupting the communication between the phone and the cell-phone base station in the tower. Truecaller, one of the traditional caller ID apps available on Windows Phone platform, has just received a major update that brings lots of new features and improvements. The most significant enhancement included in the new version of Truecaller is the ability to make VoIP calls. Furthermore, the update introduces a new feature that allows users to see blocked text messages in their call history. Some of these improvements are simple tweaks that should have been available since the release of the application on Windows Phone, but it's good that developers are adding new features often. The team of developers seem to be determined to bring the Windows Phone version of Truecaller to the same level of functionality as the Android and iOS counterparts. Another significant improvement added in this update is the option to block even more top spammers. If you don't have the application yet, you can now download Truecaller for Windows Phone for free via Windows Store.
Nokia India earlier unveiled 3 of its S40 based full touch screen phones in the Asha series i.e.
As far as our opinion about the phones, we are yet to check them out in person, but going by the specs and the pricing, a better replacement for Nokia Asha 311 could be the Samsung Galaxy Y which is in fact cheaper than this phone and has Android OS to its credit.

If you’ve already tried out any of the phones listed here, drop in your views for the co-readers! NVIDIA is aiming for a Q2 2013 launch for the Project SHIELD, the chip company has revealed, though the hardware, software, and name of the portable games console are likely to change before that happens. As for the release itself, the name is likely to change before there's any sign of the console on store shelves. Meanwhile, if you're keen to see if your PC is up to speed with the necessary specifications for remote gaming with Project SHIELD, you can check the system here. Not everyone likes their phone number to be listed on the web and be available¬†across¬†the globe. Choose your country and enter the mobile number you wish to unlist from the Truecaller database.
You will receive a confirmation from Truecaller that your number has been successfully unlisted. A cell phone works by communicating with its service network through a cell tower or base station. The jammer denies service of the radio spectrum to the cell-phone users within range of the jamming device.
With the latest version of the application, users will be able to make VoIP calls, like Skype, and see call details in their call history. According to the official changelog, the team behind Truecaller announced they have added the option to tag callers by adding relevant Tags to their phone numbers, which can be used to describe that caller. Also, Quick Block enables users to add callers to their block list directly from the call history.

Last but not least, new languages have been added to Truecaller: Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, and Swahili.
The application should be fully compatible with all devices running Windows Phone 8.1 and up. Regarding Asha 305 it should be good buy if you happen to be low on budget and looking for a full touch support phone. Nair, availability of Android on Galaxy Y is the biggest advantage of Galaxy over Asha 311. The compact powerhouse - which features the new Tegra 4 chipset, complete with a whopping 72 GPU cores - currently lacks the LTE radio that the new chip features, and is WiFi-only in its prototype form. Currently, Jelly Bean is running on the new chip, but NVIDIA says it's aiming to keep up to date with whatever version of Android Google has whipped up at the time. Exactly what to is, unsurprisingly, something NVIDIA either doesn't know or isn't talking about here at CES, but it'll be the US and Canada which gets to plunk down an unspecified amount of cash first. But you should probably check your comfort level with its resistive screen before you settle down for the phone.
Below are few pics of the phone and launch event, along with brief highlights of each of the phone launched.

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