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The NoButtonsHeadset is a must have for anyone who is quadriplegic, has Arthritis, ALS, Cerebral Palsy,  Upper Extremity disabilities or any other physical disability or handicap that limits the ability for them to push a button. After years of waiting, Amazon finally unveiled its smartphone, the Fire Phone, on Wednesday. Think of it like the 3D chalk paintings you sometimes see that depict what looks like some sort of hole in the Earth. More specifically, tilting the Fire Phone from right to left brings up a panel that lets you access various information.
By swiveling the device, you can access notifications and quick settings, such as MayDay, the flashlight, airplane mode, and more. TechCrunch claims that it knows where Amazon is getting its Dynamic Perspective technology. The Okao technology reportedly uses coordinates from the four cameras on the front of the phone to recognize the user’s face.

From what we know about the Amazon phone’s specs, it looks like the Dynamic Perspective and special gestures are the only things that will differentiate this smartphone from all the other ones that are already out there. Even so, to say that the Fire Phone utilizes 3D technology to its advantage would be belying what the Fire Phone is capable of.
Unlock T-Mobile Samsung cell earpiece for any inspection and repair providers GSM sim card. One time your HTC unlock code has been entered to your HTC cell phones keypad, your earpiece volition body of work with any GSM sim card. As we expected, Amazon is doing things a little differently than the generations of 3D phones that have come before. Objects on the screen will subtly shift as you move your head, as if they existed at different depths within the phone, but they won’t appear to poke out at you, or have real depth at rest. By placing four cameras instead of just one, it can continually track your head while delivering a wider field of view. The Fire Phone will use the best two cameras in the event that the other two end up covered by thumbs. By tilting the handset, you can change the point of view you have of a landmark in the maps application, for example. For example, if you tilt while in the Amazon Music application, it will bring up the right panel that shows the lyrics of the song you’re currently listening to.
Swivel and tilt also work if you want to scroll up and down a webpage, for example, or when you want to go to the next page while reading a book in the Kindle application. The phone’s built-in gyro sensor and accelerometer help make Okao work faster and more efficiently.

Amazon will surely promote these effects as original and ground-breaking, but in reality the phone’s 3D powers might just be a flashy gimmick.
Holding the screen and your head completely still, there would appear to be no 3D effect at all; the illusion is only generated by shifting perspectives. You can also tilt the handset to learn about any Yelp reviews nearby restaurants have, and look through various products while shopping.
Amazon reportedly altered Okao Vision’s facial recognition and tracking technology to suit its purposes. After all, based on these reports, it’s not like the cameras and the sensors actually do anything spectacularly different from what other devices already do.
The original Okao tech allows for analysis of the user’s face to determine age, ethnicity, and gender.
Much like the handset itself, however, Dynamic Perspective will live or die by whether developers incorporate the feature into their apps and whether people will care enough to use it on a regular basis.
Soon there will be a No Buttons Headset LandlineA landline phone that you can access with a headset ear-piece that is connected and disconnected to a call by a moving your head near a magnet that is mounted to the wheelchair headrest. Once the NoButtonsHeadset passes near a magnet (within an inch or so) you can connect to your phone and make a call.
S10The S10 does not itself talk to you but when you pass it near the (supplied) magnet it will automatically connect to your phone and launch your phone's built-in Voice Commands.

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