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Microsoft has just partnered with Truecaller, a well-known developer of mobile applications, to bring one very useful feature to all Lumia smartphones.
The new feature called Live Caller ID Lookup will be delivered through a Windows Phone application, which has just been updated with new premium features. The Truecaller application has two versions available for download via Windows Phone Store, but only the premium one provides users with the Live Caller ID Lookup feature. The good news is Lumia smartphone owners won’t have to pay anything for the premium version of Truecaller for Windows Phone, as Microsoft has it all covered. According to the Redmond-based company, all Lumia smartphones will receive all the premium features of the Truecaller application.
With Live Caller ID Lookup feature enabled, Lumia smartphone users will be able to show the name of incoming calls that are not in that device’s phonebook.
All those who install or upgrade to Truecaller version 4.2 by October 30 will receive 30 days of free use of premium features, including Live Caller ID Lookup. We have seen the rise in the numbers of miss calls and prank calls over the period of years and are aware of the problems it may cause. However, there are few ways to resolve these issues and to mention one would be the Android application called True Caller ID, which instantly traces down the name of the unknown caller, irrespective of the country or part of the world. Now, trace the unknown mobile number by simply typing the number that you would want to trace in the search column.  Click the link below in order to trace the mobile number of the person online. Download the mobile number locator application from the link given below on to your Phone in order to trace mobile number directly from your mobile phone.

Having problem tracing down the unknown Mobile Number with its Owner’s Name is to use the very popular app – Truecaller. Another Best Alternative to the Truecaller app is Fast2SMS tracker, which does the same job quite efficiently, although the Truecaller is currently used by huge number of people. Given that the incident would take place today, it would only take a minute to track down the name registered with that particular number. In addition, it can also notify the user if one of the calls is a spam call reported by one of the more than 85 million Truecaller users. It’s also worth mentioning that Truecaller can identify numbers from all over the world. The application only offers the premium features to Lumia smartphone users for 30 days since they installed or upgraded Truecaller on their devices. Keep in mind that in order to use the premium features after the 30-day-free trial, you will have to pay a one-time fee. Well while most of us benefits from it, some suffer from stress caused by frequent miss call and prank calls from unknown numbers. There are few ways to stop this issue from troubling you and that is to trace the Unknown Mobile Number with the Registered Name, in order to find identification of the name of the person who is pulling that prank on you. Whenever an unknown number calls you up the Truecaller app immediately tracks down the name and instantly shows it on your display, while the phone is still ringing. He used to get continuous missed calls and pranks calls from the trouble makers throughout the day for more than 2 weeks.

Having exposed to an artistry life since quite an early age, he has developed an even greater passion for reading, writing, music and traveling, which he believes is the most essential part and process of self-development. One of the repercussions some people face with the mobile phones is getting prank calls from strangers, which creates stress and depression and affects the mental health.
On the bottom of this article you will find some relevant information on the True Caller ID app. Tracing the Mobile phone number with Owner’s Name is easy with this app; and not to forget it delivers the name of the unknown phone number with over 90% accuracy. Few years back it was hard for an individual to figure out the number of an unknown person, but now with some software and apps that problem is quite resolved”. He visions that today's entrepreneurs need a deep knowledge and grounded understanding of writing, marketing and technology as a mix to gain as well as gather insight to make a difference in today's business world. The link given below will provide you more details as the numbering system listed on the page.

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