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Thank you, for your completely relevant comment on your experience with getting a UPS tracking number.
Gary, are you supposed to use the shipping phone number and postal code or do you use the billing phone number and postal code? I just called Apple and they said that due to product availability I will only get it on September 25 (I live in Montreal). Our order status for iPhone 5 orders placed at midnight last Friday have shipped, and a UPS tracking number has been provided (shipping method notes: UPS Express Saver). This afternoon we spoke with Apple Support on the phone–they noted our package was set to arrive on Sept. Earlier, we had noted an Apple iPhone 5 pre-order that had also shipped, it appears that tracking must have leaked through.
Now Koodo have to get their shit together and give us nano SIM cards and announce LTE, otherwise I’m going to one of the big three thieves. Well just like the rest of you guys I call UPS and they don’t have much information but they do say that the delivery method is one business day express saver. Just got an email saying I am going to receive it on the 25th, hopefully that’s just a worst case scenario. Ordered 2 phone, only one came with confirmation e-mail with a delivery date of Sept 25th…Hope it is just a standard e-mail and the phone will come tomorrow. Call Apple customer service late yesterday afternoon, could not get a better answer them what was on the website. I had called Apple Tuesday and they said my package was coming out of a PA depot, so it must have been a bulk shipment from PA to Burlington and distribute from there. I just bought a nano LTE sim from Fido store at Yonge-Eglinton and am waiting for the UPS driver to knock on my door tomorrow! Woke up to the pleasant surprise of a text message and email from Apple telling me that my iPhone5 was on its way with UPS Express Saver.
I think everyone complaining about the 25th delivery date should relax because I’ll see your September 25th delivery date and raise you an order date of September the 14th at 6am with an arrival of October 9th!!!!!! Apple has started to send out UPS tracking numbers for the first wave of iPhone 6 pre-orders in Canada, set to arrive on Friday’s launch (for those in Zone 1 on the shipping estimate map; this is the original map the company posted with mixed up cities).
We just got a shipment notification email from Apple for our iPhone 6 Plus while others have told us initial iPhone 6 pre-orders have also received shipment notifications. Right now, UPS shipping labels show UPS Express Saver as the method of shipment, so get ready for your phone to arrive on Friday. Our orders went through at 1AM PDT last Friday and these shipping numbers just arrived 10 minutes ago. I got this too, but I realized that I forgot to write the buzzer code to my apartment in the info.
Does that mean they’re not going to buzz me and they’ll just stick a notice on the door, forcing me to wait a few days and pick it up from the UPS Store? I was without work for 6 months when my former Co-worker finally recommended me to start freelancing from home… It was only after I earned $5000 in my first month when I actually believed I could do this for a living! I just called my local Bell Aliant Store and they told me they have iPhone 6 and 6+ on their purchase orders for today!
Ordered the wrong colour of the iPhone 6+ 128GB in Montreal under my name as a reservation for in-store pickup… Ordered Space Grey instead of Silver… if anyone wants to swap reservations, let me know!
Because the initial stock of 6+ sold out very quickly and you will be getting yours later (I’m in the same boat). Happy to get the UPS tracking but disappointed to find out that it’s expected to deliver to my home on Monday the 22nd even though I live downtown Toronto.
I know it’s only ten bucks, but it just seems so chincy of carriers to charge for a SIM card that is required so that you can pay them hundreds of dollars a year. Last year I didn’t get the ship notice until Friday morning with tracking but recall the shipping info showing it had shipped out Wednesday, and it did arrive Friday on time via Canada Post. With those new plans, hundreds of dollars a year is transforming into thousands of dollars a year…. My name is listed there, but it’s an old building where all the names are just kind of thrown on the wall in small plastic letters. I was able to secure an in store pickup for a 6+ but only the 128gb version was available and I wanted 64. Thanks, but I did reserve and pick-up at the Apple Store so I’ll be in there to get my phone anyway.
I figure while the Apple employee is dinging my credit card for over $1,300 for the phone and Apple Care+, I’ll ask them to throw in a free SIM card that cost them nothing anyway.

They may well be ready to deliver today, but I’m sure Apple has given strict instructions not to deliver till tomorrow.
I just called UPS and was told my package was with the driver and should be delivered by end of day today.
Seems like people who did in store preorders are getting them before people who did it online. Mine said that was well but the last location was in Ontario so I’m hopeful but skeptical as well. After we published our post on how to acquire your Apple iPhone 5 UPS tracking number, it appears some iPhone 5 pre-orders have already started shipping to Canada.
Last year, the 4S should have arrived on the launch day but somehow got tangled up within UPS traffic and logistics and I got it a couple of days late. Unless I am missing something the parcel app has push notifications in the settings but you have to buy the extended version as an in-app purchase = not free! This is driving me nuts… no matter what I put in UPS’s reference field I get nothing. It says that you need the Extended Version if you want to track more than 3 packages at once. Based on the tracking posted above, it looks like it only took 2 days to get it shipped from China to Alaska. I was reading the mr forums and it appears many people recieved shipping confirmation with their phone origin in illinois.
I expect you’ll see a lot of status changes tomorrow, with the shipments arriving at the local distribution centers on Thursday for delivery on Friday. Not sure if this is just the confirmation email telus just sent to me since i didnt get it when i first ordered or if its being prepared for shipping. My order was submitted at 16 minutes past 12, and until today I had hoped it would arrive Friday (website said 21-25th). But it is getting less and less likely that a shipment at this point will arrive before Friday. Guys if we check the picture, it only took 1 day to get from China to USA so you shouldn’t worry. I panicked last year and cancelled my order and went and stood in line at Metrotown and could not get my 64G white unlocked phone. I called Apple myself and looks like my phone won’t be delivered on the 25th like most others has stated to theirs. That image looked like it has been photo shopped with texts retyped on the right hand column.
My phone was just charged to credit card and says apple store ON, does that mean its coming from Ontario, I live in bc. Comments from the Canada iPhone 5 thread in Macrumors have phones beginning shipping for those who pre-ordered through the carriers. My other issue is getting a nano sim from Rogers as all my local stores refuse to sell until Friday!!! That’s what we thought ?? again just to remind you that based on previous years apparently the tracking confirmation is sent the night before. Same here, my credit card has been pre-authorized for the phones (got three in total for myself and family) but nothing has been posted yet. Consider the fact that we paid more for our phones compared to the contracted discount phones through the carriers.
What shipping service did you use for that iPad?I used standard for iphone5 and wondering if it is reason why my delivery date is shown as OCT 3. But apparently Apple will earn some sort of residual revenue from the carriers for all the iPhones that they sell.
Paul, when you contacted Telus who did you speak with about not receiving any email communications at first?
I pre-ordered from Telus on Friday and have had some account verification issues which I’ve been told to have fixed by tomorrow if I want my phone Friday. I don’t understand how that is possible considering I ordered the minute it came out. We verified that order independently and according to UPS, that package is set to arrive on Friday. I have a very hard time believing UPS can ship the iPhone to my door from China in 24 hours from now.
It included my Apple order number, would anyone be able to do anything to my shipment with that?

But I’m optimistic that we will see shipments scanned this morning and delivered tomorrow from Concord ON.
Knowing Apple, and having worked with them as an independent contractor, I think you’ll receive your package by Wednesday. Is there anyone up there who woul be willing to buy me a black 64GB Unlocked GSM iPhone 5 for a $100 premium?
UPS is most likely again holding details of these shipments back until the last minute to ensure iPhone 6 units aren’t delivered early. They said some bank only hold the initial authorization for a few days, but once UPS took over your order, you credit card will be charged.
Once they have the actual package later today, it will update itself to say that it’s going to be delivered tomorrow.
I did and they verified it was with a driver and would be here by the end of the day today. I walked in at like 6pm on Saturday (SW Ontario) and put the $50 deposit down for a Space Grey 64gb iPhone 6. I pre-ordered mine in the first 10 min the site was up last week, would’ve been in the first 2 min but the Apple site was just so slow.
What does apple or ups care they already got your money … Were the suckers left around to wait .
Apple is just saying the latest date, opposed to promising the world in case it’s late. This time, the rep didn’t even know about the delivery map (I directed her to it) but she said same thing, that my phone is shipping out of PA.
I’d rather just have a tracking # now to satisfy my (self diagnosed) ADD and anxiety! It will most likely be sold out or Rogers will only sell it to customers activating iPhones locked to the carrier.
It’s possible the dealers have been instructed to call customers no earlier than the 21st, the release day, even if the phone arrives earlier . They have all the shipping labels prepped in advance, the afternoon before the launch date, the warehouse releases the packages to the shipper who overnights them to customers.
Super Saver Express shipping (which Apple uses for shipping to Canada) is suppose to arrive the following business day before noon. If its being shipped from overseas like some iPhone shipping slips show, probably by next Wednesday. And knowing UPS, I doubt the driver will take the time to look through the list, find the buzzer number, and ring me up. Apparently unless they enter the updated tracking manually It won’t show its been picked up. Hopefully well get some sort of tracking information today so we can make sure someone is home to sign for it tomorrow.. Last year, and the year before everyone sold out of them fast and no one will have them available today. But then the Apple Client Care I spoke to this morning did say that UPS is overwhelmed with all the iPhone shipments.
Either way, it won’t be delivered until Friday at the earliest, so you should expect the 21st until you hear otherwise.
I somehow believe we’ll still get them on time, because my credit card was charged yesterday and they would only do that if it was shipped. Down here we don’t know how long it will be before Apple begins selling unlocked iPhone 5. I still think lining up early is the best way to get a iPhone if you absolutely cant live without it on launch day ?? Anybody else pre-order TELUS and get shipping details yet?
If not, least it gives me a couple of extra days to get my iTunes library ready again so I can just flop everything back on when I do get it. He said I was lucky because the majority of the calls he took today were pushed to deliver on October 5th..
UPS Express Saver shipping guarantees delivery to most urban areas by the next day at noon.

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