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This entry was posted in People, Sociology and tagged Alexander Graham Bell, Patent, Telephony. Cell phones are a big part of your everyday life, with a constant roll of text messages, Twitter updates, email, and good-old fashioned phone calls your mobile device is rather distracting. No matter how hard the law or certain institutions try and ban you from using your cell phone, do you listen or find ways to break the rules? America, and the world at large, is hooked on cell phones—at school, in the air, while driving, and even at work. Only a few years ago it was legal to talk and text on your cell phone while driving, and in some states, it is still legal.
Even without a law to ban cell phone usage for drivers, the public agrees that cell phones are dangerous on the road. Despite the known risks, 45% say that they read text messages while driving, and 37% can’t help but respond.
Washington was the first state to enforce a texting while driving ban, now 44 of all US states have a ban on texting and driving. While you know using a cell phone and driving is incredibly dangerous, do you still do it?  Are cell phones so addicting that we can’t ignore them, even when we know it’s the safest idea.
If basic logic does not deter cell phone use in drivers, do cell phone bans while driving work to curb the problem? In 2011, 21% of fatal accidents involved distracted teens on their cell phones, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. According to the most recent 2014 data, 1 in 4 car crashes is due to distraction caused by a cell phone.
The crazy thing is even with all of this information and a wealth of knowledge about the dangers of texting and driving, not one state in the US has instituted a ban on all cell phone usage for all drivers.
Perhaps the most interesting statistic of all is that the National Safety Council released a report earlier this year that revealed 21% of crashes involved a driver using a hands-free or handheld device, while only 5% of crashes involved a driver that was actually on their phone texting (Here are the statistics).
Clearly, school is supposed to be a place of learning, and if you are constantly on your phone text messaging and checking social media it’s going to be hard to learn. Despite the ban on cell phones, most high school and college students still bring their phone to school, even if they keep it discreetly tucked away in their backpack, it’s there.
The college bans don’t work either, considering with or without a cell ban in class, 80% of college students text in class. Scholastic argues that cell phones should not be banned in school at all, when technology could instead be used as a great learning tool. That is until airlines outside of the US started to let their passengers use their cellular data thousands of feet up in the air, until they cross into US air space at least. Here in the States, you are now able to use cell phone data for certain things while flying, although it doesn’t look very likely that you will be allowed to take phone calls on a plane.
Airlines are not excited about allowing flyers to talk on their cell phone while flying either.
Companies justify banning phones because cell phones deter employee productivity and can lead to lost profits. Cell phone bans can be annoying and feel like a violation of your natural rights, but all laws and rules are born for a reason. Some employers match time donated (ie, your volunteering hours); some match donations, and some will match either or both!
You'll need to create an account in order to write a review on Guidestar, but we'd love it if you made that extra effort! If you like the great video interviews with Executive Director Melanie Fisk in The Giving Library, click 'Recommend' next to the red heart. On the Literacy Advance Facebook page, scroll down a little and look for the "Write a recommendation" box (usually on the right). In order to minimize distractions and help students concentrate, we have a 'no cell phone' policy for all classrooms, the foyer and the corridor at Wilcrest. Please also remind them to turn their phones OFF or at least to silent when they are in the building. This website gets updated regularly, but you're missing out on news, fun and photos if you haven't Liked us on Facebook yet! Check out recent photo albums (including some pics of our Volunteer Socials); upcoming events, and day-to-day posts, news and chat!
Long-time Literacy Advance supporter Office Effects has launched an initiative to support Houston-area non-profits.
See more details about the Cause an Effect initative, including the Office Olympics fundraiser. Some companies offer gifts to non-profits in recognition of volunteer time donated by their employees. However, the systems some companies use (one  example is ExxonMobil, but there are others) to track matching gifts can be quite specific. Thank you again to those who are able to leverage the generosity of their employers in this way! We have many great resources, but as you can imagine, some of the most popular can be hard to find!
Please return ALL resources to the return box by the door, so we can re-shelve them appropriately. Other cultures have different customs and understandings regarding gifts, and what seems like a harmless gift to us may come with unexpected strings attached, or different expectations. May we be a people who do everything we can for one another and others because God in Christ Jesus has done everything for us. According to a National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration study that was released this past July, driver inattention is the leading cause of all traffic accidents. There’s not even enough research yet to guess where GPS systems and screens are going to eventually factor in to these causes.
According to this same report, 80% of all accidents involve driver inattention, 50% involve alcohol, 30% involve speeding, and 70% involve driver aggression. Villanueva tells a great story about what he feels like was his finest moment as a Dallas Cowboy.
The win launched the Cowboys on a season-ending run that saw them take five of their final six games, finish the season at 10-3-1, and make it to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Carrie-Anne and I wound up next to four dear friends from our Arlington days and right in front of seven wonderful friends from Legacy, and behind a couple of preacher friends from Waco. Our Legacy assembly time Sunday was highlighted by our commissioning and charging and sending of Manuel and Yvina Calderon and their sweet girls, Sofia and Natalia, to Siempre Familia Iglesia de Cristo in South Fort Worth.

Legacy is partnering with Continent of Great Cities and Missions Resource Network to begin this Hispanic church at the old Rosemont building in the Seminary Avenue area of Fort Worth. May our Father bless the Calderons and all those working to bring God’s salvation to South Fort Worth.
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By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. Due to the distractions cell phones are known to present there are a number of instances when your cell phone is ‘illegal’ to use. Over the last few years more and more cell phone bans have been instituted, as well as reassessed. Here we take a look at the current cell phone bans, why we have them, if they are working, and where the future of cell phone bans is headed. Tons of people have been fined for using their phone while driving, but does a cell phone ban while driving really work? A 2014 study conducted by the NHTSA, reports that reaching for your cell phone, talking on it, texting, or using a phone at all while driving increases your risk for an accident by 3 times. In some states texting is not banned for all drivers, 4 states ban novice drivers from texting and driving, and 3 states ban school bus drivers from texting. Beware when you message or call your kids, 53% of teens that were recently caught texting or gabbing while driving were talking to mom or dad at the time. The natural process of human decision-making includes weighing out each act, and asking: do the risks outweigh the benefits? In 2012, 26% of crashes involved a cell phone, during which time there were 3,328 people killed and 421,000 people injured all because of cell phones.
Plus, authorities and researches argue that cell phone related car crashes are way underreported. Instead, rules include exceptions like “hands free” usage, because apparently even the law understands you can’t go one second without your cell phone. It’s not just the 18 and under crowd that gets the ban, some colleges have also implemented no cell phone laws on campus. In proof, Instagram and Facebook are bloated with images of young kids at school, snapping selfies and group photos when the ‘authorities’ are not looking. In high school these numbers are even higher, with 94% of high school students sending off text messages in class. Some school districts across the nation have already added iPads to their list of curriculum tools with great success. One Professor at Bellarmine University has his students use their own cell phones to further engage in class.
American officials and airline companies are now debating if they should jump on board and allow people to use their phone while flying. A spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation said that they are still weighing out the options, and are largely concerned about passenger comfort.
A few airlines have already come out and said they will not allow it and will keep the cell phone ban in place, regardless what the law says. But is it fair for employers to ban cell phone use amongst employees?  By law, employers can do so if they please, there is no law that protects the employee in this instance. If an employee has an accident on the job due to the distraction of his or her cell phone, this is also bad for the employer due to liability issues.
If your employer has asked you to ditch your iPhone, look up in the company policy handbook to see if there is a rule against it. While your cell phone is your handy-dandy best friend, perhaps there are times when going without it is good for you and everyone else. When your phone breaks you want it fixed fast, so come on in and visit the pros at My Broken Phone. They were wonderful to read, and you've helped to show what Literacy Advance is all about, for people thinking about joining us as a volunteer or supporter.
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However, it's usually the best idea to encourage students to show their thanks in a way that includes the whole class - for example, bringing in a special dish or something else to share.It's a good idea not to accept any gift with a value of around $25 or higher, and not to accept ANY gift of cash (or a gift card). It takes an awareness of who you are next to the holy and righteous Creator of Heaven and Earth.
Myles Brand, then President of the NCAA, once told me in between press conferences at a TCU event to be a critic, not a cynic. But you may be surprised at where cell phones fall on the list of those driver inattention issues. The same logic would require that the government first outlaw food and drink, radios and CD players, talking to passengers, and reading while driving. And we’re counting down the days by recognizing the second-best players in team history according to jersey number.

For three years he handled both the punting and the kicking chores for a team that was making the transition from expansion franchise loser to America’s Team.
They were playing the Redskins at old RFK when Washington, nursing a 30-28 lead late, nailed a punt inside the Cowboys five.
We sang together and laughed and cried and prayed and reflected together on our own motivations for doing what we do.
Introducing Manuel to our church family and watching and listening to him share our Lord’s vision for the Hispanic Church was so inspiring.
He wore #12 when he came into the league with Dallas as a free agent out of Tennessee in 1968. Morton was the first quarterback in NFL history to start at quarterback in two Super Bowls for two different teams, Dallas in Super Bowl V and for the Broncos against Dallas in Super Bowl XII, both sloppy, sloppy losses.
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Cell phones are often banned at school, while driving and flying, and sometimes even at work.
Research data proves people don’t like the idea of going without a cell phone, even for a short period of time. And 50% of people agree that it is still dangerous to use your phone even if you are parked at a stoplight. More than likely those text messages are not life or death related, but reaching for your phone could be. Teens are among some of the biggest cell phone users of all, and so how well do these bans really work amongst rebellious students? Although using a school iPad is much different than having ‘legal’ access to your own cell phone. Plus, we have all heard the warnings from airline pilots, advising everyone to turn off their phones before the flight starts.
Say for instance you board a plane from California to New York, and the entire 7-hour flight you are trapped sitting beside a cell phone gabber, can you image how annoying this might be–especially if you are trying to enjoy a good book, or squeeze in a nap. So while you might be able to send text messages, check your email, or surf the web, you can’t count on catching up with old friends while you soar through the clouds.
The only way it’s not legal for an employer to institute a “no cell phones at work” policy is if different employees have different cell phone rules, in which case it is illegal based on differential treatment.
Also, since phones have cameras on them, companies with top-secret products don’t want to risk anything leaking out.
If not, you can ask around to notice if the ban is there for all employees, or if you have been singled out.
Literacy Advance has been glad recipients of some great matching dollars over the years - funds that otherwise wouldn't go to anyone at all.
Materials worth hundreds of dollars are currently missing, and we simply do not have the budget to replace them all. It can get quite complicated, and if we don't get it right, we can miss out on these dollars! These stickers are ONLY used for items that are in high demand, or which would be very expensive or difficult for us to replace.
To avoid difficulties or embarrassment, it might be a good idea to talk to your class about gift-giving culture ahead of time! But I wonder why cell phones are being outlawed in our cars and not the other things that have been documented and proven to cause more accidents? Don Meredith miraculously drove Dallas down the field with passes to Pete Gent and Pettis Norman and Danny Reeves. But I knew if the focus was on renewal and restoration through intentional worship and Jeff Walling was doing all the speaking I’d benefit greatly. We’re also sending our 30-35 Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters from Legacy to join that great work. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
So much for banning cell phones at school, but if phones were not banned would they numbers be worse or better? As students file in they are supposed to answer the question through text message using their phone. It’s even been rumored that the plane will crash or lose signal if everyone on board is using their cell phone, and so phones are powered off without too many, if any, rebels on board. If you feel like the ban has been unfairly placed on, you can try talking to your supervisor to see if there is a reason that you have been asked to leave your cell phone at home. And with eleven seconds remaining, Meredith was tackled out of bounds, a late-hit penalty was assesed, and Villanueva was set up for a 30-yard field goal attempt to win the game. Our plan is to take the gospel to the tens of thousands of Hispanics there and then plant subsequent churches in Dallas, Houston, and other metropolitan cities in Texas and the Southwest. And then he had to give his number to Roger Staubach, some Heisman Trophy winner coming off a four-year stint in the Navy. These texts then automatically appear on the board at the front of class so that everyone can read their peers responses (Learn More).
And he was in the top ten in the league that year in total field goals made, field goal percentage, punting yards, and yards per punt.
Through the use of congregational singing and dramatic readings and timely video dramas and silence and meditation and prayer, Ken Young and the Hallal Singers took all of us straight to God’s throne room, right into his presence.
Pete Richert, the former Dodgers and Washington Senators pitcher, had been sitting in the end zone with his son and actually caught the ball as it went into the stands. A true focus on God’s surpassing love for us and our response to him through our own love for our Father and for one another and for the world.

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