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Cell phones are a big part of your everyday life, with a constant roll of text messages, Twitter updates, email, and good-old fashioned phone calls your mobile device is rather distracting. No matter how hard the law or certain institutions try and ban you from using your cell phone, do you listen or find ways to break the rules? America, and the world at large, is hooked on cell phones—at school, in the air, while driving, and even at work. Only a few years ago it was legal to talk and text on your cell phone while driving, and in some states, it is still legal.
Even without a law to ban cell phone usage for drivers, the public agrees that cell phones are dangerous on the road.
Despite the known risks, 45% say that they read text messages while driving, and 37% can’t help but respond. Washington was the first state to enforce a texting while driving ban, now 44 of all US states have a ban on texting and driving. While you know using a cell phone and driving is incredibly dangerous, do you still do it?  Are cell phones so addicting that we can’t ignore them, even when we know it’s the safest idea. If basic logic does not deter cell phone use in drivers, do cell phone bans while driving work to curb the problem?
In 2011, 21% of fatal accidents involved distracted teens on their cell phones, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.
According to the most recent 2014 data, 1 in 4 car crashes is due to distraction caused by a cell phone. The crazy thing is even with all of this information and a wealth of knowledge about the dangers of texting and driving, not one state in the US has instituted a ban on all cell phone usage for all drivers. Perhaps the most interesting statistic of all is that the National Safety Council released a report earlier this year that revealed 21% of crashes involved a driver using a hands-free or handheld device, while only 5% of crashes involved a driver that was actually on their phone texting (Here are the statistics). Clearly, school is supposed to be a place of learning, and if you are constantly on your phone text messaging and checking social media it’s going to be hard to learn.
Despite the ban on cell phones, most high school and college students still bring their phone to school, even if they keep it discreetly tucked away in their backpack, it’s there. The college bans don’t work either, considering with or without a cell ban in class, 80% of college students text in class.
Scholastic argues that cell phones should not be banned in school at all, when technology could instead be used as a great learning tool. That is until airlines outside of the US started to let their passengers use their cellular data thousands of feet up in the air, until they cross into US air space at least. Here in the States, you are now able to use cell phone data for certain things while flying, although it doesn’t look very likely that you will be allowed to take phone calls on a plane. Airlines are not excited about allowing flyers to talk on their cell phone while flying either. Companies justify banning phones because cell phones deter employee productivity and can lead to lost profits. Cell phone bans can be annoying and feel like a violation of your natural rights, but all laws and rules are born for a reason. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. He fell 120 feet to the ground while dismantling an unused communications tower in Lincoln, Illinois on June 8, 2005. It took the American Revolution to end indentured servitude and the Civil War to end slavery. In the 19th century labor unions and other reformers fought the use of prisoners as contract labor. The death rate of prisoners leased to railroad companies between 1877 and 1879 was 16 percent in Mississippi, 25 percent in Arkansas, and 45 percent in South Carolina. In the early 20th century, immigrant workers opposed the sweatshop conditions imposed by labor contractors in the slums of New York and Chicago. Contractors who work on ATT and Sprint equipment must go through large companies like General Dynamics and Bechtel, both of which have been plagued by scandal in the past. The pressure to meet deadlines means that some tower climbers routinely do not follow safety procedures or wear the proper equipment.
Ray Hull was not free climbing when he was permanently disabled in 2003 while trying to meet a tight deadline in Nebraska. Hull is a third generation climber, a man who still misses going up on those towers saying,” There’s probably not a human being alive that loved their job as much as I did,” he said. An industry group, the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) has been working on safety and general education since 1995, sharing research and organizing conferences and workshops. Some observers dismiss the whole idea of OSHA-style regulation, saying that safety is the responsibility of the individual tower climber. Tower climbers are overwhelming male.It is well known that some young men can be foolish risk takers. There have been no deaths in 2012, although a man was injured on May 25 after falling 100 feet from a tower in Texas. The only people who can step up and create a true culture of safety while raising wages and benefits are the tower climbers themselves.
Verizon and ATT have many union workers in their ranks, but even there unions like the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Communication Workers of America are on the defensive.
The CIO unions succeeded in their time because they radically changed the way unions were structured. If tower climbers decide to organize, they will have to develop new strategies and organizational models that fit their unique economic niche. Tower climbers could choose to ally with those workers who are already transforming US labor relations, figuring out solutions that might work in an economy unlike any other in US history.
It could be a way to find allies among the general public and bring pressure on corporations who like to protect their public image.
Of course it will be the tower climbers who will decide how to proceed into an uncertain future.
As for the rest of us who hold our cell phones next to us like we once cuddled our teddy bears, lets give the tower dogs our sincere thanks and wish them better days ahead. Due to the distractions cell phones are known to present there are a number of instances when your cell phone is ‘illegal’ to use. Over the last few years more and more cell phone bans have been instituted, as well as reassessed.
Here we take a look at the current cell phone bans, why we have them, if they are working, and where the future of cell phone bans is headed.

Tons of people have been fined for using their phone while driving, but does a cell phone ban while driving really work?
A 2014 study conducted by the NHTSA, reports that reaching for your cell phone, talking on it, texting, or using a phone at all while driving increases your risk for an accident by 3 times. In some states texting is not banned for all drivers, 4 states ban novice drivers from texting and driving, and 3 states ban school bus drivers from texting.
Beware when you message or call your kids, 53% of teens that were recently caught texting or gabbing while driving were talking to mom or dad at the time. The natural process of human decision-making includes weighing out each act, and asking: do the risks outweigh the benefits? In 2012, 26% of crashes involved a cell phone, during which time there were 3,328 people killed and 421,000 people injured all because of cell phones.
Plus, authorities and researches argue that cell phone related car crashes are way underreported. Instead, rules include exceptions like “hands free” usage, because apparently even the law understands you can’t go one second without your cell phone.
It’s not just the 18 and under crowd that gets the ban, some colleges have also implemented no cell phone laws on campus. In proof, Instagram and Facebook are bloated with images of young kids at school, snapping selfies and group photos when the ‘authorities’ are not looking. In high school these numbers are even higher, with 94% of high school students sending off text messages in class.
Some school districts across the nation have already added iPads to their list of curriculum tools with great success.
One Professor at Bellarmine University has his students use their own cell phones to further engage in class.
American officials and airline companies are now debating if they should jump on board and allow people to use their phone while flying.
A spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation said that they are still weighing out the options, and are largely concerned about passenger comfort. A few airlines have already come out and said they will not allow it and will keep the cell phone ban in place, regardless what the law says. But is it fair for employers to ban cell phone use amongst employees?  By law, employers can do so if they please, there is no law that protects the employee in this instance. If an employee has an accident on the job due to the distraction of his or her cell phone, this is also bad for the employer due to liability issues.
If your employer has asked you to ditch your iPhone, look up in the company policy handbook to see if there is a rule against it.
While your cell phone is your handy-dandy best friend, perhaps there are times when going without it is good for you and everyone else. When your phone breaks you want it fixed fast, so come on in and visit the pros at My Broken Phone. Although identified only as employee #1 in the official OSHA report, he was 43 year old Toby Wheale of Glendale, AZ. We talk, text, browse the web, listen to music, take photos, shoot videos, record notes, check the time and so much more. But there is another type of fatality involving cell phones that has received almost no attention, the deaths of tower climbers who install and upgrade cellular technology.
They are enmeshed in a complex system of labor contractors and subcontractors and can make as little $10-$11 an hour for very hazardous work. Some are very safety conscious, but the economics of this highly competitive business work against responsible contractors. The powerful 30 minute Frontline documentary about tower climbing can be seen on the web here. For the tower climbers, the widespread abuses of labor contacting and subcontracting can make each workday a possible date with death.
In the early days of European colonization, indentured servants working the tobacco plantations of Tidewater Maryland and Virginia experienced death rates of up to 50%.
The stories of violence and torture eventually led to massive reform and abolition movements involving alliances between prisoner organizations, labor unions, and community groups. The radical Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) fought the abuses of labor contractors in the farm fields of the West Coast in the face of extreme employer violence, a battle carried on by Cesar Chavez and the United Farmworkers beginning in the 1960s which also saw its share of employer violence.
Called “turf vendors” within the industry, these big companies negotiate directly with the big telecoms.
Project manager Don MacRae commented on the big iPhone rollout of 2007, “We were working in the field for 40 hours straight. Some engage in a practice called “free climbing” which means climbing the towers without attaching themselves to prevent a fall. After a crane operator left the site because it was too windy, Hull asked for an extension from his contractor and was told that the telecom, Nextel, couldn’t wait. With Hull 240 feet up the tower, Ketchens made a mistake with the hoist, and a huge piece of steel came crashing down with Hull attached. Craig Lekutis, President of The Wireless Estimator, a man with nearly 30 years experience in the field, doesn’t think so. OSHA has cited negligent contractors, but US law effective insulates the large telecoms from prosecution and OSHA’s resources are limited by the toxic political atmosphere in Washington where as the Bob Dylan song goes,”Money doesn’t talk, it swears.” OSHA’s regulatory model was established in the early 1970s for larger more centralized companies, not today’s Alice In Wonderland maze of subcontractors.
In 2008 OSHA informed NATE that NATE needed to hire a safety expert and run its own accident investigations. Scientific research suggests that this may be due excessive testosterone and brains that are still being rewired for maturity. Industry veterans worry that there will be more fatalities with the next major rollout of cell phone upgrades as people rely even more on their phones for high bandwidth data transmission. To expect OSHA and NATE to make the USA another Canada or Ireland for the tower climbers is unrealistic.
Much of the work is done in rural areas and around small towns where union traditions are weak or nonexistent. One of the greatest periods of labor organizing in US history came during the Great Depression when union membership was miniscule at the time of The Crash in 1929. This will not be easy in today’s economic climate, but isn’t it the “non-conformative” who are the innovators in any field? It can be a way to engage with researchers and hear ideas from people outside the tower climber ranks.
Cell phones are often banned at school, while driving and flying, and sometimes even at work.

Research data proves people don’t like the idea of going without a cell phone, even for a short period of time.
And 50% of people agree that it is still dangerous to use your phone even if you are parked at a stoplight.
More than likely those text messages are not life or death related, but reaching for your phone could be. Teens are among some of the biggest cell phone users of all, and so how well do these bans really work amongst rebellious students?
Although using a school iPad is much different than having ‘legal’ access to your own cell phone. Plus, we have all heard the warnings from airline pilots, advising everyone to turn off their phones before the flight starts.
Say for instance you board a plane from California to New York, and the entire 7-hour flight you are trapped sitting beside a cell phone gabber, can you image how annoying this might be–especially if you are trying to enjoy a good book, or squeeze in a nap. So while you might be able to send text messages, check your email, or surf the web, you can’t count on catching up with old friends while you soar through the clouds. The only way it’s not legal for an employer to institute a “no cell phones at work” policy is if different employees have different cell phone rules, in which case it is illegal based on differential treatment. Also, since phones have cameras on them, companies with top-secret products don’t want to risk anything leaking out.
If not, you can ask around to notice if the ban is there for all employees, or if you have been singled out.
This device meets military specifications for resistance to temperature, dust, radiation, blowing rain, shock and is waterproof when submerged up to 1 meter of water for 30 seconds. A driver yakking carelessly on a cell phone can be a death foretold; so can a corporation demanding that workers climb towers hundreds of feet high on impossible deadlines without proper safety enforcement and training.
The telecom giants make no serious effort to oversee their contractors and subcontractors and OSHA does not have the resources to keep tabs on all of them. They compete with the cheap fly-by-night operations who ignore safety, provide little or no training and no supervision in the field. The telecom industry is a global operation with a deeply flawed business model sitting atop a morass of brutal labor exploitation.
These workers were eventually divided along racial lines with black workers subjected to lifetime slavery while whites went free after 5-7 years if they survived the ordeal. Contract workers across the board report wage theft, minimum wage violations, health and safety violations plus a general disrespect of workers as human beings.
Since he can no longer afford to buy new safety equipment or continue training programs, he’s closing his business. By the time the actual work reaches small contractors (who often work side by side with their employees), there is very little money left. Mess it up with a fatality, then goodbye business in Ireland.” Moran is not aware of any tower fatalities in his country.
Although new legislation has been introduced to hold big companies responsible, hope for its passage is dim. In 2006, prodded by 19 tower climber deaths, NATE partnered with OSHA to coordinate safety improvement. NATE replied that investigations were OSHA’s job and that NATE had no way of enforcing safety standards on irresponsible contractors or changing the “unrealistic schedules” of the big telecoms.
Guilford was described by  veteran climber Robert Hale as young and cocky, unafraid of anything. Amidst high employment and armed violence, industrial workers created the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), which helped pave the way for a middle class lifestyle that lasted well into the 1980s when a concentrated employer offensive eventually drove private sector union membership below 7%.
With the rise of globalization, outsourcing and subcontracting, the older union structures are inadequate and frankly, barely up to the task of playing defense. It could facilitate communication among tower workers and wield clout with all levels of government. So much for banning cell phones at school, but if phones were not banned would they numbers be worse or better? As students file in they are supposed to answer the question through text message using their phone. It’s even been rumored that the plane will crash or lose signal if everyone on board is using their cell phone, and so phones are powered off without too many, if any, rebels on board. If you feel like the ban has been unfairly placed on, you can try talking to your supervisor to see if there is a reason that you have been asked to leave your cell phone at home. Other key features include GPS, Bluetooth compatibility, music player, voice dialing, email, MMS and SMS text messaging, and speakerphone. As of 2011, there were more mobile phones than people in the USA and approximately 280,000 cellular phone tower sites around the nation. Indentured servants who landed better jobs in domestic service or apprenticing in skilled trades reported beatings and sexual assaults among other abuses. Deckrow does not want to compete with the fly-by-night operations industry insiders call “two guys and a rope”.
Verizon deals with contractors directly and usually sticks with the same ones repeatedly, paying them more money. He sued in court and won a judgement from a contractor but the suit against Nextel was dismissed. On the discussion boards and comment sections of tower climber websites, the issue of unionization comes up, with both pro and anti-union sentiments expressed. Some unions are beginning to recognize this and are experimenting with new forms of organizing to deal with our badly broken labor relations system. Perhaps organized tower climbers could even ally with decent minded contractors who do not want to compete with “two guys and a rope”.
These texts then automatically appear on the board at the front of class so that everyone can read their peers responses (Learn More).
The head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) once called tower climbing “the most dangerous job in America.” Apparently $750 was the worth of this person’s life in the communications industry. But when the work is over and the drive is stark and bare my motel's feels like a dungeon with no one waiting there.

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