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Two new Samsung phones will be soon launched in the US via US Cellular: Samsung r850 Caliber and Samsung r520 Trill. The Caliber is a touchscreen handset with a 3.2 inch WQVGA screen, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, HTML browser, and a 3MP camera. The second phone, Samsung Trill, is a music-oriented slider that looks a bit like the Samsung Trance released by Verizon earlier this year.

At the moment, it’s not clear when US Cellular will release the two Samsung phones, and neither for what prices. The Samsung Character is available as of now at US Cellular, in two color versions: grey and blue. US Cellular is currently offering seven different Samsung devices, including the Mesmerize and Gem Android smartphones.

Like the Samsung Messager Touch (released by the carrier back in May 2010), the Character is a touchscreen (2.8 inch QVGA) feature phone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

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