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The pedestrian path in Tijuana starts at the end of the Trolley tracks, on the East side of US Customs. Once you go through the gate, enter Mexican Customs.  As a visitor, you will have to go to the line where you will have to present your passport, and get a tourist visa. To cross into Mexico, you will need to get to the East side of the freeway going to Mexico. If you want to drive your car toward the border, you have to take the 805, also known as Interstate 5, then proceed toward the exit that says last exit in the USA. The San Diego Trolley goes from downtown San Diego, clear up to the US Border crossing in San Ysidro.
Just like the US Government requires everyone crossing the border into the US to have passports, the Mexican Government also now requires all persons crossing into Mexico to have a passport. If you haven’t yet gotten a US Passport, we strongly recommend that you get the “Passport Card”, rather than the “Passport Book”.
Pedestrian Crossing: If leave your car parked at the border, and are walking into Mexico, you will need to present your US passport, and fill out a tourist permit form.
Crossing the border by car: If you are stopped in Tijuana, you will need to show that you have legally crossed the border.
When you first cross into Mexico, do NOT get into the lines of cars that are going through the lanes through for inspection. It is very close to the USA-Mexico border, and that you have plenty of options to get the dental treatment you need at a price that you can surely afford. Park near the US Border Customs, and walk across the border, where we will meet you and pick you and transport you to our clinic. Drive across the border, and we can give you a medical pass for the car lane to cross back to the US in under 30 minutes.

The Mexican Customs will not ask you for a lot of identification documents, not even a passport. Follow the people who are getting off the Trolley, and walk past the McDonald’s by the Trolley tracks.
Take the “Last USA Exit”, exit 1-A, for “Camino de la Plaza Ave.” Turn left at the light, go over the bridge to the east side, and turn right at the light, heading toward US Customs.
If you are coming from the airport, just take the 992 Bus from the airport to downtown, and get on the Trolley at the American Plaza Station. Things have historically been a little lax, but now they are tightening up on the regulations. So, even though you could just drive through Mexican Customs, and they don’t ask you for any documents, don’t neglect to first stop and get your tourist permit. Please look at the page for Driving Instructions, also make sure to see our Crossing the Border Quickly page.
But because you will have to walk back into the US, make sure you bring your passport, or other valid I.D. In fact, it’s one of the nearest as it’s barely 20 minutes away from San Diego, California.
Before you decide to cross the border, do let us know if you need accommodation or a shuttle. You will go up a ramp, and at the end of the ramp is a turnstile gate with a sign above it that says, “Mexico”. After they give you your tourist visa, continue through the exit of Customs, and walk down the sidewalk until you come to the street. Make sure you get your passport before crossing into Mexico, to avoid any delays or hassle, by the US Customs, as well as Mexican Customs.

But the reason the Passport Card works better than the Book, is because it has the RFID electronic chip, which qualifies you to use the faster moving “Ready Lanes” either as a pedestrian or riding in a car. Most of the cars going in here, and parking, are stopping to declare products that they purchased in the US, so they can pay the “Importation Tax”. Before you leave your car, please make sure you call us so we can send the van to meet you on the Mexico side. In case you are stopped in Mexico for any reason, you will now have proof that you entered into the country legally. But this is the same area where you will find the “Immigration” office, in order to get your tourist permit.
By merely walking and passing through the pedestrian lane, you can get to the pick-up point in just 5 minutes. Cross the street and stand in front of this pharmacy, and that is where our white van, with the name “Sam Dental” on the door, will meet you.
But, if you plan to stay for more than a week, plan to return for a second trip, or are thinking of going on to Rosarito or Ensenada, you will need to get the 180 day permit, costing $25. It will be easiest if you just tell them you are coming to visit and shop, otherwise they will ask you for the exact address of the clinic, and hotel address where you are staying.
Again, call ahead, especially around 20 to 30 minutes before you eventually cross the border.

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