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RecertificationBefore an employee goes on intermittent leave, request FMLA recertification. Discuss Vacation BenefitsEither employee or employer can decide whether a workera€™s accrued paid vacation or sick days will go toward the 12 weeks of unpaid FMLA leave.
Check InEmployers are allowed to request that a worker on FMLA leave call in to report his or her status. Keep Current and CompliantSupervisors need to know the ins and outs of the law, as they will likely be the first line of communication between workers and the executives who oversee leave under FMLA. Prepare for the Employeea€™s ReturnWhen ita€™s time for an employee to return, they are entitled to their old job or an equivalent position with similar hours, expectations and salary.
The law allows employers to request medical recertification once every 30 days under certain circumstances.

Employees are still required under the law to give adequate notice and comply with a companya€™s call-in policy.
Also, employers are required to have an updated FMLA poster prominently displayed somewhere in the office. If he or she can no longer perform the old job due to a medical condition, make sure a termination would not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. Equation Technologies is independent from Sage and is not authorized to make any statement, representation or warranties or grant any license or permission on behalf of Sage regarding any product, service or Web site content. Certain materials made available on or through this Web site are owned by Sage and cannot be used without the prior written permission of Sage.
It is a federal law passed in 1993 by the United States Congress that requires covered employers to provide employees job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons.

Some states have enacted laws that mandate additional family and medical leave for workers. Therefore you should check with your respective state's department of labor to ensure that you abide by the state's regulations.

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