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Anyone over the age of 30 does and yet today the number of people who use the yellow pages is a tiny fraction of what it used to be.
I can’t tell you the number of times in my own business I would receive phone calls from yellow page salespeople trying to convince me why my consulting business needed to have a big block ad in the yellow pages. These salespeople were trying to use their standard sales pitch on every business.  Tailoring the presentation to the needs of the customer is absolutely essential.
When someone is selling what they believe is a monopoly, it is only natural they become arrogant and stop listening to the customer.  When salespeople stop listening, customers will in time stop buying. USA B2B Email DatabaseEasy Search and Export software40,000,000 companies in 500 classificationsincl.
USA Business LeadsSales Leads from US Business List Provider15,000,000 companies in 1,000 business categoriesincl.  Number Employees, Sales Volume, Contact NameUnlimited exporting capabilities !
United States Business Directory Manufacturing SectionSmall-middle sized manufacturers and distributors417,000 companies in 6,800 classifications incl. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.

Like the bulbous monstrosity that Seinfeld’s George Costanza carried in his back pocket, I used to walk around with a very obese wallet.
One year later, I have to say that the Twelve South BookBook has been the best phone case I have ever purchased. I love my BookBook so much, I vowed that I would not upgrade to the larger iPhone5 until 12 South had a product to fit. Bibliophiles would be smitten by the bookish resemblance, but honestly I could have cared less. When not pressed for time, it is easy to double over the book jacket and hold the sheathed phone to my ear. It has proven to be durable and incredibly well-made, hardly any sign of wear (which is impressive considering that I pocket it only half the time, so the other half is spent absorbing all the oils in my hand). The case is now a plastic bumper that the phone snaps into, glued to a 2nd piece of leather that is the wallet. It holds the iPhone with speakers & ports accessible (though you have to slide the phone up to clear the lens from the case for photos).

But when scrambling to answer, I feel quite foolish holding an open book against the side of my head. Main Contact's Name, Contacts Title, Contacts Gender, Actual Number of Employees, Anual Sales Range , HomepageUnlimited exporting capabilities ! There are other wallet-ish iPhone cases, but for me a driver’s license window was mandatory, as well as the ability to hold more than just one or two cards. I must remember that I also just set my wallet down, and there is nothing in my back pocket anymore. If you are interested in a merged wallet+phone case that gets positive comments every time you take it out, BookBook is for you. Fair warning though: people initially think it is a bible and guess that you are exceptionally religious.

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