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Rakhi has been with iPlace since the company’s founding and until recently was one of our Sourcing Managers. Her industry focus during her tenure in Sourcing included Aviation, Automotive, Energy and Utilities, Engineering, Financial Services, Healthcare, Information Technology, Insurance, Interactive Media, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, and Telecommunications. Areas of search expertise includes active sourcing, passive sourcing from LinkedIn®, as well as technical and non-technical job orders for multiple sectors including information technology, healthcare and finance. During her summer internship, Rakhi worked on a formal project for the Physics Department, where she developed a customized scientific visualization program. Brian has seven years of experience in international recruiting including four years as a senior recruiter.
Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast indicated the city understands the postal service’s financial dilemma and wants to work together as the plan is implemented.
USPS officials previously have stated the new location would be in the same ZIP code area as the current facility and that the relocation wouldn’t result in layoffs because positions would be moved to other locations. The postal service’s “commitment to customer service remains a top priority,” Sperry added.
Mail delivery won’t be affected and customers likely can continue to use the same post office box number, he said. The future of the building is unclear, though interest groups and historians have hopes the USPS will maintain a presence there, if as a tenant instead of a landlord.
A final plan still is down the road, he said, adding that his company was working with several different entities. Superintendent Dave Smith said the organization already has had discussions of holding educational programs inside the former federal courtroom. Shawnee County has appraised the building at $7.2 million, which includes the nearby parking lot valued at $304,100.
Its significance dates back to 1879, when the corner was selected to house Topeka's official post office building. In its time, the courtroom boasted an appearance from Robert Stroud, the “Birdman of Alcatraz” and a former inmate of the Leavenworth penitentiary, where he killed a cafeteria guard, and the landmark Brown v.
The argument made in that Topeka chamber regarding the psychological effect of segregation was the “hook” the U.S.
The courthouse on April 16, 1937, became the scene of a gun battle between law enforcement and bank bandits that ended the life of 27-year-old FBI agent Wimberly Baker. But what is the real worth of the main post office in today's market and factoring the current shape the building is in?
I will admit that it is a beautiful building, but that is not sufficient enough to force the Post Office to continue to use it and own it. Ozland, who in their right mind, in the public sector, would spend 7.2 million dollars just to acquire it and then renovate as you propose?
I’m happy to share with you the stamps that came on the outside, and a special one Liz attached to the inside of the card.

Postal Service will drastically cut back on the amount of mail it delivers on Saturdays starting later this year.
Postal Service will stop delivering mail on Saturdays but continue to deliver packages six days a week under a plan aimed at saving about $2 billion, the financially struggling agency says. Rakhi has over nine years of experience in international sourcing and managing sourcing teams. She is outgoing, approachable and committed to making learning an integral part of every employee’s day. She enjoys reading and believes in sharing her books with strangers she meets at the station or coffee shop.
He began his recruiting career with iPlace in 2010 and now serves as a Head of Training, Recruiting. Something about him that most people would find surprising is that he is an excellent singer as well as a good dancer. Postal Service in a letter released Monday wrote to city officials it will sell its downtown Topeka office and parking lot at 424 and 401 S. The property is exempt, but according to its mill levy, it would owe nearly $300,000 in taxes if it came back on the tax rolls.
Kuhl, a USPS real estate specialist, outlines an appeal process for those who disapprove of the decision. The convicted murders in the case, Glen Applegate and Robert Suhay, were executed by hanging on Aug. Kansas Ave is appraised at around 9 million and has a annual property tax bill of $ 371,876.26. Stay up-to-date about the most mysterious places on Earth, our interactive books and other special information about archeoastronomy and interviews with renowned scholars on fascinating subjects. She has received numerous appreciation emails from clients and iPlace’s senior management team and was also nominated four times for the iPlace Mission Award. Brian’s primary focus is in the IT, Non-IT and Scientific domains and is responsible for ensuring that recruiters completely understand the technical nuances required to properly evaluate technical skills.
Some of the end clients he has worked with were Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, Raytheon, Cisco, State Clients, Nike, Pfizer, Bank of America, Beckman Colter, BCBS and Ally Financial. Its current goals include preserving the building, the USPS retail operations and the former federal courtroom, said president Ross Freeman. Just four days earlier, the country ratified the 21st Amendment ending Prohibition — rendering moot the three second-floor offices of 424 S.
This broad experience enables her to go deep into the subject matter, extracting the most critical information to develop new hires as quickly as possible. The tool can look at contractors in areas such as supplies, services, equipment and transportation.
All the while, since 1879, the location has been the home of Topeka’s main United State’s Post Office.

Board of Education was tried in the summer of 1951 in the third-floor courtroom of the building. No format is required, the letter says, but the appeal must identify the post office by name or location and state a reason for objection.
Vice President Charles Curtis in about 1930 led the charge to build a post office, courthouse and administrative offices at the location. Postal Service to reach a mutual satisfying arrangement between the city and the postal service regarding plans to vacate and sell the historic building at 424 S. 29 — 82 years to the day one newspaper archive indicated construction began on the historic building.
Drug Enforcement Administration indicated he wasn’t at liberty to say if the office was relocating, though a USPS official earlier stated both tenants would be out by May 5. Curtis, the historical society noted, is the grandson of one of Topeka’s first three permanent settlers. Caldwell and its head architect was Louis Simon, who designed the building to resemble the National Treasury building in Washington, D.C. Donahoe, postmaster general and CEO, says Postal Service market research and other research has indicated that nearly 7 in 10 Americans support the switch to five-day delivery as a way for the Postal Service to reduce costs. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG).Related StoriesTexas uses data visualization to combat Medicaid fraud.
Read the story A»IRS implements analytics for compliance, fraud detection and workforce management. 14 at an open forum answers one of many questions during an hour and a half span about the mail service's proposed intentions to vacate and sell its current historic downtown location to lease a smaller space nearby.
When officials from other government agencies looking to start an analytics group see the teama€™s work, the first question they usually ask is what it cost, he said.
The project went into production two years ago.a€?Our investigators were hungry for some sort of a tool or help in guiding them to investigate that area,a€? he says. Rather than assuming the data analytics group knows how to solve the problem, or even that the business group needs to use any of what the analytics group is offering, let the business experts guide you, he said. To help develop a program to detect workmena€™s comp fraud, CAPE brought in a registered nurse from the OIGa€™s fraud division.
She was able to spot trends in the data because she was familiar with workmena€™s comp fraud schemes.Today, the analytics team has been so successful that investigators are asking CAPE for help and the OIG is investing more money in the project, said Jones.
Specifically, additional resources were reallocated to CAPE from other areas of the agency over the last four years, leading to an expansion of the original staff of seven people to 23 today.And instead of managers asking about cost, the conversation now focuses on returns on investment. For example, the teama€™s models have returned four times the dollars that they cost to build, said Jones.

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