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Home > Opinions > Politics > Should it be illegal to use cell-phone without a hands-free device while driving? Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitI think it should be illegal in general I think the idea of talking on a cell phone should be COMPLETELY illegal regardless if one is using a hands-free device or not. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitIt should be illegal to use cell-phone without a hands-free device while driving.
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitIt should be illegal to use cell phones while driving without a hands free device. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitDriving Distracted Is Bad I believe it should be illegal to use a cell phone without a hands-free device while driving.
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNo it should not be illegal Most people drive with one hand anyway, so why can't they be talking on the phone. US President Barack Obama, surrounded by US Secret Service agents, walks to greet guests after arriving on Air Force One at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York on May 22, 2014. WASHINGTON (AP) — A new policy allows the Secret Service to use intrusive cellphone-tracking technology without a warrant if there’s believed to be a nonspecific threat to the president or another protected person.
Civil libertarians and privacy advocates have long expressed concern about the suitcase-size devices, known as Stingrays, which mimic cell-towers to scoop up electronic data that can be used to locate nearby phones and identify their owners. The policy the department unveiled this week is similar to the one announced in September by the Justice Department, which includes the FBI.
Stodder cited the example of kidnappings, such as a recent case where Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers used a Stingray to help locate and rescue a 6-year-old girl being held hostage by human smugglers in Arizona. Asked whether that essentially granted a blanket exception for the Secret Service, Stodder said that the exemption would not be used in routine criminal probes, such as a counterfeiting investigation. Cell-site stimulators have been used for years by both state and federal law enforcement agencies, who tout them as a vital tool to catch fugitives and locate suspects. Stodder could not immediately say how many times department law-enforcement officers had used Stingrays without warrants in recent years. My favorite here in NYC is folks who start down the stairs to the subway station in front of me and then abruptly stop to check their messages.
Lisa, I think social media has made many people believe that everyone is just dying to know everything (every.
Driving is something that requires a persons full attention and while that generally includes conversations as well, it would be far safer to use a hands-free device then attempting to hold the phone and steering wheel at the same time. Even if someone is using a hands-free device to talk while driving, their mind is still not 100% on the road and can still cause a severe accident.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Obama is traveling to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York, before attending Democratic fundraisers in Chicago.
Stodder described to a House subcommittee Wednesday the department’s policy on the use of cell-site simulators.
But privacy groups and some lawmakers have raised alarms about the secrecy surrounding its use and the collection of cellphone information of innocent bystanders who happen to be in a particular neighborhood or location. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., said Wednesday the newly announced guidelines are a good first step, but added that the policy still lacks transparency and provides overly broad permission for Stingrays to be used without warrants. Grab my FREE "Ninja Closet Cleaning Course (what to toss, what to keep)," and find out how to love your clothes again. And this group was non-discriminatory, including doctors, lawyers, SAHM, children, young, old, rich, poor, and the homeless. It makes me crazy), I can’t understand why cell phone users often behave like bad drivers. Lunch with Mom, attending a wedding (ditto a funeral), a romantic date, church, your kids’ piano recital. And in the middle of your 5-year-old daughter’s ballet recital, you look like a self-important douche. As fascinating as your recent colonoscopy undoubtedly was, we all don’t need to hear every detail for the entire duration of our meal.
Since you have your phone permanently attached to your body at all times, or God forbid, you insist on wearing one of those ridiculous ear pieces all day long, you don’t need the ringer on High. I hear people all the time freely offering up details of their private lives, and the lives of others, on their cell phones. Nothing kills a Zen retreat or a quiet day of reading by the lake like the persistent ringing of some idiot’s cell phone.
We’ve lost our common sense sometimes and feel like that phone is all too important (I’ve been sucked in too)! I’m not the most assertive person in the world but I will usually make a comment about that as I go by them.
Social failures who have the lack of career ambition it takes to wear a Bluetooth in your ear even while in the shower…Unite! My young daughter-in-law had to speak to me about my obsession with my cell phone while visiting them recently.

If they are distracted by a phone conversation they might accidentally let go of the wheel to make hand motions as well, like most people do when they are normally on the phone. The new federal policies also don’t apply to state and local law enforcement agencies that have purchased Stingrays, sometimes through the use of federal grants. Obviously, many of us think we’re the only one on the road, so we can do whatever we damn well please and you can just get out of the way. To avoid this unfortunate distinction, here are some guidelines that you might consider periodically reviewing so we all continue to love each other and behave nicely. And that real estate deal you’re trying to close before that jerk at your office beats you out of the commission is really not anything we give a crap about, so get off the treadmill and out of the gym.
We either post it on FB or shout it into our phones, but we KNOW everybody wants to hear it, right? If I’m in car with someone and they ever dare to glance at their phone, they’d better watch out because I give them a bucket load of lecturing and other kind words too! I agree with all of your points, and I’m shocked at some of the private things people share in public.
Our kids will find something new, and unforeseeable at this time, that their kids are doing that is just not acceptable. Movies and TV shows regularly script a couple making steamy whoopee, when his cell phone rings.
Keep it to yourself, people…we do NOT want to hear about your private parts, drunken escapades, back-stabbing friends, etc.
I DO NOT, however, talk on phone or text, and keep the phone out of my reach at all times while at the wheel. Truly, we don’t care about your vacation plans, your horrible boss, or that hot new chick you banged last night at your class reunion.
Holidays, weekends getaways, and moments of solitude and quiet contemplation are for losers. At least we get some entertainment value out of watching you smack face first into a light post you didn’t see because you had your head down, reading your phone.

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