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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Vanity phone numbers facilitate better responses to marketing and advertising efforts of organizations. A survey was conducted to study the implications that vanity numbers have on consumers and businesses.
The survey also analyzed the effects of audio ad campaigns with numeric and vanity numbers on consumers. One of the first questions a business encounters while upgrading their telephone system is how to get a vanity phone number. If you use the UniTel Voice tool a€“ you can simply type in a word related to your business and the tool will generate available vanity phone number suggestions. Find vanity phone number ideas for your business by brainstorming for unique creative options. I cringe when agents tell me about spending thousands of dollars on advertising that doesn’t generate leads. Of course you should ask new leads how they found you, but tracking and measuring to determine true ROI with that method is easier said than done. A call tracking number is a phone number, different from your standard agency number, that you use to advertise. The call tracking system keeps track of the number of calls, where they came from, when they came and how long they lasted.
If you to assign different numbers to different methods of advertising it’s easy to see exactly how many phone calls each advertising method generated.
There are many services that offer call tracking numbers for prices that make it almost crazy not to use, considering how much the advertising itself costs. But I’m all about online marketing… Why would I tell you not to use this technique online? You never ever use a tracking number online because Google robots constantly search the web looking for business contact information. If a tracking number is associated with your agency even on just one website, it could be picked up by others and the wrong information could spread to thousands of other sites. Assign a different number to each of those ad methods and you’ll have a clear idea at the end of the year exactly how many calls you got.
Even if you don’t expect the calls to cover the cost of the advertising, wouldn’t it be nice to compare your different advertising methods against each other based on the number of calls you get from each?
Calculate a dollars per call value for each mode of advertising to determine what generates the most interaction and invest more in the higher value methods and stop throwing away money for the others. Direct mail is a perfect opportunity to use call tracking numbers because (more-so than print advertising), it’s entire purpose is to elicit a response. You don’t have to be a big-time insurance marketing company to use tracking numbers to determine the response rates of your direct mail pieces.
It can be hard to market to another area when you have an out-of-state or a non-local phone number. While I am a proponent of selling within your local community, the ability to sell insurance to a wider area can be a very valuable tool for the growth and survival of your agency. Most call tracking services give you the ability to forward your calls to different numbers based on things like time of day or location of the caller. If you own multiple agency locations, some tracking services even include the ability to automatically determine which agency location the call should route to based on the caller’s nearest location.
There are a number of different services that provide call tracking numbers but I have used a company called Kall8 for the past 5 years and it has worked very well for me.

When I started in online marketing, I owned several different businesses that all needed separate phone numbers. If you’re spending $1,000 a month on a billboard, doesn’t it make sense to pay an extra 5 bucks to see how many calls it gets you? If you have other ideas about using Call Tracking Numbers, I’d love to hear them in the comments below or on our Facebook page.
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Simply click the a€?See Pricing & Signupa€? button to use the UniTel Voice Vanity Search Tool to find number ideas.
Surveys reveal that vanity toll-free numbers have better recollection rates than conventional toll-free numbers.
Of the respondents, 45 percent agreed to using telephone as the primary purchasing channel.
When the participants were made to listen to a voice-over that featured a toll-free vanity number, a staggering seventy two percent of them recalled it correctly, while a mere five percent managed to recall the numeric number.
There are many factors to be considered while approaching the question how to get a vanity phone number. Also ita€™s important to note, while doing a vanity phone number lookup, choosing a good service provider is just as important.
A number that reads 888-HOME-MOVERS is much easier to recollect than a hybrid number that reads 888-242-MOVERS.
When people call it they’ll be redirected to your phone number without even knowing what happened. The more often they find  your agency name, address, and phone number exactly the same across the internet, the more comfortable they are with showing that information to people looking for an agent and your agency will rank better.
If you spent $6,000 to put your face on a bunch of shopping carts, is ONE PHONE CALL TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? I’ve heard all sorts of numbers, but they usually say direct mail should bring a 1-3% response rate.
Just take 10 minutes to set up the number and a month after your piece goes out, log into your call tracking account and see how many calls were generated.
Use tracking numbers to get area codes and prefixes that match other parts of your state or the country or just go with an 800 number. Currently, they charge $2 a month for an 888 number and $5 a month for an 800 or a local number. Below you’ll find our recommendations along with a detailed comparison of the best places to buy vanity phone numbers.Find your dream vanity number? Visual advertisements with vanity toll-free numbers showed the recall rates amongst customers improve by 84 percent. In another survey, 65 percent of the respondents could correctly recollect vanity numbers that they had observed in visual ads, while their numbers were nearly halved when it came to conventional numeric toll-free numbers. Moreover, vanity numbers require minimal advertising as even a single exposure can make a significant improvement in the consumer's recall rates. Toll-free-numbers do not affect their destination local number in any way and the same goes with the service provider. The vanity phone number search on service providers should not be conducted based on cost alone, and should be decided after doing a thorough research on the credibility of the provider.
A common misconception is that 800 numbers are better than 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888 numbers. For years, John has consulted insurance agencies with internet marketing and sales strategy and he is dedicated to making insurance marketing easy and effective for all insurance agents.
The same was true with audio broadcasting advertisements where radio voice-overs showed a nine-fold improvement in consumer recall rates when compared to traditional numbers.

A meager 31 percent of them managed to recall the numeric numbers correctly, reinstating the effectiveness of vanity numbers. Once a business has checked for the vanity phone number availability, it can have as many toll-free numbers as it wants, all re-routed to just one local number. No doubt, 800 is more widely recognized than the other prefixes, but it has been in the picture for more than fifteen years now. The impact of accommodating vanity numbers with an organization can be observed in the form of increased leads and ROI. Businesses can avail toll-free number services from any service provider and it is not restricted to just that of the telephone's local line. A vanity number that seems glitzy but does not associate itself with the offered service in any way will confuse the customer and evade the whole point of vanity numbers. Businesses that have vanity numbers with prefixes other than 800 numbers are perceived to be just as credible. You just need to pay the monthly fee plus 3.9 cents per minute spent on the phone when somebody dials your number. This explains why leading businesses and small businesses that want to improve their brand visibility are incorporating vanity numbers in their telephone systems and broadcasting them across different media. Connecting the business and vanity number is far more important than choosing between prefixes.
You can have them immediately forwarded to another number, routed through an auto attendant (i.e.
Find the perfect Toll Free Number » 800 Numbers Although we have 877, 888, 866 and 855 toll free numbers, we also have a limited supply of true 800 numbers. Using their keyword search tool, you can scan area codes nationwide, or in a particular city.
Get a premium 800 Number » Vanity Numbers Ever wonder how companies like 1-800-flowers get their vanity numbers?
Get a Vanity Number » 844 Numbers The 844 prefix is the newest 800 number prefix on the market.
Get your new 844 number » Previous Next Jump: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business Based on 10 years of our own experience growing Grasshopper, we bring you a comprehensive guide to getting your own business off the ground! They’re available for you to “rent,” however, in particular area codes.For example, let’s say your local area code is 217. You could “rent” the number 1-800-LAW-FIRM for the 217 area so that every time somebody dials 1-800-LAW-FIRM from a 217 number, the call would connect to your business.
Whether you're starting your business or growing it, Grasshopper Academy can help you thrive.
Support • No Long Term Contracts • Upgrade Anytime Send & receive texts from your business number. While I have been running a successful Apple service shop for eight years, not until recently did I decide to separate my personal and professional operations. Naturally, I want to just have one phone (an iPhone), so I began looking at cloud services. While its clear that your promoting your blog, you adding valuable information to the conversation.

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