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I decided to spend a night at St Mary Campground in East Glacier to see how well the trailer worked without hookups in the sun. At the entrance station the ranger told me that they expected to open the Going to the Sun road on Wednesday, so rather than one night I decided to go for three so I could drive the road again.
Since I drove by the Two Sisters Cafe, I stopped to get a another photo that included the entire cafe. I had been wondering what the voice mail on my phone was - I didn't access it in Canada, and here at the campground I have a good Verizon signal, but no AT&T, which has been typical in many of the areas I've visited. If you have a choice and want coverage in the more remote areas of the US, particularly the West, I suggest using Verizon over AT&T. The first photo on the page is the view of the Rockies from about a mile before the border crossing. The interesting thing about that is that when I contacted them from Canada, the told me they contacted me by email because they didn't have a phone number for me.

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