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A few days ago, RingPlus announced their latest Legends 5 promotion-- the Althea Gibson and the Giuseppe Farina free plans.
TextNow today announced the welcomed addition of a new premium smartphone onto their roster of devices. Shortly after Verizon started allowing LTE phones on its MVNOs in 2014, users discovered that new, never activated Verizon Prepaid LTE phones could be activated on Verizon MVNOs.
Ting Mobile's parent company, Tucows Inc., reported that the network has seen an increase in their sales last year. Sprint's Boost Mobile has expanded its limited BYOSP (Bring Your Own Sprint Phone) list again. This week's Legends 5 promotion offered by RingPlus is a choice between two very different plans.
For a couple of years in a row, T-Mobile has been able to add at least 8 million new customers to its fold. As T-Mobile continues to get criticism for its Binge On service, more and more issues have stemmed from it-- net neutrality concerns, video throttling accusation by YouTube, and the more recent EFF report that proves YouTube's claim. Now in time for Valentine's Day, they are offering a new promotion that will coincide with the two other free plans.
Starting today, interested individuals may now get the flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in black, white, or gold color options. Compared to 2014, the number of accounts on Ting Mobile's network increased by 36 percent and the number of devices also increased by 37 percent.
The big news is that for the first time six Virgin Mobile phones are allowed on Boost Mobile.
Compared to the past weeks that had very little differences between them, you can actually choose between these two free plans and be able to use them from Tuesday, February 9 at 12 Noon Pacific until Saturday, February 13 at 12 Noon Pacific.Althea Gibson Daily Free PlanThe same as the past free plans, the Althea Gibson Daily Free Plan costs nothing and gives you up to 2010 minutes, 2010 texts, and 2010 MB of 4G LTE data in total per 30 days based on your Free daily allotments of 67 minutes, 67 texts and 67 MB (tethering is included).
You can view the previous terms on the Internet Archive if you want to compare for yourself. This new plan includes unlimited talk, text and data with 10GB at 4G LTE speeds for only $49.88 a month. As indicated in an official press release detailing the wireless carrier’s highlights for 2015, T-Mobile managed to add 8.3 million total net customers in the last twelve months. Despite these, T-Mobile still says it is not throttling content but rather "optimizing" them.Binge On is good and all, especially for those who want to use their device to stream videos from the 24 services included in the program.
The device proves to be a true powerhouse as it comes with a stunning QHD Super AMOLED display, a 16MP camera and an innovative curve display. The phones were cheap because Verizon subsidizes them to lure customers to it's relatively pricey prepaid service. And as a bonus for those who pay their bill on time each month, users can get one free Vudu movie per month under this plan.
In addition to this, the 32GB model is nearly $200 more affordable compared to other carriers.

A PrepaidPhoneNews reader got the list above as a Facebook Message from one of the support representatives on the Boost Mobile Facebook page. The free movie rental code is offered as a $7 Vudu credit and may be used within 30 days, otherwise it will expire. This is equivalent to gaining 23,000 new subscribers on a daily basis, every day for the last couple of years.
The good thing about this plan is that current RingPlus members may change to this plan at any time.This plan requires a $10 Top Up for overages. At the time I thought it was probably just a fluke related to that batch of Best Buy Moto Es.Then last week a HowardForums user reported that two Verizon Prepaid LG G Vistas failed to activate on TracFone. This is with thanks to their "strong cash flows from operations" and how their business model operates leverage. I confirmed the list independently with a Boost Facebook rep.Other than the inclusion on a few Virgin Mobile phones, the only other change is that the Sprint Galaxy S5 is now allowed on Boost. If you don't you will see the warning above advising you that if you turn Auto-top up off you will be charged $5 which will be added to you balance. And when it launched in November, T-Mo automatically enabled Binge On for all their customers. King of Hearts Free PlanAnother plan offered for Valentine's Day is the King of Hearts free plan which comes with 1,350 minutes, 1,350 texts, and 1,350 MB of 4G LTE data plus additional $5 per month for tethering. But most importantly, Noss shares that this realization has to do with the growth and the success obtained by Ting Mobile in the last few years. When Auto-top up is turned off your service with stop when remaining data is 100 MB or less. Again, these things could have been easily avoided IF ONLY T-Mo decided to make Binge On an opt-in service rather than opt-out. This was also the first time that Network Access was able to provide more gross margin in Q4 compared to Domain Services.
It's similar to T-Mobile's Data Maximizer or Binge On service that helps each user save as much as they can.
RingPlus refers to an account as your login email with all your active lines and phone numbers.
With international calling, device users will be able to get in touch with their family and friends from around the world without worrying about the high international rates. There must be millions of two and three year old Sprint and Virgin Mobile phones sitting in drawers unused after their owners upgraded or switched to another carrier.
The Data Saver feature may be switched off at any time if the users wants to watch a video at a higher quality. Apart from offering industry-low rates, TextNow also offers free unlimited domestic calling in the US and Canada. Some of these unused phones would likely get handed down to friends and relatives if they could be easily activated on Sprint Prepaid, Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile.

The FreedomPop site says balances expire after 30 days but in my experience it's more like 90 days. Other countries were users may make free unlimited landline calls include UK, Mexico, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, and South Korea.
Phone must be activated on VZW Prepaid service and first month paid before it can be activated as postpaid. Earlier, PTel announced that they will be shutting down its business after providing service to customers in the last 15 years. With these two announcements, all plans under TextNow Wireless now include unlimited talk, text and 2G data. The easiest way to lose a sale is by telling a customer they can't do what they want to do. I don't know how that link is available after the balance expires but it seems to be at least 30 days. HoFo'ers discovered that if you ask BestBuy to activate one the failing phones on Verizon Prepaid using the Verizon SIM that comes in the phone, but not add any money to the account, the phone can then be activated on an MVNO with an MVNO SIM. But in the later part of 2014, the company added support for a GSM network which led them to utilize T-Mobile's network and be an MVNO.
With arbitrary restrictions on which Sprint network phones can be used on which Sprint brands, Sprint is turning away customers and leaving much needed money on the table. Considering TextNow makes use of a unique cloud based technology, users are free to use one number across different devices.
Do they seriously believe that someone who gets shut down trying to activate second hand Nexus 6 or Verizon iPhone 6 on Boost will go with Sprint postpaid? Considering GSM is a global standard, it is much easier to find phones compared with CDMA or devices under Sprint's network. It's missing the Virgin Mobile phones and a few of the older Sprint phones on the list I got from the Facebook rep but it includes the LG G3 which isn't on the Facebook list.
But by offering GSM handsets, Ting is able to provide service to those who are coming into the country for a year or so but still be able to use their device back home. On the GSM side, this means a higher churn level for Ting but that's the best way they understand what is going on.
As always with BYOSP nothing is certain until you actually get phone activated on the service of your choice.

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