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A Welcome Text Message that lets you know how much data voice and text cost, as well as dialing instructions for the country you’re in. Global Data Roaming Alerts that notify you when you’ve passed certain data usage limits. For Pay As You Go or older pricing, you’ll get alerts when charges exceed $50, $150, $250, $500 and every $1000 after that. The alert will also include your estimated usage and a toll-free number to our Global Customer Service if you’d like to review options for global data usage.
Pop-up Warnings will be given if you’re using a data-only device that signs in with VZAccess Manager.
As a last resort, if you know you don’t want to incur any global data charges, you can turn data off completely. So now instead of having a phone that half works, I now have one that will not turn on at all and must wait 5 days to get another one. I’ll start by saying that I have been a loyal and on time paying customer of Verizon Wireless for 14 years. After asking the representative to appeal to her manager she said I could upgrade at a corporate store, MAYBE, depending on the phones we wanted. I have to say that I have had a very nice experience with Verizon Wireless customer service over the telephone.
Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that a system that relies solely on the good graces of its employees, without proper structure, ultimately fails. There is no way in the world the way that Verizon is currently running their customer service that they can give good service. Also, btw notice on the Verizon Wireless site they let you rate their technical but nowhere, that I can find, their customer service.
Their customer support were not knowledgeable enough to fix your problem and when they couldn’t fix your problem, suggested to transfer you to technical support that would charge you to fix your problem (UNHEARD OF). We do not have enough trucks or technicians to cover the back log of service calls they have. Lowell McAdam (CEO), Andrew Davies (CFO), David Small (COO) You have A LOT to learn about running a business if you think this is remotely acceptable. DisclaimerViews expressed on this Blog are those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the views of BBB or the Council of Better Business Bureaus.
Our Verizon FiOS customer service nightmare: Why won't they protect my private customer information?
Our Verizon FiOS customer service nightmare: Why won’t they protect my private customer information?
Seeing as we’ve been experiencing a ton of customer service issues with our Verizon FiOS service for the past 8 months, we figured it was time to put out a warning to you guys. In June, a few weeks after getting our FiOS service set up, I decided I wanted to log in to my Verizon FiOS control panel.
I called in to Verizon to let them know, because I wanted to make sure we maintained the highest speeds that we were paying for and weren’t being bumped down due to incorrect information in their system. I switched back out to the main control panel and went into the billing details, and realized those were not mine either.
After two months (yeah, you read that right) of unresponsiveness, I got bold and just contacted the person whose information I had.
The next day, I had a message from Verizon saying the issue should be solved and completely fixed. So it’s been 8 months since we have had FiOS installed, and for that entire 8 months, my personal information has been freely available to another FiOS customer who I do not know. Well I will have to tell my family they are with verizon, not me though, I have a prepaid I dont get many calls.
Sorry about the duplicate on my screen it hadnt posted that I had posted anything, I dont suppose someone could remove just one of those posts? Check out the Gear Live Tools that let you integrate Gear Live into your site and add Google features. Verizon Wireless customer support phone number, steps for reaching a person, ratings, comments and Verizon Wireless customer service news.
Verizon Wireless Customer Service Phone Number And Address to look the account over and speak with his manager.
We are dedicated to being the Consumer Advocate and helping you share your voice with the world!
It made me laugh, and I thought about one of my friend's horror stories about dealing with Verizon. If you change your plan or services in the middle of your monthly bill cycle, an adjusted amount that includes partial month charges or credits may appear on your bill.
If you have the Share Everything® Plan, the monthly access charges on your account will vary based on the type of device assigned each line. Usage Charges are charges for voice minutes, text messages or data usage that exceed your monthly allowances as stated in your plan. The taxes section of your bill includes sales, excise and other taxes, governmental surcharges and fees that we are required by law to bill customers. Our Global Data Feature provide an allowance of data to accommodate your data usage in many popular destinations outside the USand a low overage when your usage exceeds expectations.most countries.

When using Wi-Fi, data usage won’t count toward your allowance or be billed at the Pay As You Go rate.
At this point, you’ll be informed of your charges, and then you can choose to continue using data or turn it off.
Power, Verizon Wireless performs very well in telephone contacts that originate in the automatic response system (ARS) channel and are then transferred to a live customer service representative (CSR), as well as with the telephone calls that go straight to a CSR. I am originally from New Jersey, but am currently a student studying journalism in Washington, DC. Verizon is obviously paying to have a good rating with the BBB and paying JD Powers as well.
Verizon chooses to have the worst customer service it seems since they stripped workers benefits. This experience was worse than going into a car dealership and we all know how difficult and painful that can be. I pay nearly $300.00 hard earned dollars for a service that should be repaired in 24 hours or less. After all, we typically hear that the FiOS Internet service is remarkably amazing, and people have been dumping cable in droves when FiOS becomes available in their area.
It works fantastically, it has never gone down in the 8 months we’ve been using it, and it’s, well, fast. To put it bluntly, Verizon has shown that they don’t care - at all - about protecting their users private, confidential information.
The person on the other end confirmed our speeds and said there was nothing to look in to, and that it would likely just fix itself on it’s own. After about 20 minutes on hold waiting to speak with someone, I finally got someone on the line and explained the situation to them. I asked if he would mind logging in to the FiOS system as the user who is showing up in my control panel. He put me on hold while he talked to that other department - the one that wouldn’t talk to me since I am a customer. Well, apparently, the guy who came out to do our FiOS installation back in May of 2007 was, at best, having an off day - or at worst, is completely and utterly undertrained and had no idea how to set up a freaking account. It is fairly alarming that a major corporation like Verizon would be so lax with the private information of their customers, especially when it has been brought up to their customer service department multiple times. I say once this info gets around either people will be switching and verizon will lose out or verizon will have to be making some changes!!
I never recieved a call the next day Fellow managers around my company have been following (and often TRYING to contact me) during my ongoing Droid Charge fiasco (constant re-booting, Fast forward ten days later, and multiple phone conversations with Verizon Wireless Customer Service, my order is still being processed. Many plans include a set allowance of minutes and data that you can use any time during the month as part of these charges.
Here’s how to get the most out of your device when you’re abroad, while keeping your data charges under control. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study, Verizon Wireless ranks highest in customer care satisfaction for the fourth reporting period in a row! These aspects are just part of what helped drive Verizon Wireless to the top of 2013’s charts.
I love uncovering new and exciting places and events in DC, taking advantage of all the city has to offer. They will do anything to leave out information to make more money, they don’t not give one lick about you and your family. Their customer service representatives are horribly rude insincere, argumentative and uneducated to what the term customer means.
This is what happens when workers get screwed I guess by a multi-billion dollar company… I hope Verizon sinks, I will NEVER go back! My plan was up for renewal and I wanted an early (7 days) upgrade and was told by local Verizon Corporate Store I did not qualify and NOTHING could be done. Through trial and error, it was us who was able to figure out what was the problem and able to fix it and NOT THEM!
I noticed a webmail link, and figured I’d click it to see if Verizon was sending account notices to that address. I am talking about their name, their home address, their email address, the last 4 digits of their credit card, and the last four digits of the social security number. They didn’t believe me for some reason (as if I would just call in and make this up?), so I had them log into my account to take a look. They read the notes, confirmed their understanding of everything, and said he would forward the details to the appropriate department. I explained the situation the to guy who answered, and you could tell he knew this had to be fixed right away.
No one could do anything, no one could connect me to the department that handles it (because they don’t take calls), and no one could even tell me if I could get credits on our FiOS account while they got this all sorted out. I imagined he had not, because whenever I went into his Verizon inbox, his emails were all pretty much unread.
He went back and forth between both calls, asking me for more information about what I saw on my screen. Instead, everything looked the same, except now instead of the Control Panel showing my username, it showed the other guys username.

I started in tech support, was transferred to billing, then transferred to east coast sales, then to west coast sales, then back to the same tech support line I originally started with. He mixed up our two accounts, and Verizon has no idea how to fix it, so instead, they just ignore it, hoping I will go away without them actually helping me. Gear Live graphics, logos, designs, page headers, button icons, videos, articles, blogs, forums, scripts and other service names are the trademarks of Gear Live Inc. I have had internet service with them for awhile but recently switched our cell service from att to verizon Oh joy.. I have not received a I have been, perhaps, the easiest customer you could imagine and have cost Verizon nothing. Additionally, consider how your data usage might increase while traveling by using online maps or sending pictures. This study, carried out from July through December 2012, is based on the responses of 7,332 wireless customers. Notice there is no way to contact corporate because they are obviously aware of the problem and don’t want to hear it. I need an early upgrade as I was leaving on a three month trip and need to get this done before I left.
We went from at most during busy seasons vendors handling 20% of calls to now on average yearly taking 50+%. What was odd though was that when I logged in, it welcomed me by name and displayed my username, but all the rest of the account information was incorrect. Of course, they were alarmed, took down a bunch of information, and said they would make sure the appropriate department got the notes to fix it.
I asked if I could speak with that department, but - lo and behold - they don’t speak with customers. So it just became more like his profile, and less like mine, and I still had full access to all of this data. This guy spent time looking at every single thing, also logging in as me and looking into all of the details that were different.
Verizon, the company that should be protecting this data, seems to opt to ignore it instead.
Exactly what i want to do, spend even MORE money with a company that'customer service is obviously a complete joke.
I have had the same phone for the whole time I have been with I am a new customer to verizon as a cell phone customer. Well I spend the day without a phone and an hour on the phone(25 mins on hold) with 5 different people trying to get new phone that day.
After contacting Verizon Customer Service I was told that I could upgrade early if I used an non corporate vendor but not if I used a Verizon Store.
I finally called back in and pleaded with the new rep to talk with the sup, she said she wasn’t allowed to tranfer the call.
And you have the employees who want to do the right thing but it appears do not know how and cover their tracks. There were a few instances where he didn’t see what I was seeing in my browser, which makes things even more odd.
I have had internet service with them for awhile but recently switched our cell service from att to verizon 3 days ago Verizon,.
I hate my job now because even after several complaints and recorded examples I am told they are a required evil and they aren’t going away.
I can live with out tv for 5 days, but my AP Scholar student does several hours of AP homework EVERY night. I told them I wanted this repaired within 24 hours as it was completely unacceptable to me.
Anyway, he took all the information down and said it would be fixed as a top priority right away.
Im a life longer customer that always tried to give them a benefit of doubt, ATT&T SPRINT and anyone else will thrive to take care of you.
I am looking for a new job now because I am exhausted trying to win customers over for a company who does nothing but make me feel like a liar when I defend them.
If this person wanted to, they had a good start at taking my info and using it for nefarious purposes. If you get in bed with Verizon, it will be the worst cheating and abusive relationship you have ever been in, I give them 0 stars and if I can just save a hand full of people from having to go threw half of what I did, I would feel better. Verizon needs to be sued and put out of business for good, Anything from over paying, to lying advertisement, to deals changing on there side, even though you signed a contract agree to certain terms they can change whenever the place, but you can not leave. I swear to my GOD if you step foot in a Verizon, it will be the worst experience of your life. I fed up and going to see threw that everyone knows my story and stays clear of this horrible company.

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