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The last few times I was in my local AT&T Store have been positive experiences, but yeah it still surprises me.
Dhoeman: The list of advantages I listed in the article includes a reference to built-in GPS for (911) location service. I think that 911 wants to make sure that you aren’t pranking them and to keep you engaged in dialog.
The last time I called 911 on my land line when my fire alarms were going off, the dispatcher not only asked me for my address but also transferred me to another person! I’m guessing that probably you got sent to the wrong bank and they were verifying the address to make sure who was supposed to receive your call. From what I understand from a friend who I think knows the system - 911 dispatchers can have certain response areas attached to them, and if you aren’t in theirs for whatever reason, they have to transfer your info to another dispatcher to get the correct service. Most times they do that themselves without you knowing, but having you talk to the other person is virtually the same result. One thing to watch out for, adjust the volume (##1 press 1 to 4 then press * key) mine is set to 1.
The HTC Thunderbolt, the first 4G LTE smartphone for Verizon Wireless, has the fastest Web speeds we've ever seen, but be prepared to carry an extra battery. The first 4G LTE cell phone for Verizon Wireless, the HTC Thunderbolt, lands with a bang, scorching the landscape and sending mere 3G phones fleeing for cover.
LTE Internet Access and Speeds Let's get to the most important thing first: this smartphone has the fastest Internet access, ever. Verizon's LTE network currently runs in about 40 metro areas, give or take a few, and it's constantly expanding. I ran Ookla's industry-standard speed test on the phone itself, on a PC connected via USB cable, and on a PC connected via Wi-Fi hotspot. These numbers translate into super-fast file downloads; I grabbed a 99MB episode of The Colbert Report from Bitbop in four minutes. To test Web page loads, I compared the Thunderbolt against an HTC EVO 4G ($199, 4 stars) for Sprint. The Internet access here is so fast that it becomes critically important that Verizon offers an unlimited data plan.
Phone Performance and Battery Life Hey, remember all those AT&T ads where they complained you can't talk and surf at the same time on Verizon? HTC's Windows Phone 8X is easy to love with its bright, popping colors, sleek, curved angles, and snappy new operating system. Alarm monitoring is currently the only reason I hang onto a land line (provided by Cox) in addition to our iPhones.

I called a few times when my neighbor needed help and gave them that address first and then my info. My connection was noisey with poor quality sound until I lowered the Home Phone Connect volume. Visit our Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group and have the tech support brilliance of the entire Mac Geek Gab community at your fingertips! This is the fastest Internet phone ever, and it wins our Editors' Choice for the top touch-screen smartphone on Verizon Wireless. CenturyLink in Denver was formerly Qwest, the regional Baby Bell, and before that US West. Get home, hook your cell phone up to the charger in a stationary spot, and use the handsets to make call. Finding out why they asked and why I was transferred was not my concern at the moment but it definitely made me wonder about 911 service.
I have 8 standard phones plugged into jacks throughout my house and they all work off the single homephone connect device.
Occasionally, there is some cell-phone-like distortion or drop out, but by and large, the unit works fine. We are assuming the local cell tower was having issues but it made us wonder how often this will happen if we go this route.
The instructions were a little vague and concerning in regards to it warning you that the antenna is a powerful magnet and to put it on metal if in an office as to not ruin other electronics such as a hard drive or monitor.
It's one of The Best Android Phones, The 10 Best Touch-Screen Phones and The Best Phones on Verizon Wireless. There's a small 1.3-megapixel camera next to the earpiece, and a larger 8-megapixel shooter on the back, along with a kickstand, so you can prop the phone up on a table or a desk. With unlimited data, I downloaded huge video files without fear or concern, and that felt great. Complex Web pages loaded about 1.5 times as fast on the Thunderbolt as on the EVO, with many pages coming in under 10 seconds.
In last year's 18-city tests, we got average speeds around 1Mbps down on Verizon's 3G, with latency of about 100ms compared to LTE's 85ms.
Switching up does take longer than dropping down; while the phone can drop to 3G in a instant, it takes about two minutes to get back to 4G.
The Thunderbolt allows simultaneous talking and Internet access on both 3G and 4G networks.
Voice quality is strong; the earpiece is loud and there's an unusual amount of side-tone, the reflection of your own voice in your ear that prevents you from yelling.

The super LCD 2 touchscreen display, a 4.3-Inch Gorilla Glass 2, has a 720p HD resolution that produces sharp colors and stunningly detailed images. Unlike Bell Atlantic, which became Verizon and invested heavily in wireless technologies, Qwest just cruised along, bleeding land lines and slowly dying. So even if you live inside construction that blocks some of the signal, you can probably find a spot that works well enough if it just stays in place.
But the Thunderbolt's scorching speed has a price: it burns up the phone's battery, so you'll need to bring a spare. I like that, because it makes you talk more quietly into the phone and should help make Thunderbolt users more socially acceptable in public places. Windows Phone 8 shares kernels with both the desktop and tablet clients, there are also apps for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. That’s typically a better situation than you would get carrying your cell phone around the house.
I continue to give it a strong recommendation—assuming you have a decent cell tower signal.
Windows Phone 8 can sync documents to SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage service making sharing documents very easy. Other sites are invited to link to any aspect of this site provided that all content is presented in its original form and is not placed within another frame.
The one quirk is on an outgoing call it takes several seconds before you here it ring and every now and then we get an immediate busy signal that I assume is cell circuit busy. The Mac Observer is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple, Inc. With great planning and execution, Verizon has developed a system that is beautifully designed to make the traditional land line and home wiring obsolete while still preserving its advantages. At least that was my experience with T-Mobile, back when I had an unlocked, first generation iPhone.
We were on our way out of the store when a manager, who had overheard our enthusiastic technical conversation with Lisa, stepped in and made a proposal. Over the weekend, we tested it locally with friends, and I made long duration calls to my mom and brother back east (at Verizon’s expense).

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