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Set to take effect mid-January, the so-called convenience fee would have added a $2 charge to every Verizon customer who choose to make single payments online or over the phone each month. Precisely what type of efficiency improvements Verizon had in mind for the new fee were not mentioned in the announcement.
Nevertheless, Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead took the opportunity to reassure customers that the company takes “great care” in listening to its customers, as well as to “encourage” Verizon customers to “take advantage of the best and most efficient options.” This strategy, he concluded, would do away with the alleged “need” for a fee. Such a statement by the Mead leads one to wonder why the fee needed to be introduced in the first place if all that was needed was a little encouragement for customers to choose the payment option that’s best for them.
And although the FCC’s initial cause for concern may be gone (for now), it may be wise for the agency to continuing its “looking” considering the widespread complaints that Verizon regularly overcharges its customers. With an extensive Q&A forum, instant 1-1 consulting, a freelancing marketplace, and career opportunities, Experts Exchange powers the growth and success of technology users around the world. Founded in 2006, Pulse 2.0 is a leading technology news website that covers startups, big tech, mobile tech, and gadgets. The listing was able to provide us with our first ever real look at the packaging, with the back of the box listing off the some specs and hardware features we can expect when the phone officially hits store shelves later this year.
America Movil’s US subsidiary TracFone has launched Total Wireless, a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses Verizon network for providing prepaid wireless service. Since Total Wireless doesn’t offer unlimited data like other TracFone’s subsidiaries, throttled after high speed allotments, customers can be left without data if they use up all of their monthly allotment before a monthly cycle ends.
Total Wireless might be interesting due to its $35 plan and a 2.5 GB of data providing high speed data are 4G LTE. I brought my own Verizon Iphone and purchased a LG ultimate 2 for my wife, the network is great, because its Verizon, Customer service sucks, but so does Verizons, Total Wireless website DOES NOT WORK, there is NO way to track Data usage at this time. I contacted Total Wireless again and Technical Support stated that Total Wireless Plans DO NOT accept 4GLTE phones.
I cannot speak to the quality of the phone or data service since I was never able to get a phone connected to the service.
I WAS interested in switching over to them but I called them to ask if I could just purchase a SIM card. I bought the 60 dollar plan so I could have my daughter and my phone added to the same plan as advertised.
I got the Alcatel, because at $150, it was twice as powerful as the Galaxy 3, which was $250. Today I went to walmart and purchased the LG LUCKY phone so I could try out the total wireless service. I used to be with straight talk, but hated their customer service because it was like they did not know what they were doing plus they are not American.

We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. Verizon Wireless has been pushing its network and soon will evade all the issues associated with self and stand tall against iPhone-type loads, according to recent reports. AT&T has fought to come over the complaints in terms of complaints about network quality ever since it initiated exclusively selling the iPhone in the U.
Verizon has called up the media for a press event where it is expected the wireless carrier will pronounce the iPhone. At the expense of making such an assumption, it’s probably safe to say that most people are self-interested enough to do that already. To be sure, Verizon Wireless admitted in 2010 that is had overcharged 15 million customers—a reason to be skeptical of enrolling in AutoPay if I’ve ever heard one. The Total Wireless focuses on providing family-type service plans very similar to Virgin Mobile’s recently added Data Done Right data sharing plans that are Walmart exclusive. However, they can add an extra 1.5 GB of shared data to any plan for $10, data that do not expire on active accounts. The web page said my BYOP was compatible but after purchasing a plan and activation code it was not compatible.
The compatibility checker said i could bring my own phone so i paid for access code and plan. Purchased a phone that was a straight talk phone that ran on Verizon network, website said it was compatible, but then it told me to call customer service to activate. It works excellent for us and tracks mobile and wifi separately and can be set up for shared plans, oh yeah, and is free! They told me that because my phone was thru straight talk that my phone was branded to straighttalk.
When I called the automated number it did not give me the option of adding my number to the plan, after waiting the 3 days they said it would take to add it, I was told to wait another 3 days, after raising cane they said they would give me 3 free days of service and would call me back.
With strait talk the towers are always down when trying to do the byop program so you can’t activate it. I have been with Verizon for the last year paying $70.a month using one of their best phones, the SAMSUNG GALAXY S5. One day after the telecom giant announced the dawn of a new fee for those who wish to retain control over bill payment, Verizon issued a brief statement Friday announcing that it had decided not to institute the new fee.
The latest leak is a bit more unexpected, with the Verizon Wireless version HTC One 2014 allegedly popping up on eBay.
Also, a $25 plan seems to be compatible with smartphones which is usually a feature phone plan.

After purchasing i was told that the website BYOP checker didnt work and i could not have a refund. When I called them , they said that they could not activate it because it was for straight talk. I was told that my phone was compatible with their service and when I could not get service for two days they told me that my Samsung Galaxy 3 was not compatible with their network! Obviously those of us who use these services are doing so because we’re on a budget, so $150 to us is quite a bit.
I asked them why, as it was for a Verizon network, and they never did give me a good reason why. Yes total wireless is cheaper but it’s because all straighttalk customers have to buy new phones to switch to total wireless. I have no idea if it has been added to the plan or if they just got tired of talking to me.
This contribute to the fact that a decision has been laid last summer to proffer new iPhone and other smartphone users only priced with certain scheme of the amount of data they send and receive. They are horrible at helping you and will either blow you off on someone else or hang up on you. Customer service that I received was very good and helped us in setting the phones up correctly. If you need your phone replaced then they take a week to send you a box to ship your phone to them and you have to a week to two weeks for them to send you your replacement and they lie to you sayingtthat they will send you a brand new phone when instead they send you a refurbished one. I know this because I work as a electronic salesmen and I get more complaints about them and alot of returns on their phones. Maybe they haven’t worked out the bugs yet, but it needs to happen soon if they plan to launch a wireless service. As you proceed with the Web site instructions you reach a screen that says there is a problem and you must call them to continue. Now I can’t even sign in or create an account, it says I have to call customer service during regular business hours. Verizon phone was never so loud and clear and the signal strength in the house was always 1 or 2 bars where the cheaper LG phone has 2 to 3 bars and is very loud and clear.

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