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Anyone have info on how to decode an Elise VIN number, or what can be determined by the public from the number? There are other bits to the information that i couldn't be bothered adding, but they're the mostly relevant ones. Not sure, as i've seen 07 exige 's with 3000 + serial numbers, it could be worldwide numbers, or all exige's, all elise's. 05 Lotus Elise - Chrome Orange - No Touring - No LSS - No Hardtop - Lotus Driving Lights - Lotus "Chin Guards" - plain and simple.
So it must include more than one models, unless they did sell more than 3000 2007 Exige S 220s worldwide ?
I guess the serial number increases independently from the 13-digit model identifier ahead of it! Hence Lotus has ideally for every model, every year a count of at least 240*9999 cars to serialize! Obviously that's far too many cars for Lotus to produce, still it's a nice way to allow serial numbers to develop without a problem! So its a bit more complicated than just restarting from 1 at each year, some of the models start at a preset higher number so without the seed number you can't tell the model count, and multiple models are grouped together. It works with 2005-2007 model year cars but gives some errors for those of you with new variants and newer cars. Even if you do not intend to organize or lead a drive, please read that section carefully as well.
When driving in a club event, most of the time the event leader can’t see all the cars in the group, which makes it difficult for the leader to know if the group has been separated or if any members of the group have made a wrong turn. When driving in a group we seem to instinctively focus on following the car in front, thinking we need to keep in visual contact to avoid getting lost. Any place where using a turn signal is required automatically qualifies as as a place where you must have visual contact with the car behind. When the first group arrives at the turn, Fintry Delta Road, cars 1, 2, 3 and 4 can make the turn and continue on, but the last car in the first group, car 5, is responsible for pulling over just prior to the turn onto Fintry Delta Road to make sure car 6 sees where he is turning. When car 6 catches up to car 5, car 5 turns down Fintry Delta Road with the rest of the group in tow. The breadcrumbing method not only prevents people from getting lost, but it is also much safer. It should be noted however that although it is only necessary for one car to pull over and wait at each turn with this method, there is nothing wrong with several cars pulling over together to wait for the others as long as there is enough room to do it safely.
Breadcrumbing is fairly easy in rural areas where most back roads have shoulders to pull off on and where traffic is usually lighter. Many of the roads we travel are narrow, winding country roads so passing among the group is not encouraged. CB radios can typically be had for less than $100, and do not need to be mounted permanently.
It may also be helpful for participants to exchange cell phone numbers prior to the run as added security in case someone gets lost. Before beginning the planning process you should contact the club's events coordinator (see Contacts page) and discuss your general event idea and the date you had in mind. When considering a route, remember to include several stops along the way for bathroom breaks. You could choose to have members pack their own picnic lunch or dinner and stop somewhere along the run route, or you could stop at a restaurant.
You may also choose to stop at a restaurant, but a large number of participants makes this option more difficult so there are several things you must keep in mind. Whenever possible it is recommended that you drive the route before the event date to make sure there are no unexpected problems like road closures or construction.
Once you have a plan in place for your event, you need to write out all the event details and pass them on to the events coordinator.
Once you have all the information, it should be written out and sent to the events coordinator (the sooner the better) who will have it posted on the club website.
On event day the leader must hold a mandatory meeting for all participants prior to the run.
During the run, the leader follows the same breadcrumbing rule as the rest of the participants (see Notes For Participants Part A above) which is to never turn off the road you are currently on unless you have visual contact with the car behind.
If traveling on a multi-lane road and there is a turn coming up, the leader should stick to the appropriate lane well in advance so that the whole group is ready for the turn. On the open highway, it is acceptable to use the left lane to pass slow traffic, but whether it is advisable to do so will depend on the length of the left lane, the relative speed of the OTM you wish to pass, and the distance to the next turn. If the group has been separated by OTM traffic while on the open road or highway, the leader can use highway passing lanes to get the group bunched up again.
When traveling through urban areas breadcrumbing becomes more difficult as there are fewer safe places to pull over if cars get separated. With the greater potential for difficulties in urban areas, it becomes very important for the leader to announce all turns over the CB.
Once past the urban area and the last of the traffic lights it is a good idea to check the status with the sweep car and regroup if there is too much separation between the cars. Although all the strategies above are all designed to keep the group together, the leader must bear in mind that pulling over too often or slowing down too much will take all the fun out of a drive.
Also, if the group is travelling a great twisty road and a few cars get stuck behind a slow OTM, or if a few participants prefers to drive a slower pace, the leader should continue on at a normal fun pace and not be afraid to loose sight of some of the cars behind. The trick to being a good leader is recognizing when to keep cars together and when to let them find their own pace and have fun on the open road. There's beautiful summer sunshine in the forecast and you feel like taking a drive to a park for a picnic supper one evening to break up the week. Keep in mind that impromptu runs should be limited to fairly brief, straight-forward, casual drives.
Members from the north or south Okanagan areas are encouraged to organize events in your region even if attendance would be difficult for members from other regions.
For example, if you held a short evening drive and picnic supper mid-week in Naramata, many Vernon members would likely not be able to travel that far on a week night.
Our goal is to organize an equal proportion of events in the north, central and south Okanagan regions.
Have you ever looked at your Miata's vehicle identification number and wondered what all those letters and numbers mean?
A new free VIN lookup service has been released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and is made to help customers become aware of recalls and service issues on their vehicles. The information contained in your vehicle identification number (VIN) goes far beyond the serial number for your automobile. Recently, the author of this website had a transmission problem with a major vehicle brand. NHTSA's announcement is made to help people who own cars, light trucks, and motorcycles about recalls, and this information is updated weekly by most manufacturers.
How To Decode a VIN  Prior to understanding how VIN decoding works, it is important to know what it is all about. Tingly bubble shooter game - 108game mobile, Tingly bubble shooter is a fun and colorful arcade bubble shooter game by tingly.
Artisteer - web design software and joomla template maker, Artisteer - automated web designer. 404 - file not found - geocaching, 404 - file not found we're sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found. Antique allis chalmers tractor: ac wf [allis chalmers wc parts] [return to the shed] the ac wf is a standard tread version of the model wc. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. With millions of vehicles, motorcycles included, recalled in the US alone every year, owners sometimes have a hard time trying to keep updated.

Manufacturers normally issue advisories and announcements, but searching for those on company websites isn't exactly a walk in the park. More importantly, the new NHTSA search tool relies on VIN information provided by those manufacturers as well. How decode vin - dodgetalk : dodge car forums, How to decode the vin 3g dodge ram diesel talk.
Your guide for 2015 vehicle - ford motor company, Vin positions 5, 6, 7 vin code line, series, body type for passenger cars multipurpose passenger vehicles (mpvs), buses, and incomplete vehicles. Your guide for 2014 vehicle identification sponsored, Vin positions 5, 6, 7 vin code line, series, body type for passenger cars multipurpose passenger vehicles (mpvs), buses, and incomplete vehicles. I am going to go look at a 95 f250 today and i am curious if there is a 3rd place to look for the vin. Added the missing x for the 1999 model year 1999to present gm full size truck 17 digit vin reference chart position code description #1 country the car was.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Whether you are just along for the drive or you want to organize or lead an event, we encourage you to become familiar with these few simple tactics. As a participant, it is very valuable to have a complete understanding of how an event is run and the various tactics the leader may employ during an event.
We use CB communication at the front and rear of the group of cars in order to relay information but CB reception can be spotty, especially with larger groups in rugged terrain.
If every participant takes on a very small amount of responsibility much of the pressure can be taken off the leader, and the group as a whole can have a fun drive without anyone getting lost. But in fact, the single most important factor as a participant is to pay attention to the car behind you and follow the golden rule: NEVER TURN OFF THE ROAD YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON UNLESS YOU HAVE VISUAL CONTACT WITH THE CAR BEHIND. In addition, visual contact is also required at any Y, fork in the road, or any other part of the route where a choice of direction may not be obvious. Cars 1, 2 and 3 are free to turn into the park and continue on, but car 4 can no longer see car 5 behind him, so car 4 is now responsible for waiting at the Fintry Park entrance until car 5 arrives.
When car 5 catches up to car 4, car 4 turns into the park entrance with the rest of the group in tow. Breadcrumbing makes it necessary for only one car to pull over and wait in any given spot, whereas finding a safe place for a large group to pull over and wait for someone on narrow country roads can be difficult and dangerous. It is not necessary to drive at a speed you are not comfortable with in order to keep up with a car that wants to zoom off ahead. If you can't see the car behind and you are not able to safely pull over prior to a turn, try to give the car behind the best possible shot at seeing you by slowing down to delay making the turn for as long as possible, then make the turn and pull over as soon as there is a safe place to do so.
It is acceptable if it is done in a safe and legal way, and it is best to restrict passing to highways and open roads. Being able to hear instructions from the leader is obviously very valuable and would virtually eliminate the possibility of getting lost. Antennas can be magnetically mounted and removed after the run, or you can purchase electronic devices built specifically for Miatas that allow the use of your stock radio antenna for the CB and radio simultaneously. As discussed above, the participants will all be playing a small roll in helping to keep the group together, which takes much of the pressure off the leader.
There may be events in the planning stage that are not yet posted on the website, and the events coordinator will let you know if there is a potential date conflict or if someone else is planning a similar event.
The book Destination Highways BC was designed for motorcyclists looking for the best paved twisty highways and side roads and is a fabulous resource for sports car enthusiasts as well. The timing of the stop is not as critical, plus there are numerous possibilities for scenic stops while traveling the back roads.
Try to choose a spot with easy access in and out, keeping in mind that some locations may have easy access if travelling north but terrible access if travelling south.
It will also allow you to check the timing of the drive, making sure the meal breaks and bathroom breaks fall at appropriate times. Provide the date, meeting times and locations, a rough description of the route, and the approximate amount of time the event will take. It is important for the leader to create a substantial gap between himself and the OTM he passed to allow sufficient room for the other Miatas to follow suit. Simply keep to the right lane and slow down to let OTMs pass quickly and easily in the left lane.
For this reason the leader should always attempt to re-group the cars prior to entering cities and towns. It is also important for the sweep car to let the leader know if part of the group gets separated by a traffic light, or when the the entire group has completed a turn. Or maybe it's fall; golden leaves cover the twisty rural backroads and an unexpected burst of warm dry weather settles into the valley, just begging you to throw the top down and head for the hills. You will need to inform everyone of the destination and any stopping points prior to departure. Time is usually tight when planning last-minute events, so if the events coordinator is unavailable you may send the information directly to the communications coordinator. For example, a drive out to Fintry for a picnic, or a drive through the East Kelowna orchards to look at the blossoms.
Recent news of an airbag recall involving primarily Toyota and Honda vehicles, as well as some GM and BMW cars, has gotten more people interested in learning whether their cars are subject to recalls. VINs contain details of your engine, body, and model types, including the date of manufacture and data that may be very useful when it comes to servicing the car. Services like CARfax use this lookup feature to tell you how many accidents and other problems have affected a used car.
Even though he had gotten the usual literature from his dealership, who kept pestering him to "sell back" his car and buy a new one, he was not told about a recall that could affect the throttle on the car!
They have until August 14, 2014 to be completely compliant with the rule, which outlines whether a particular vehicle is part of a recall and whether the defects have been in fact fixed.
In order to give owners the weapon of knowledge, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has introduced a new search tool on their website that makes checking such kind of information easier. The NHTSA's website does already provide a way for owners of such vehicles to search for that information but search categories only include the usual make, model, and year. The site notes that it only covers incomplete safety recalls, recalls made over the past 15 calendar years, and those conducted by major light vehicle manufacturers, including motorcycle makers.
That is why the agency is now mandating that all light vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers should provide similar VIN-based lookup tools on their own websites. They are aimed at making the event safe and fun for everyone, as well as preventing anyone from getting lost. The first 5 cars are free to continue zooming at their regular fun pace and leave the others behind.
If there is still no safe place to stop, drive as slowly as you can without impeding regular traffic. In groups of about 20 cars or more the distance and terrain may cause poor radio reception between cars at the front and cars at the back.
If you have equipment or installation questions, feel free to approach any of our members with a CB. You could picnic at any of the city, regional and provincial parks, beaches, highway rest stops and tourist attractions.
For example, picking a downtown restaurant with only street parking could result in members scattered over several blocks. When test driving the route also look for tricky intersections, blind turns or any other part of the route where people could easily make a wrong turn. You will also need to let people know if you're planning a picnic or if you have made plans to eat at restaurant.
Also try to be very clear and accurate with directions and make sure you are using the correct names when referring to meeting places and other locations. Please do not use this term as it give's the impression that passengers do not need to attend.

Also remember that it takes a significant amount of time for the entire group to pass a slower OTM.
The leader should announce on the CB the intention to regroup the cars by keeping to the slow lane.
A few OTMs among the group here and there is perfectly acceptable and is not cause to pull over or regroup. Slowing down to keep the slower cars in sight is not necessary and will only serve to take the fun out of the drive for everyone else. Your information will be distributed to the membership via email and be posted on the website if time permits. More extensive runs (those spanning several cities, needing multiple meeting spots or multiple stopping points) require more extensive planning and aren't suitable as impromptu drives. It is not necessary or even practical that all events be accessible to members from all regions, as some members live as much as three hours apart. This is one of the many reasons VINs are essential for car insurance and registration purposes.
In the past, dealers did not care much for these services, but now they use them as a point of pride, because they can charge you more money for the cars that have clean CARfax reports, and sell the undesirable ones for parts. When the transmission was serviced, the shop "reprogrammed and cleaned" the EGR (I still don't know what this is) and charged nothing on the bill. This rule also includes requiremts for reporting crash avoidance and fuel system data so trends can be spotted in the event of reported defects and accidents.
They are most often loated on the driver's side dashboard or on the door post of the driver's side door. This yields results that are sometimes still too broad or too many to give an accurate answer. As such, users won't find information about completed recalls or even recalls that aren't related to safety issues.
However, in larger groups members can be advised to relay messages through the line to insure that everyone is informed. The website Google Maps is a great tool for planning a route if you use the full potential of the website. Also, feeding an average-sized Miata group (from 20 to 40 people) at anything other than a fast-food restaurant will require some preplanning.
Also, please use plain text and avoid extra formatting such as tabs or multiple spaces, as it will all need to be removed and reformatted by the web designer anyway. If traveling a long stretch of open 4-lane highway (for example, between Summerland and Penticton or between Winfield and Vernon) you will likely have sufficient time to allow the entire group to complete the pass. The leader can also regroup the pack by using a pull-out or rest area, but keep in mind that if the highway is very busy, a large number of cars would likely not be able to get back onto the highway in one group anyway, so stopping at a pull out may only be helpful if traffic is light.
Try to keep the flow going, especially out on the twisty back roads, and remember that if everyone practices breadcrumbing, the group can be separated by significant distances without worry. There are several common meeting places in the Okanagan that the club has been using for many years.
As it turned out by looking at the billing code online, there was a recall on this particular item, and I should have been notified but was not.
The good thing about this information for consumers is that when specific vehicle types (like a submodel, or 4 wheel drive option, or automatic tramsmission type) faces a recall, some cars won't be part of the program, so people can also be assured that they don't need to take their vehicle for a dealer, where some repairs can take days or weeks if the problem is ongoing.
The formal VIN started in 1981 since before that there were different formats used by different manufacturers. Naturally, it only covers US vehicles so international cars and motorcycles aren't covered.
If you ask Google for directions from point A to point B it will typically give you the shortest main route, which is usually not what we want for back road zooming.
You will need to call the restaurant in advance with an estimate of numbers, and if required you may need to call them back from the the meeting spot the morning of the run once you have an accurate head count. It is also advisable to pick a secondary meeting place and time for members from other towns. However, if the OTM is traveling only marginally slower than the group, or if the left lane will run out soon, or if there is a turn-off coming up, it may be wise to just stay behind the OTM. Other VIN surpises can show whether or not you have a "salvage title" which is for cars that have been sold for parts, or may have been sent to be dismantled under the old Cash for Clunkers program. Therefore, the NHTSA's new program may be a boon to anyone who has not gotten an important recall notice, since a bad throttle could have ruined my whole road trip.
Nothing is less fun than being told to park your car until the manufacturer figures out what is wrong, and will then send out a tow truck to take the car for repair. To decode a VIN number, the usual standard is that the first character shows where the car was made, the 2nd and third are the carmaker, 4-8 are the "portrait" or the brand, engine type, and engine size.
The standardization of the numbers was done to get rid of chances of similar VIN’s appearing. This is a more precise search keyword and can be found on the driver's side dashboard or door. However, Google Maps allows you to modify the route by clicking on the highlighted route and dragging it from one road to another.
If the restaurant requires an accurate count before the morning of the event you will need ask members to RSVP.
It is also advisable to bring a map to the meeting so everyone can see the route and any stopping points. In the case of an upcoming turn, it is important for the leader to remember that passing must be completed by the entire group well in advance or members might be caught out in the wrong lane.
Furthermore, VIN lookup services, and comparison to the VIN numbers etched on your engine and windshield, may establish whether your car is being sold legally.
The 9th character is a security code, 10th is the model year, and the 11th identifies which assembly plant had the priveledge of making your automobile. The digits that are found on car VIN indicate the year the vehicle was manufactured, assembly point, country of origin, model as well as other important details that will prove helpful in its identification. This gives complete control to map out all the great Miata back roads, and your completed map with the highlighted route will automatically calculate all distances and provide written directions. Altered VIN numbers are in fact not all that uncommon, and may indicate that a car was stolen or "laundered" after having been in a flood or other adverse event.
Characters 12 through 17 are the actual vehicle serial number, which is fine as long as the maker puts out less than 999,999 specific versions of your car. But beware; Google Maps written directions, especially on back roads, frequently do not reflect the real-life turns and situations very well.
It takes considerably longer for restaurants to serve large groups, so remember to factor that into the timing of your event. Again, try to pick a location with good parking and easy access given the direction you're travelling. Some maps may not have all the back roads listed, but the map should at least give a general outline of where the drive is headed and any stopping points along the way. The two most common reasons for looking up VIN numbers are to learn more about the vehicle type (and whether certain accesories will fit the car) and the history of the car. Google Maps also does not differentiate between paved and unpaved roads, whereas Destination Highways BC and the Backroad Mapbook do. Keep in mind that your dealership will certainly look up the VIN when you trade your car in, so if you want to understand its trade-in value you should have this handy. There are also several paid and free VIN decoding services that can give you insight about everything from your engine type to the model designation on your car. Typically the best strategy involves using several of these resources together and confirming the route and directions by driving the route in advance of the event.

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