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Two of the most popular retailers in the United States, Best Buy and Walmart seem to have already won the Black Friday deals war for this year. Android and iOS fans will be pleased to know that both retailers offer smartphones powered by these two platforms at very reasonable prices.
With less than two weeks left until BlackBerry Friday deals go live, Best Buy’s official catalog containing some of the most important offers has just leaked online.

Those who could not afford to purchase one of the newest smartphones launched by Samsung, LG or Apple this year, or wanted to wait for Black Friday to grab their favorite device at a much lower price will be pleased to know that Best Buy can deliver on its promise. Walmart has a lot more deals in place for Android fans, but will also offer the iPhone 5 and 6 at good prices. Both companies have prepared for this year’s Black Friday event with a plethora of amazing deals.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will also be available for $0 down to qualified buyers plus $50 (€40) Best Buy gift card.

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