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I started out by taking the phone out of the packaging.  Or rather I started out completely obliterating the packaging while trying to release the phone.  Why do they have to make those things so darn hard to open up?
Inside the package you have the phone, charger cable and plug, a credit card sized card with the Sim card in it that you punch out to install, and some literature including a quickstart guide. All of the phones below are offered with free overnight shipping and some even have more free offers you can only get by using direct Straight Talk links here, rather than Walmart. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, ALL Power Straight Talk Cell Phones and Smartphones for the Best Nationwide Coverage You Can Get from any Prepaid, No Contract Cell Phone Service!
Reviews also offer the specs for the best cell phones and smartphones offered in 2013 from Straight Talk. Another popular in reviews prepaid smartphone by Straight Talk and powered by Verizon, is the LG Optimus Quest.
The LG Optimus Quest from Straight Talk is one of the best new prepaid smart cell phones that Straight Talk has offered in 2013.

Reviews are not so new for the LG Optimus Zip (left), or the LG Optimus Black (below), both have incredibly held their value for over a year with Straight Talk and are incredibly smart buys on two of the best Straight Talk prepaid cell phones offered in 2012 and 2013.
Another great Straight Talk phone and one of the best in 2013, is the Samsung Galaxy Centura, (below) the Samsung Galaxy Procalim, or the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. Reviews came out in early 2013 for the Motorola Defy XT and they have had a steady stream of great reviews. The LG Optimus Ultimate is basically a twin to the most popular Straight Talk prepaid phone of 2013, the LG Optimus Showtime.
Simply click on any photo or ad on this page and after you finish your Straight Talk purchase, contact us and tell us about the purchase.
All three are some of the best that you will not find at Walmart but, you will find the free shipping from Straight Talk and great reviews.
A great prepaid smartphone in it's class, the Samsung Galaxy Centura fills the needs of those who prefer simplicity and value.

The difference is the battery talk time and standby time in the LG Optimus Ultimate, is substantially improved.
Check out reviews of one of Straight Talk's best new smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and see why America loves Samsung so much.
You still, will not get our direct Straight Talk free shipping offer from Walmart, Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, on all of the best new prepaid smartphones of 2013 that Straight Talk has to offer! Unlimited Data, Talk and Text for Just $45 per Month, or $60 per Month, for Prepaid, No-Contract International Calls!

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