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Which Network Carrier Towers Do Which Straight Talk Cell Phones, Smart Phones Use, AT&T, Verizon or Sprint? Everyone wants to know which towers, cell phone carrier network towers, do which Straight Talk phones use? Sprint- LG Optimus Quest, Motorola Defy XT, LG Optimus Black, LG Optimus Q, Samsung Galaxy Precedent, and Huawei Ascend (without the Y).
AT&T- Samsung Galaxy Discover, LG Optimus Ultimate, LG Optimus Extreme, LG Optimus Logic, Samsung Galaxy SII, ZTE Merit, Nokia E71, Nokia E5, and several non smartphones whose model numbers end in G. Check out reviews here for the LG Optimus Dynamic (see the reviews of 2013), the LG Optimus Showtime (see the reviews NO Longer in Stock), the LG Optimus Q (see the reviews), the LG Optimus Quest (see the review), the Samsung Galaxy S 2, Samsung Galaxy S 3, (see the review), the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, (see the reviews), the LG Optimus Zip (see the reviews), the LG Optimus Black (see the review), the Samsung Galaxy Precedent (see the reviews) and the Motorola Defy XT (see the review).
You could buy some of these Straight Talk smartphones at Walmart but if you buy them at Walmart, you won’t get free shipping and more importantly, you are just supporting China more. Did you know that every Straight Talk cell phone and smartphone is powered by AT&T, Verizon or Sprint? The LG Optimus Extreme uses AT&T, as does the¬†ZTE Merit, LG Optimus Logic, and Samsung Galaxy S III.
The list varies but what we know for sure is that the three major networks cover every Straight Talk prepaid cell phone and smartphone, including all smartphones and cell phones, powered by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, are Android powered, touch screen and smartphones, by LG, Samsung and Motorola. It's not often we find ourselves excited about prepaid here in the US, but if any store can get people excited about saving money, it's Walmart. Sure, you're not getting the best Android phone out there (or the best network), but it's hard to argue with savings like these if you're on a tight budget.
This deal is apparently out of stock online (see here), though that just may mean it's not available quite yet. Presumably, if they catch you with an IMEI that doesn't correspond to a T-Mobile product sold at Walmart, they'll boot you and cancel service. In addition to Walmart, you can also activate the SIM card from T-mobile website directly for the $30 prepaid plan.
So, buy a SIM card activation kit from T-mobile website and activate it there for the $30 prepaid plan, if you already have the phone.

You would need a new SIM since you can't switch to the plan on an existing account, unless you convince a Walmart associate to lie to the rep on the phone.
So no, you don't have to go into a Walmart store to get it done if you buy a new SIM from Tmo.
Id say most average customers dont know, once you inform them that it will not receive any more updates, and the low res screen, and :( Touch wiz, they would rather take the Nexus. The $30 plan has been around for a while now, and it's available from Walmart and T-Mobile's website. T-Mobile has the cheapest prepaid plan as far as data goes, though, so not very many people are going to want to use another network with this, anyway. Samsung Galaxy Precedent Free $20 Free Shipping Not Walmart Cell Phones Still Supporting China at Walmart? This is supposed to be just a simple review of the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, now on sale at Straight Talk and with free shipping plus a free $20 gift card. Walmart only had a couple of Straight Talk and Net10 no-contract cell phones and smartphones in their local stores so small business, mom and pop affiliates like ours could offer the rest of the free cell phones and the best prepaid smartphones that Straight Talk and Net10 carried, that Walmart didn't have in the stores. So you could go to Walmart and buy a Straight Talk or Net10 cell phone like the Samsung galaxy Precedent.
The Samsung Galaxy Precedent is a great prepaid smartphone for those who don't have hundreds to spend on an iPhone or on an annual contract.
Instead how about supporting an American mom, pop, work from home, small business like ours, which by the way, links directly to Straight Talk, for all of the best new Straight Talk cell phones and smartphones of 2013. And what Walmart and T-Mobile just announced is actually pretty exciting if you're looking for a way to get on the smartphone bandwagon with low monthly overhead. The math makes that much obvious: 12 months with a free on-contract smartphone on Verizon with a 1GB monthly Share Everything plan would cost you $1080. Either way, this is definitely something to check out if you want a decent smartphone with a really cheap plan.
I'm not sure why you think that's the hotter part of this deal, since you could have gotten that for months before this deal came out.

Used ones seem to be around $225-250, so I don't think an extra $50-75 for a brand new one is too much to ask. On contract plans, CS will give you the unlock code if you've been a customer for a few months, but I'm not sure if this applies to prepaid. We, my family, have been buying Straight talk, Net10, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Cricket, no-contract, prepaid cell phones, for almost two years to be able to write reviews on them and pass on special free offers and savings.
But of course, Walmart couldn't stand for any small businesses in America to stay in business if they could make another buck on something else in their stores, from china. Do you have any idea how many small businesses in America have gone under because of Walmart being able to buy in bulk and offer lower prices by not offering their workers health insurance they could afford? Get free shipping on the samsung galaxy Precedent in Feb 2013 along with a free 420 gift card.
The Galaxy S II is definitely getting long in the tooth, but it's also not a bad phone by any stretch of the imagination. Even with the $300 phone, you'd only be paying a total of $660 for this Walmart deal over that same period.
So, they decided to start carrying more of the phones in the stores and put the mom and pop affiliates online out of business. Did you know that most Walmart employees have to depend on State, federal medicaid for insurance for their families?
The really exciting part is that once you buy it, for $30 a month you can get a prepaid T-Mobile plan that gives you 5GB of 4G data, unlimited texting, and 100 minutes of voice (come on, who uses minutes?). Did you know that it's China you are building up, not America when you shop at Walmart. Did you know that you can trade up and get a new Straight Talk prepaid, no-contract cell phone, smartphone, touch-screen and android powered?

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