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In this guide find 8 different possible ways to Add Friends on WeChat social communication app. The Look Around function helps you add people who are close to your location to your WeChat list.
Use the option by choosing Social> Look Around which will lead you to the page ‘Look Around’.
Use QQ, a messenger akin to MSN for adding friends who also have their WeChat account linked to it.

Make your own QT code visible to friends so that they can send you friend request on WeChat. While this option comes handy if you have many friends located near but on flip side other people within same location can also find you and once you enable it the option cannot be cancelled.
If the person is interested in adding you then he accepts the greetings and his WeChat profile is added on to your list.
Click anywhere on this screen.WeChat reveals that the new feature is a sticker shop where you can buy new stickers you can send to your friends (paid feature).

Start chatting with your best buddies and have fun!If you’ve found this information helpful, please let us know in the comments below. Please share this article with your friends so that they too may enjoy Android Apps and Games on their PC.

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