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Prepaid cell phone providers were true to our expectations these last few months since almost every major provider enriched its lineup with a new and fresh messaging phone. LG Optimus Slider is the newest Android smartphone that became available for Virgin Mobile since October 17 on carrier’s website. Best Buy has just revealed a new phone coming to Virgin Mobile, LG Optimus Slider that’s going to be the welcome addition to carrier’s existing Android phones. However, this time, we are not reviewing just any massaging phones but slide-out QWERTY phones, whether it’s a smartphone or a feature phone.

All phones listed here are not just prepaid QWERTY sliders 2011, but they are the latest, freshest and released in the last quarter of this year. However, you will be able to get your hands on LG Optimus Slider in retailer stores as of October 31st in Best Buy and Radio Shack, November 6th at Target and November 13th at Sprint’s stores. This places it, cost and feature wise, right in between Motorola Triumph and Samsung Intercept. By the way, HTC Wildfire S, announced at the same time as Slider is as well available at Radio Shack, exclusively.

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