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If you use this method to block Caller-ID, you will have to dial *82 before every call for which you do not want to block Caller-ID. Yeah but if that person blocked your phone number, it doesn't matter if you come up as a private caller..
I am able to block my number & it always works but I called back to a computer help desk scam.
Under normal circumstances when you call someone, your number is flashed on the recipient’s phone. It sounds like a sure shot great way to make crank calls and at the same time an essential feature for business.

Furthermore, there is an option of getting your number permanently blocked by connecting with the company directly. I think that it is a carrier issue since I have Sprint and they might lock most settings on the iPhone.
Sometimes, more often than not, you will need to make a call but don’t want your identity or phone number to be disclosed to the other person you are trying to call.
Whenever you now make a call, your number will show as a blocked number to the person you call. If you don’t misuse this facility then it’s a blessing because a high level of privacy is reached with this feature on the phone.

If indeed  you are as of now, allowing your number to be seen by the other person, the button will be shown in a bright blue and say “ON”.
Even if they have your number in the contact list , it will still  come across as “Blocked” to them.
It gives you the added option of being able to stop the Caller ID of the individual you are calling.

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