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Search in-depth property ownership records collected from multiple sources including notice addresses, billing addresses, assessment rolls, building permits, title documents and HPD registrations. For buildings in NYC with three or more dwelling units, we provide the managing agents registered with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development.
Once it’s posted on your YouTube channel, you can set it to PRIVATE if you like so that only you and those you want can see it.
You could use your Hangout to interview someone, perhaps the author of a book, a celebrity, an expert, or anyone of interest to your members, clients, or customers. Pictures of your guests can appear as smaller images along the bottom of the screen and who ever is talking will automatically appear full-screen. In fact, you may paste the embed code onto dozens of different websites — the more the better if you want lots of people to see it.

Perhaps each of your guests will represent a different company or agency or non-profit and will want their clients to watch it on their own website.
If you publicize and promote your Hangout ahead of time, thousands of people can watch your live broadcast simply by visiting a webpage where you have pasted the embed code, or by going to your YouTube channel. Just type in the property address and a property report will be pulled up containing the current owner of the property. This way we ensure ownership search capabilities from both directions: you can find not only the owner of a specific property but also what properties a particular individual owns. Phone numbers are collected from multiple sources including building permits, which tend to be very reliable. The property report section includes recorded deeds, foreclosures, lis pendens and permits filed on a given property.

But just after the live Hangout is completed, a recorded version of it will be posted automatically on your YouTube Channel. You can use Google’s Free Presentation Tool which allows you to make slide-shows and show them on-line.

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