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A look back at some of the biggest stories this week and the headlines you may have missed. The parade starts at noon Saturday, and the celebration continues with music, food and speakers at the Three County Fairgrounds. Town meeting voters have turned down a zoning bylaw change that would have allowed Sarah Hastings’ 200 square foot house to remain on an East Street property. A recent analysis by Scarborough examined cell phone statistics on mobile billing for “non-credit” using consumers, or those adults who did not use a credit card in the past three months. Know the competitive marketplace to see where opportunities exist within the prepaid environment.

Understand media usage, both traditional and non-traditional, among prepaid wireless users to better allocate your advertising dollars.
Customize your marketing efforts at the retail partner level based on the primary stores shopped by the target customer. Contacts us today to learn more about the mobile category or visit our cell phone statistics and insights page today! The monopole would go in a field in a residential area.  Residents said the tower would mar the landscape, produce unknown health hazards, and lower their property values. Department of Agriculture estimates 14 percent of Americans, or more than 17 million people, are what is called food insecure, meaning at times of the year, they are uncertain of being able to acquire enough food for their household.

More than one-quarter (26 percent) of these non-credit cellular users are on prepaid usage plans.
Prepaid users are 61 percent more likely than other Chicago cellular users to plan to switch carriers.
Prepaid users are avid shoppers, so co-marketing, local events or sponsorship opportunities could be useful.

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